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Voice Coaches Radio #624 – Spotlight on Nancy Cartwright

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Is it spring yet? I mean, we're getting closer here on March 1st. Welcome to a brand new episode of voice coaches radio. My name is Marissa and I want to welcome, uh, you know, all the slew of new peeps that are tuning on in. We've, uh, had some. Extra heavy promotion happening with this podcast lately and that I was not expecting and I'm so sorry if you felt like you were Gonna tune in and be entertained.

I'm just gonna do my best I'm kidding. We have fun. And like I said each and every Friday we do this we go ahead We release a brand new episode for you And you know, it's just anything that you want discussed We can go ahead and try to tackle when it comes to voiceover and can you believe this? Do I get to share my actual email address now?

Cause I've got one. Uh, so Marissa at voicecoaches. com M A R I S S A at voicecoaches. com. If you've got topics you want discussed, you've got questions, you've got. You know, I just want to pick my brain maybe on a project that you've been working on or how to Dive on into voiceover or or whatever, um, you know hit me up because that this this podcast It's not about me ever.

It's not even about voice coaches in general. It's about voiceover and it's about you So please participate Play, play a good part in, uh, in what we're doing and, uh, you can hit me up anytime. Marissa at voicecoaches. com. Uh, you know, we struggle every once in a while. I've talked about the struggles, uh, in, in voiceover when it comes to being sick.

And I feel like I've, you know, had to just like fight through, uh, too many things since I took over this podcast. And we've talked about them, whether it's An issue that I have thanks to the COVID vax or allergies or random times where we've been sick or just not feeling, you know, up to a hundred percent.

Uh, most recently I did get COVID, uh, so that was fun. That's why it's, it's so good that I have a tendency of recording ahead on the podcast because I, I mean, I'm a little scratchy still. This is like two and a half weeks later. Um, but if you heard me in the heart of it. And I am so sorry to the people that had me in class because like I was coughing and like couldn't couldn't control it at One point but like again like the show must go on is how I always like to represent this Because it really it does have to go on until you can't you know what I mean?

So it was it was definitely a struggle bus, but thank God, you know working from home it allows the the opportunity to go ahead and and do what you've got to do and then lay down when you have to. Uh, you know, so more power to, uh, to 2024 and, and the way the world has changed over the last few years. Uh, I had something pop up on Instagram that, uh, It was like perfect timing, like I've been wanting to dive into some voiceover artists specifically.

And, and like, you know, some, some animation folks, you know, just because I feel like they deserve such an amazing spotlight of, of the talent they provide. You know, so many people get into voiceover and the goal is, I want to do animation, I want to do video games. I want to, you know, do these, these things that personally, I don't think anybody understands.

what you actually need and what it requires to accomplish. Not saying that you can't do it, right? But it just takes a lot of skill. It takes a lot of work and practice and, and messing up and getting feedback and doing it again. And then, you know, repeating the process. It's like a lather, rinse, repeat, if you will.

Uh, but you know, this popped up on my Instagram and it happens to be Nancy Cartwright. Now, That name might sound familiar to you. She is is probably most famously known for voicing a number of characters on what is the longest running cartoon series and that is the Simpsons. Um, she does seven characters in this video under 40 seconds.

And I don't know if I'm legally allowed to play this, but I'm going to anyway. So please don't hurt me, um, you know, financially here. I, I just, uh, uh, no copyright infringement intended. This is not my property and I'm saying it now, but just take a listen to this. I have an announcement to make. I'm bored.

Ha ha! You think you're bored? What about all those poor suckers out there in the audience? Ah, yeah, they just keep praying that their category is next. Well, as long as they are praying, and while we're at it, I get to anoint their feet. You keep your hands off me, you little twink, or I'll call the cops! My daddy's a cop.

His breath smells like cat food.

So that, that's Nancy Cartwright. And there was not a moment, unless that was fantastic editing, there was not a moment there. Where she takes a pause. That is just character after character after character based on the lines that are on the page in front of her. And my goodness, the talent, right? Like, she just goes from one to the other to the other to the other and you wouldn't even know that it's all her.

Especially Bart Simpson, like, it's insane. But, you know, what I, uh, had seen recently with her, too, this is what I want to point out, right? Because sometimes we take a job because, One, we need it, right? We want, we want to get paid, we want work, uh, we need something to throw on the resume, right? Some audio to share, be like, hey, look what I can do.

Um, you know, but for her, when it came to The Simpsons, you know, the way The Simpsons began, it was on the Tracey Ullman show, and it was just like a little bumper feature that was not long at all. It was just like as the show was coming in and out of commercial break, really. So it's like little, you know, 15, 30 second bits at a time, and and She didn't think this was gonna go anywhere.

You know, she was like I think initially supposed to voice a different character and she's like But I really want to try out this one. I feel like this is more You know what i'm about and it was Bart and they were like, oh my god, you are Bart Like this is there's no question about it. Uh, so she got the role and Little did she realize how this was going to just explode and, um, you know, because of this, I mean, she did stuff prior, uh, you know, looking at her, her, like, list of, you know, voice performances and, and just animated shows themselves, like, she's had a bit in, God, going 80s of Fat Albert, um, Richie Rich, uh, Alvin and the Chipmunks she's done some voices for, um, Snorks.

Do you remember that show? Oh my god, I loved that as a kid. Um, Galaxy High School, My Little Pony and Friends, Pound Puppies. I mean, these are all prior to being a part of The Simpsons when it began on the Tracy Ullman Show in 1987. And then The Simpsons, which, again, that is her longest running role. She even wrote an episode, by the way.

Uh, and uh, you know, since then, the list of what she has done is just crazy. It's the doors that it opened, right? And that's what I think I want to make very apparent to you. Is that the smallest role that you get, you don't know what that is going to lead to next. And that is why, I feel like that's why I've kind of been in that mindset since 2020 of like, no, I'm not turning down anything unless I have to.

You know, unless it's like a conflict of interest or like, It's just a lot of work, and I know it's gonna stress me right the heck out, and like, it's not something that I've never done before, so like, maybe it's, it's like, maybe too much right now, compared to everything else I'm doing, um, you know, but, this is why you don't Don't just throw away or, or look at something as, well, eh, I don't need to do that, that's too small.

Because that role for the Tracee Ullman show, with doing The Simpsons, ran into then The Simpsons taking off and being as large as it was. It was a monstrous takeover in the 90s when it first came out, especially. And all the merch that came along with it, and like the video games, and everything else that she had the opportunity to be a part of.

Uh, from there. Her credentials after, I mean, Bobby's World, which was, you know, I loved that one growing up. Um, she was part of, um, let's see, Raw Toonage, Goof Troop, Rugrats, she played Shucky, uh, Animaniacs. Uh, let's see, the Pink Panther she did some additional voices for. She was in, uh, the cartoon show for the Aladdin, um, movie spin off.

She was in Timon and Pumbaa's movie spin off, or TV spin off. She's been in Tootsylvania, Kim Possible, Futurama, Lilo and Stitch, uh, The Cleveland Show, American Dad, I mean the list goes on and on and on and on. Do you know how much money she is probably worth? I could Google that right now, I'm not gonna, cause I'm gonna get jealous.

Uh, but, it's the importance of, uh, of skill and development. It is the importance of understanding why every job holds importance. So as you are getting into this career field and maybe you've done some other smaller voiceover projects that didn't require different character voices or whatever, but that's the direction you want to like lean into.

These are people that you have to like Google and YouTube and study because These are the, like, Nancy Cartwright, top of the field, no question about it. And, um, you know, that is what you want to aspire to when it comes to the skill set that you develop. It's not saying that you need to be up to her level right now or tomorrow or a month from now, but you need to keep putting the effort in to keep growing.

And, uh, you know, as we've said, And as I said before, the best way to make sure that you can keep that going and keep growing is to do, to record, to listen back, to get feedback, do again, listen back, repeat it all. Um, you know, you keep repeating that process. You keep trying out new things. New things and being outside of your comfort level can be frightening and scary, and I know that.

Do it. If I didn't step outside my comfort zone, I wouldn't be talking to you right now. I was the shyest kid around. So step outside the comfort zone. Keep working at it. Keep practicing. You'll get there. You know, just be patient with yourself. But again, her name is Nancy Cartwright, and she is definitely one for you to go ahead and do a dive, a bigger dive in research on and study.

But again, if you have something you'd like us to discuss, maybe, maybe it's Somebody that you love in voiceover that you'd like us to discuss. Please let me know Marissa at voicecoaches. com and we're always doing different workshops with voice coaches itself. So if you want to, you know, maybe get some more info about our program, or maybe you want to just some more info about voiceover itself in the industry.

Uh, reach out to voice coaches, um, or hit up voicecoaches. com. And see what we've got available now, because we're doing workshops every single week. But another new episode is coming your way. Stay safe, everybody. Visit voicecoaches. com for more voiceover news and information.

This week on Voice Coaches Radio, Marissa puts the spotlight on voice actor, Nancy Cartwright! She’s a great example of talent and why all jobs, big and small hold incredible importance.