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You are the reason we are in business.


We recognize that to most people entering our field, the idea of providing the voice for an audiobook, a commercial, an animated character, or a charity goes beyond simply getting a paycheck. People pursue fields like voice over as something they hope to enjoy, be good at, and truly take pride in.

We are dedicated to ensuring that your coaching and demo development experience is not only enjoyable but also truly personalized, engaging, motivating, and fun! After all, people often do best at things they enjoy.

We invite you to learn more about our approach below.

For starters, we’re honest-to-goodness real people. In addition to faces on a website or names in the signature line of an email, you can phone our studios for support any time during or after your program with us. The coaches, production professionals and administrative team you'll work with at at Voice Coaches are all directly employed by our company, not subcontracted. This offers tremendous continuity and accountability throughout your experience with us.

Our team is comprised of professionals with extensive backgrounds in production, voice over, speech pathology, marketing & social media, recording and more.

We are always here to help!

Building success in voice over requires knowledge, skill, and effort.

Instead of a "get rich quick" or "learn the secret to break in" approach, we provide the most complete development and success planning in this industry. Period.

Though there has never been more opportunity in our field, the fact is, voice over is an entrepreneurial endeavor. It takes knowledge, skill development, and perseverance to build success. Our approach is to help you become a skilled and knowledgable professional and top offer you tools to enjoy the field and succeed.
Our programs are the most content-rich in our industry.

With more than 900 pages of workbooks, 30 educational videos, six class recap tests, a speech and voice evaluation, one-on-one demo prep sessions, in-studio recording, demo recording and post-production, webpage development, home recording curriculum, and long-term personal support, you’ll receive complete, well-rounded perspective of both the practical and professional aspects of our field backed by a team that is always responsive.

We also update our educational elements and one-on-one instruction routinely to keep pace with today and tomorrow's voice over industry.

For more than 25 years, we’ve operated our organization with clear professional policies and business standards.

Our decision to directly employ our team versus subcontracting offers you a team approach and tremendous continuity in education.

We are also the only voice over coaching & demo development provider in our industry to provide a public code of ethics, which can be accessed at the bottom of this website.

Voice Coaches is also a 19-Year A+ Member of The Better Business Bureau.
Though email is always welcome, as a full service provider our offices and studios are staffed Monday through Friday, 8:30am through 4:30pm EST. That means you can always give us a call!

Reach us at 866-887-2834

And… if there is ever a concern or circumstance our team cannot assist with, Voice Coaches founder and President David Bourgeois is always pleased to jump on a call to provide assistance.
Today more than ever before, many voice professionals choose to do some or all of their voice over work from home via a home recording system. Though home recording has become much easier and the investment to own a quality home recording system is far less than it used to be, one fact remains. Home recording is NOT for everyone. Many voice professionals today prefer to do their work at studios or agencies. In fact there can be an advantage to actually getting out into the creative community and meeting people. We have a terrific complimentary eBook in the resources section of this web site designed to help you determine if home recording is right for you. If it is, our professional programs include expansive education on home recording. However if home recording isn't a fit, we'll help you focus on building relationships with professional recording facilities. Simply, we want your experience with us to be enjoyable, rewarding and comfortable.
At Voice Coaches, our approach to diversity and inclusion is simple: we embrace and support everyone. When an individual feels respected and valued, they can function more creatively, become more innovative, and ultimately find greater success. A sense of inclusion also bolsters community connection and can be a positive conduit for mental health. We encourage a culture where all team members are comfortable being the best versions of themselves at work and beyond. And while we are proud of this approach, we are also steadfast in our commitment to continued learning, growth, and improvement.
Thank You!
On behalf of the entire Voice Coaches team, we want to sincerely thank you for considering our team as you prepare to begin something so exciting. We want you to know that whoever you are and wherever your interests lie in the voice over field, we’re ready and waiting to help you begin your voice adventure! We won't scream about "secrets" or "break-in" tactics. Instead we'll become a valued collaborator during and long after your program.

We're here to answer your questions via the link below or by phone:
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