Voice Coaches Professional Ethics

We invite you to learn about our approach to business, our community of clients, and our professional vendors.

Voice Coaches provides services and opportunities in an equal manner to all clients and vendors. Our main studios and offices are ADA and ANSI compliant. All client written material is available in conventional, large-type, and audio formats.
Our team is mandated to provide factual, current, and realistic information to our clients. We refrain at all times from sensationalized and misleading language and advertising.
Voice Coaches is dedicated to providing professional coaching and demo development. We avoid any marketing that states or implies that we “cast our students” in voice over roles, as such claims are typically made to lure a client.
We are committed to friendly, easily accessible client support, and are further committed to providing that communication in a manner most comfortable to our clients. Our offices and studios are fully-staffed Monday through Friday and can be reached via phone or email at 866-887-2834 or [email protected].
We provide clear policies regarding products, programs, and financial details. We also provide all clients with a digital “Terms and Conditions” document to review and execute prior to beginning a program with our team.

We refrain at all times from sharing client information unless directed to do so by a client. Additionally, all general company email communication has a clear opt-out option.
We are a committed team of full-time professionals headquartered for the past 11 years in New York State’s Capital Region at 26 Vly Road Albany, NY. Prior to that we were located in Schenectady, New York. In addition to our main studios, we provide demo production services through contracted studios across the US and Canada. Our main offices and studios host professional clients in television, film, and music as well as government, corporate, and private sectors. Our affiliate studios are vetted through a specific process to ensure quality and continuity in our services and business practices.
Beyond any individual client or voice professional, we are committed to our industry and its community as a whole. We routinely support school tours of our studios and provide talks for community groups and youth. We currently accept interns from eight colleges. Members of our team are also current and past board members of numerous business and industry organizations. We are committed to the principles of The Better Business Bureau with a 16-year A+ Rating.
At Voice Coaches, our approach to diversity and inclusion is simple: we embrace and support everyone. When an individual feels respected and valued, they can function more creatively, become more innovative, and ultimately find greater success. A sense of inclusion also bolsters community connection and can be a positive conduit for mental health. We encourage a culture where all team members are comfortable being the best versions of themselves at work and beyond. And while we are proud of this approach, we are also steadfast in our commitment to continued learning, growth, and improvement.