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System Usability Test Group

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Voice Coaches is currently seeking clients interested in pursuing our demo development program who would be willing to provide feedback on how our web-based educational elements function on their device. Qualified clients would have access to our complete program at a significantly reduced rate in return for providing basic information on system function and user experience.

This initiative is designed to assist our team in development of the web-based components of our programs as we prepare to fully launch this system in the fall.


See Details and Qualifications Below
Test Group clients will go through our complete program
including professional demo production and web development.

  • Ability to access web via computer, mobile device, or tablet.

  • Ability to complete program within a specified timeline.

  • Ability to complete all program material including comprehensive workbooks,
    6 web-based classes, three one-on-one remote classes, and in-studio demo recording.

Willingness to answer questions including:
1. Type of device you use to access material.
2. How our online material functioned.
3. Connection method ie. mobile, wifi, etc.
4. Operating system
5. Browser
We also may request feedback on your overall user experience to assist us in improving our systems.
*This program will be suspended without notice.*
Because this program examines how our web class content functions
on specific devices and browsers, This offer may not be available
to individuals using devices we already have enough data on. Please
contact our studios for availability below or phone 866-887-2834.

All Voice Coaches clients including those involved in this test group are subject to a
speech and voice evaluation at the onset of training. Voice Coaches reserves the
right to discontinue programs with those who do not meet basic speech language
requirements. Affected clients are granted a full refund.
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