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Voice Coaches Radio #622- The Art of Self Promoting

Voice coaches, radio, everything voiceover. Welcome to love week, everybody. Uh, no, I mean, Valentine's day has passed, but here we are and getting ready for, I guess, Valentine's weekend, right? Because who goes out on a Wednesday? Uh, nobody, uh, you know, but, uh, hopefully you've got some big plans in store for yourself this weekend.

I'm Marissa with a brand new episode of Voice Coaches Radio. Thankfully, I am engaged to somebody who doesn't really like, um, you know, going out on things like that because there's just, every place is crowded, uh, and does not like crowds and I, I. Personally, if I don't have to be around a crowd, I would rather not.

So, hey, let's eat in. That's fine by me. Um, and when I want to go to a concert or something where a crowd is going to be, I will just find a buddy. That is fine. Uh, but, you know, uh, hopefully, you know, you're, you're just, you know, feeling the love. Um, you know, whether you're with somebody or not. Uh, and just getting ready to enjoy yourself, uh, for the upcoming weekends.

Um, you know, I, uh, I talk to students all the time as we are winding down our program here at Voice Coaches, and it's, the things that come up the most, I think, are obviously how to get a job, how to find work, but the, the fact that there's going to have to be a lot of like self marketing involved, and, and that tends to frighten people.

It's something that a lot of people are not accustomed to, and You know, for me, it's, it's, I don't know, just kind of something I've always done. Um, so I get that it can be scary for people, but it also for me is so natural that I'm just like, it's, it's a breeze. But I also feel that way with commercial work and a lot of people don't feel that way.

So, but I've been doing that since the beginning of my career too. So I wanted to talk about the art of self promoting, uh, because it is a skill that you develop. It's an art in itself. And. The thing is, it's like you need, you need to know you, right? You need to find your voice. You need to understand who you are and how you want to come across.

Um, because I think it's like, you know, the, it's kind of like playing the game, if you will. Um, so as an example, like the things that I tend to do quite often, obviously, you know, at this point I have quite the network of people, um, you know, that. I personally know within the industry that I can communicate with on a regular basis and we've talked about, you know, networking itself before and, and how to kind of treat that it's not, it's a business, however, it's also like friendships as well.

And when you start looking at this as, you know, more of a almost family type. Kind of group then, you know, it becomes a lot easier to handle and how to, you know, speak with people, but how do you promote yourself otherwise? Now, for me, obviously, all these social media platforms Oh, my goodness. I mean, they make it, I'm not going to say easy because algorithms suck, right?

But we have all these free platforms these days to go ahead and explore and use and Just dive on into and, and learn. Um, so, I mean, back in the day, it was MySpace. I don't think anybody utilizes that very much, uh, at all now. But, I mean, it does still exist. But, I mean, it's, I don't know, it's just kind of living.

Uh, but, you know, Facebook, that is something that, I think, you know, a lot of people tend to dislike social media and I understand, I mean, there's a lot of negative aspects about it. However, places like Facebook, um, you know, things like Instagram or TikTok or YouTube, like these are opportunities, LinkedIn even, um, they're opportunities for you to create a space that's yours, uh, that you get to regulate and, and.

You know, be the, the creator of the content that helps brand you, um, you get to go ahead and utilize hashtags. So that way you're reaching potentially a new audience or a new network of people. You get to go ahead and show who you are and what you can do. And I think that's the, the beautiful part about it is.

It can be used for such negative things, and I know that, there's so many trolls on there. Uh, however, it can be utilized to open up a lot of doors as well. So I just don't want people to be scared to utilize social media in this way. Or feel like, you know, I, I shouldn't be because, I don't know, I've only Got one gig under my belt, or I've only just recorded a demo and I haven't even gotten really out into the field yet.

Who cares? You know, start it, start it now, and Even if there's really no traction in the beginning, who cares? Like just allow it to live there because here's what I'll tell you, right? I, I've made posts that get little to, little or no traction, right? It seems that way. And then a message pops up and it's somebody that I didn't even realize was watching what I was doing.

And you know, I've gotten some really kind messages, um, that, Are referencing my work ethic, um, referencing my hustle, that, you know, I've inspired them and motivated them to, you know, try to do something similar for themselves, and that's a message I'm getting directly. They're not doing anything on that actual post.

You know, and that It's, it's very nice. It's almost like a hug. You know what I mean? It's like, hey, it's a pat on the back of like, you are doing the right stuff. Um, you know, my best suggestions as you are putting yourself out there on a social media, be you. Don't be somebody you think you're supposed to be.

Be you. And that's the same thing when it comes to any of the voiceover that you're doing. You might start by emulating Somebody or something that you've heard prior, but at the end of the day you want to be as authentically you as you can be Because people see through the BS. They really do. I mean believe me, especially as somebody coming from radio I if I was not just being me here on the pod or or on the air People see through it.

They don't necessarily know why they're not liking what they're hearing, but they're seeing something and it's usually that inauthentic self now I want you to go ahead, make sure that you're sharing what's real. If you're, like, doing a video of yourself in your home studio, and you're fumbling, and you're stuttering, and whatever, feel free to share that stuff every once in a while, because it's funny.

You know, it's showing that you're human. Um, you know, it's showing the process, and how maybe you get to that final product itself. Like, and share the final product. You know, share what's good. Share those behind the scenes moments, but share what's good. Make sure that people are aware of what you're capable of.

You know, don't just only show one type of work. Make sure they realize you're not some just one trick pony. Uh, you know, you've got the opportunity to share. words, uh, you know, of, of wisdom or feelings or, you know, just letting people know what you're doing. You have the opportunity of creating images, whether it's actual photos or, you know, there are platforms to use too, like Canva, to create little, you know, uh, things for yourself too.

Um. You have the opportunity of creating videos. Like, I mean, the world is kind of your oyster when it comes to these platforms. And, you also want to make sure, don't leave this out. This needs to be like, first and, on the forefront, like, somewhere, almost all the time. How can people reach you? You know, maybe it is a matter of just sending a DM, uh, you know, people can definitely do that, but you want to make sure it's like, have all that information readily available on whatever social media platform that you choose.

Or the multiple platforms that you, you end up utilizing. Um, Be smart about it, you know? Think outside the box, be creative, show, show how your mindset works. And, uh, the best, best advice additionally, I've said this even when it comes to your reads themselves, Have fun. You know, have fun. Don't look at it like this is work.

When you start looking at it like work, then you're putting pressure. You're holding a boulder on your shoulders. You're making it heavier than it needs to be. If you're just going in and you're enjoying yourself and allowing that creativity to flow, I mean, anything is possible. Seriously, but If you've got questions when it comes to these kind of things, like especially the self promoting, like, I'll go ahead and I'll self promote right now.

Instagram and Facebook, Marissa on the radio. I am very easy to find, uh, you know, and, uh, I'm constantly on these platforms doing various things to, to help market myself, whether it's just to listeners or, you know, potential radio gigs or Beyond, um, so any questions that you've got info at voicecoaches.

com. If there's subjects you want us to tackle on the pod, as always, please just make sure that we know. And, uh, we also always have workshops going on for voice coaches themselves. So like, if you want to go ahead and potentially, you know, get into the next one, I know we've got them like almost. Daily, um, you know, and you have the opportunity to save too.

Um, just go ahead and check out our blog post and we'll get the link up there for you as well. But brand new episode is coming your way next week, right here with voice coaches radio stay safe.

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This week on Voice Coaches Radio, the biggest thing people ask about on a regular basis, outside of where to look for opportunity is how to get themselves out there in the first place. Marissa has been working with self promotion and the art of social media since its creation. Hear which she finds beneficial and how to go about utilizing it the right way.