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  • WhatsApp Image 2023-01-10 at 10.53.54 AM (3)
    Edi May from Connecticut channeled total namaste during her demo session with Tom on our team…which happened to be between her yoga teaching courses!
  • IMG_7960
    Tori from Legrangeville, NY, was the sweetest ray of sunshine during her demo with Laura G. on our team!
  • DSC05615
    The best part of a demo day in our main studios is meeting the people you’ve been working so hard with!
  • Voice Coaches client in the vocal booth recording Voice Over
    Darian wrapping up his first demo in our Studio Two.
  • Voice Coaches Client Jay stands next sign announcing his demo day
    Demo day for Jay and he looks psyched!
  • Voice Coaches Voice Over Training client Jim "Poppy"
    We don't "think" Jim came to the studio by horse, but we'll check out back to be sure...
  • Screen Shot 2020-11-04 at 4.50.55 PM
    US Marine Veteran Dani and her service dog Valor here on demo day!
  • 89958473_2906187589420594_833977705652289536_n
    Here's our Studio One. This is a very busy room!
  • 108641236_3195362693835982_3299505201168496039_n
    Rich is the least-nervous-looking new voice actor we've seen in months!
  • 116156856_3207923179246600_7957168884875218016_n
    Winning the category of happiest-looking voice actor is Nicole, shown here in our Studio Three.
  • 120881835_3446551332050449_7767548480426775439_n
    Larry (who is a dentist) brought candy for the whole office! He's officially the first dentist we've met who provides candy. :)
  • Female Voice Coaches employee takes a call from a Voice Over client
    Client Service Director Danette has been part of our team for more than 10 years. She specializes in doing 5 things at once with a smile.
  • 107593671_3181425291896389_3280675809848565139_n
    Our client Hannah showing off a great demo-day smile!
  • Voice Coaches clients Hazella and Valerie stand next to sign celebrating their demo day
    Hazella and Valerie - a new mother-daughter voice over team!
  • JaronNYC
    Jaron here from NYC for demo day
  • JoeNY
    Joe from New York at the mic in our Studio Three
  • KevinNY
    Kevin in studio for demo day
  • LynneNJ
    Lynne here from NJ
  • MichelleNYC
    Michelle brings some positive energy to our Studio Three
  • NellWI
    Nell wrapping her demo with us in WI
  • StephanieBrkln
    Stephanie from Brooklyn at the mic
  • IMG_0190
    Anna talks to teens about voice acting in LA
  • IMG_0194
    David speaking at Youth Actors Expo in LA circa 2007
  • IMG_0363
    Voice Coaches marketing mixer. L to R Television host Evan Farmer ("While You Were Out" TLC / Discovery) Andrea Farmer, Commercial VO Agent with Abrams Billy Serow, Voice Actor Heather Frenz.
  • CVDG_04_RedStudio_WL
    Our Studio Three
  • CVDG_09_Dave
    David in our Studio One
  • IMG_5174
    Voice Coaches Habitat for Humanity Day.
  • IMG_0848
    Throwback to our third marketing expo. #soldout
  • IMG_4406
    Voice Coaches' prez David (left) speaking at our VO expert panel seated next to voice actor Rodney Saulsberry.
  • DSC06265
    Michael from New Jersey totally rocked his demo day at our main studios with Tom on our team!
  • IMG_4545
    Anna Jenny and Warren from our team at annual Ad Club mixer. Warren was the president of our regional Ad Club for two years. He also holds the distinction of being our first team member to "retire." A great friend and true pro.
  • Screen Shot 2023-04-18 at 3.59.10 PM
    Our Studio One ready for Voice Over from host Lindsey Kurowski for Magnolia Network's "Inn The Works" which features renovations of historic motels, inns and lodges.