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The “Corporate” in Corporate Narration

February 26, 2024 3:56 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

 When I talk about different genres of voiceover work with beginners, sometimes, while uttering the word “corporate” as I discuss corporate narration, a look takes over their face that is similar to the way one looks when they taste or smell something slightly foul. “Corporate Narration,” they say, “Won’t that be dry and stuffy?” or “I don’t have that ‘CEO’ sound.”

Indeed, when it comes to corporate narration, the term itself often triggers a knee-jerk reaction that ranges from mild distaste to outright dread in the minds of many budding voiceover artists. But let me assure you, my fellow enthusiasts, that corporate narration is far from being confined to the realms of dry boardroom presentations or stuffy training videos. Some may even imagine they have to wear a suit and tie while they record, for authenticity’s sake. The thing is, corporate narration is a huge umbrella. Underneath it are lots of different kinds of voiceover work for lots of different kinds of corporations (companies).

A training video for a clown school employee could be considered corporate narration. What about an internal video thanking the employees of a company that saved the world by inventing a magical recycling time machine that year (bonuses all around!)? Some corporate narration can be quite dramatic and moving, like a video for a company’s website, educating the public about the deeply personal or heartfelt beliefs that put them in business in the first place, and that continue to steer their work ethic.

So, with that said, please allow me to get even more specific and shed some light on the diverse spectrum of corporate narration, where creativity and storytelling can blossom and explode beneath the veneer of stuffy business speak.

Firstly, let’s consider the realm of training and instructional videos. Yes, they may seem snooze-inducing at first glance, but think beyond the conventional office setting. Imagine voicing over a training module for a wilderness survival program, where your narration guides adventurers through the intricacies of building a shelter or starting a fire. Suddenly, the corporate world feels a bit more adventurous, doesn’t it?

Then there are company profiles and documentaries. Picture yourself narrating the story of a family-owned winery passed down through generations, each bottle encapsulating a legacy of passion and craftsmanship. Or perhaps you’re detailing the journey of a tech startup that revolutionized communication, tracing its humble beginnings in a garage to becoming a global phenomenon. These narratives are far from dry; they’re brimming with emotion and human connection.

Let’s not forget marketing and promotional materials. Here, your voice becomes the vehicle for conveying brand identity and values. Whether it’s a sleek product demo for the latest smartphone or an upbeat advertisement celebrating diversity and inclusivity, your narration lifts the company’s vision to new heights.

Moving on, internal communications offer another avenue for exploration. Picture yourself voicing a heartfelt message from the CEO expressing gratitude to employees for their dedication and hard work. Or perhaps you’re narrating an orientation video for new hires, welcoming them into the company culture with warmth and enthusiasm, and letting them know they’ve got vacation days and healthcare benefits (that is very enjoyable news to share!).

And then there are e-learning modules. From language courses to professional development seminars, your narration serves as the guiding voice empowering learners to acquire new skills and knowledge.

So, let go of any preconceived notions about corporate narration. Embrace the diversity and richness of storytelling opportunities that lie within this expansive realm and dance under its giant umbrella! Whether you’re narrating a whimsical journey through a fantasy world or shedding light on the innovative breakthroughs of a cutting-edge research institution, remember: the corporate world is anything but monotonous. And sure, there’s some dry and stuffy material too, but even then, it’s still fun because you’re still getting to do voiceover!


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