Connecting: A Twofold Approach

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In the nuanced realm of voice acting, the act of connecting means more than mere vocal execution—it is a twofold strategy. First, it’s important to connect with projects for which you are the right voice, and that speak to the right audience. Secondly, it’s about connecting to the script itself.

To start, let’s discuss connecting to the right project. In the world of online casting, it behooves you to be extra selective to ensure you are not wasting your precious time. If you know you don’t have a warm, smoky tone, why chase that sultry car commercial audition? Here’s an example: Imagine you possess a voice that’s slightly wry and sarcastic yet undeniably friendly—a cocktail of tones that could either serve as the perfect narration for an upscale brand or bring to life the sardonic sidekick in an animated feature. The key lies in the strategic selection of roles that not only play to your vocal strengths but also resonate with the target demographic. It’s akin to a sommelier pairing a vintage wine with a gourmet meal—the right combination enhances the overall experience. Champagne and tofu can both be delicious, but not always together!

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Often, casting professionals play the role of the discerning decision-maker, with a knack for pairing the voice that will not only echo but amplify the project’s essence to its audience. Again, in online casting, you may be doing some of the casting yourself, by deciding on whether or not to audition in the first place. Being selective in what project you want to connect to, and should connect to, can turn a matchmaking process into a successful project buoyed with authenticity.

The second fold involves delving into the script’s depths, where true connection begins. This isn’t merely about understanding the words on the page but about embodying them, lending them your creativity until they speak with your voice. It’s an intellectual (and emotional, not to mention fun) tango between actor and script, where each step uncovers layers of meaning, humor, and emotion. A clever quip or an elegantly delivered irony can transform a simple message into an engaging dialogue, inviting the audience to lean in and listen more closely.

Embracing this dual approach in voice acting—aligning one’s voice print with the audience’s palate and intimately connecting with the script’s soul (meat and potatoes, hidden nuts and bolts, etc.) elevates voice acting into a way to connect to the right projects and the right audience in a meaningful way.


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