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Voice Coaches Radio #621- Uh Oh! Everyone’s Sick

Voice coaches, radio, everything voiceover. Welcome to a brand new episode of voice coaches radio. My name is Marissa. I hope that you are feeling good. You're feeling happy, healthy, enjoying 2024 thus far. I had a friend that was, uh, I guess there's like a little conspiracy theory that's out there. It's not really conspiracy that it's more like.

Noticing certain things that are similar from a couple years ago, like back in 2020, we had the same two teams in the Superbowl. Um, you know, it was an election year. It's just, there's a lot of things that are concerning people that we're on the same path that we may have been then. And, uh, I will say this, if that's the case, then you gotta keep our health in check, right?

Um, I don't want to get us in some sort of lockdown situation again. That was miserable. I don't see that happening. Not that we saw it happening then either, but still, um, you know, I think we've got, I want to say things under control for the most part. I better knock on some wood, right? I'm going to be the one that really screws this up for us.

But, you know, there are a lot of people that are sick right now. I'm not gonna lie. Like, I mean, you go around, I went to the vet the other day with my, my two oldest pets for their physicals and like, the vet herself, it's like, hashtag no days off. Um, she, so sick, she wasn't even seeing people themselves.

She was just like, Going and like seeing your pets for a few minutes and then like having the nurse Bring them back out and then she was gonna call you while you were sitting in the waiting room to give you some updates And I'm like, I felt so bad, but I know what that's like You know what? That's like if you're in this field like no days off I mean in the best ways that you can I mean sometimes you just can't help it you know if you're just All of a sudden, laryngitis, and you talk for a living, we've got some issues, though I've had to fight through that, let me tell you, it's not fun, um, so yeah, no days off, I get it, but, uh, in, in situations like this, you know, we are in a world with a lot of new, I guess, illness, um, you know, and just, uh, different ways of thinking and looking at how the world Our behavior can lead to us getting sick and stuff.

So it's like you want to be hyper focused so you don't have to worry about it. So I just wanted to talk about some things that I think are just very important in the day to day to keep you safe, to keep you healthy, to keep you in that strong structure of being able to do your work and do it well. Now, just like You know, tripping up on a line, like, you're human, so, like, you are bound to, you know, unfortunately get ill at some point, and it could affect things for you, uh, but, if you keep with a good practice, um, then I think that you're in, gonna be in better shape than, than somebody else.

Uh, you know, I think first and foremost, like, when you're putting some sort of checklist together and making sure that you are doing the right stuff, it's like, hello, you better be getting enough rest. I always say a good routine is something to follow, not that I am going to bed exactly at the same time every night.

But my body is fairly programmed. You know, like, this sounds really bad because I know I'm, like, this is early. But, It just makes me feel old saying it, but like around 840, um, you know, it's like I start to notice that my body's like winding down, right? I start to feel a little bit sleepy while I'm on the couch, just, you know, maybe watching some TV or whatever.

Uh, so. It's, it's like, that's the wind down time. And, uh, my cat knows it too because he comes downstairs and he's ready for his snack before I lock him in the basement at night. Um, but, you know, 840 ish, it's like I start to feel that wind down period and I start to get into that nightly routine. A good night routine helps you get a good night's rest.

Seriously. Um, you want to kind of limit your time on any Sort of, that, that blue light sort of screen. So, it's putting the phone down. It's getting away from social media. It's letting your mind rest. It's tough, I know. Especially if you are in that habit of scrolling as you are laying in bed. Um, because I I am definitely notorious for it, but you know, it's, it's having that consistency to allow yourself to have that good night's rest, right?

You want to be able to wake up refreshed. Uh, you want to feel good. I know as we get older, that doesn't always happen no matter what you do, but still. Um, so it's just, that's, that's first and foremost, right? A lot of people heavily rely on vocal warm ups. And that is something just to keep, keep the pipes nice and, and, uh, just fresh and, and, um, I guess exercise, really, it is a muscle.

So, keep that in mind for your daily routine. That's not necessarily keeping you healthy from sickness, but it's keeping the muscle healthy. You know, and I feel like that can be very, very important, uh, especially when you're, you know, utilizing this as your instrument daily. So vocal warmups to go along with that.

Hydrate. Hydration is key. And that is key, not just for this field, but in general to stay healthy. Because if you are dehydrated, your immune system is knocked down. If your immune system is knocked down, you're going to be more susceptible.

So hydrate, hydrate, hydrate, because then you're also being able to flush your system. Um, not to be, you know, TMI, but it's true. Uh, obviously washing your hands, I mean, you would think that's a given. Considering, We were being educated on like the local news during the pandemic on how to wash your hands properly and to sing happy birthday while you do it or whatever.

Like just the fact that we didn't know beforehand. What? You know, it's just, it's insane, but you know, make sure that you are still doing that on a very regular, consistent basis. If you can't actually wash your hands, have sanitizer near you still, you know, these, these things are just, you know, keeping you protected, keeping you healthy, keeping you safe.

Um, you know, what happens when you start to feel. Like, maybe something is a little off. Well, you want to make sure that you're relaxing yourself. You know, give yourself that downtime. Give yourself that rest. You want to make sure, uh, things like, a little bit of extra steam in the shower, or, you know, sometimes I'll boil some water and stand over it at the oven, uh, because it's, you're, you're helping to moisten things.

You're, you're You know, kind of, um, allowing that, that hydration to get in there and, uh, you know, just, uh, get everything kind of, uh, opened up again. Um, you know, things that are very helpful for a lot of singers as well, and I've utilized them, I've talked about it before, are these like singer sprays, vocal sprays.

Uh, they taste awful, at least the one I have is disgusting, uh, but it's, it's very natural. It's herbal and it works, uh, you know, when I find that I'm having an issue where, you know, maybe I'm getting a little bit more raspy than I'd like, or I am struggling and I'm kind of losing my voice. I use that. It comes back.

It's amazing. Um, and you know, there's always the opportunity for you to be pumping in some vitamins, whether it is. you know, vitamin C itself or grabbing some airborne and just, you know, protecting your, your, your immune system in your body. But you want to make sure when, especially this time of the year, stay healthy, stay well, because it's just going to benefit you for all the projects that you are working on right now, you get knocked down and it's for days.

Then you get, you get behind and, I mean, that, that could be losing income at the end of the day. So, you know, do yourself that favor and get into a nice routine that can allow these things to just feel seamless. So it's not even a thought anymore, it's just, this is just what you do. All right, but more, uh, episodes of Voice Coaches Radio coming your way next week.

Thank you so much for being a part of, uh, everything that we do here and, uh, you know, spread the word if you know anybody starting in, in voiceover and they need a little extra push or motivation or just answers to some of the basics, we got it right here with Voice Coaches Radio. Uh, and of course, info at voicecoaches.

com for anything that you'd like us to tackle here on the pod. But a new episode is coming at you next week. Stay safe everybody and uh, go Chiefs! Visit voicecoaches. com for more voiceover news and information.

This week on Voice Coaches Radio, Marissa has noticed it seems like everyone right now is sick. So, as someone in field that requires you to sound your best on the reg, how do you keep yourself in tip top shape? What can you do? Lets chat!