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  • Voice Coaches client in the vocal booth recording Voice Over
    Darian wrapping up his first demo in our Studio Two.
  • Voice Coaches Client Jay stands next sign announcing his demo day
    Demo day for Jay and he looks psyched!
  • Voice Coaches Voice Over Training client Jim "Poppy"
    We don't "think" Jim came to the studio by horse, but we'll check out back to be sure...
  • Screen Shot 2020-11-04 at 4.50.55 PM
    US Marine Veteran Dani and her service dog Valor here on demo day!
  • 89958473_2906187589420594_833977705652289536_n
    Here's our Studio One. This is a very busy room!
  • 108641236_3195362693835982_3299505201168496039_n
    Rich is the least-nervous-looking new voice actor we've seen in months!
  • 116156856_3207923179246600_7957168884875218016_n
    Winning the category of happiest-looking voice actor is Nicole, shown here in our Studio Three.
  • 120881835_3446551332050449_7767548480426775439_n
    Larry (who is a dentist) brought candy for the whole office! He's officially the first dentist we've met who provides candy. :)
  • Female Voice Coaches employee takes a call from a Voice Over client
    Client Service Director Danette has been part of our team for more than 10 years. She specializes in doing 5 things at once with a smile.
  • Josh.
    Little-known fact: Our producer Josh won our annual cookie baking competition in 2019. Sweet! :)
  • 107593671_3181425291896389_3280675809848565139_n
    Our client Hannah showing off a great demo-day smile!
  • Voice Coaches clients Hazella and Valerie stand next to sign celebrating their demo day
    Hazella and Valerie - a new mother-daughter voice over team!
  • JaronNYC
    Jaron here from NYC for demo day
  • JoeNY
    Joe from New York at the mic in our Studio Three
  • KevinNY
    Kevin in studio for demo day
  • LynneNJ
    Lynne here from NJ
  • MichelleNYC
    Michelle brings some positive energy to our Studio Three
  • NellWI
    Nell wrapping her demo with us in WI
  • StephanieBrkln
    Stephanie from Brooklyn at the mic
  • VeronicaCA
    Our former client Veronica recording VO for martial arts training video