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Voice Coaches Radio #620- Reference and Be open

Voice Coaches Radio. Everything voiceover. A brand new episode of Voice Coaches Radio is here. What is going on? I'm Marissa. It is officially love month. Happy February. Uh, also, you know, I know today's Groundhog Day if you're listening as we are officially dropping this episode. Uh, no matter what, I'm just gonna be honest, the calendar says six more weeks of winter.

Uh, so, we just gotta deal. And I feel like we have all been dealing. This has been Quite a, a weird winter for everybody across the country, unless you are in the, the way, way south. Uh, we've all been affected by cold temperatures and whatever at some point. So it's been interesting, to say the least. But, uh, you know, that being said, I will admit at some point during this podcast, uh, my voice might cut out.

So, it's just, I, I'm like not even overusing it. Because I'm using it the same amount that I Do every single week, but I was doing some work this morning and I had to keep stopping and like redoing things. I'm like, what the heck is going on with me? Um, you know, maybe I'm just a little tired. I think that could be it.

You know, it's, um, that time of the year, you know, it's, it's funny. Cause like there was somebody that recently moved to upstate New York from like deep south of Georgia. And. They said to me, like, you know, is it always this gray around here this time of the year? Like, it's making me feel kind of sad. Do you feel sad at winter?

I'm like, um, Have you never heard of the winter blues? Like, that is legit a thing. We're all depressed in this area. Like, the further north you go and the further, uh, you know, you are into colder, wintry temperatures. Like, yeah, we, we all need to seek some mental health help, uh, you know? It's just trying to do these things that will shoot some endorphins through our veins so we can just make it through these What feel like six months?

It's just incredible But that being said I'm just I'm gonna try to push through because as I've said to you before the show must go on Right. How about this? It's also work naked day today. I promise Not doing that. Um, I could, because I am in my home studio at the moment. But I, I won't even do that to myself, okay?

Like, that's just ridiculous. So, something interesting popped up for me recently. And, you know, it had me actually think about this, uh, Friends episode, where Joey was the, the teacher, or the, the acting coach, you know? And, and, he obviously still in the field of, of pursuing gigs, and he had this audition coming up he was really pumped for.

And then he found out that one of his students comes up after class. He's like, Mr. Tribbiani, you're never going to believe it. I got an audition. I'm so pumped. I can't wait. It's for like this major soap opera and I'm going to be going up for the role of whatever. And it was the same role that Joey was up for.

And, you know, you see in his eyes, he's like, Huh? Uh, you know, cause it's like, you want that gig? I know he wants that gig. I realize he's a character. Uh, but, you know, it's like, You're that real person. You want that gig, you know, that's your bread and butter. That's some money coming in. You know, that's something on your resume uh, and uh, you know, he he goes on throughout the episode and he actually uh suggests that the the student play the character gay, uh, and thinking that's gonna sway the directors because it's supposed to be some big boxing character and uh, You know a very macho and athletic and whatever Uh Yeah, and apparently they ended up liking that so it did not play in Joey's favor in that episode But that being said I had a kind of similar Situation pop up recently and it wasn't that I wanted anybody to not get a gig, right?

Like that's not that's not my jam. I'm over here as a coach, you know I get emails all the time asking questions and picking my brain and you know I just try to help people maneuver this, this world of voiceover and there's so many different avenues of it. You know, I, I am a firm believer. We got a lot of work to go around.

So like, I'm not feeling, uh, too, we'll say competitive, I guess, but you know, there's a company that I do radio stuff through, right. I get an email, uh, and, uh, they have a whole roster of talent that they utilize, and I just happen to be one of the, the female talent that they go to, um, you know, here and there, and, uh, they were asking me if I knew of any other female radio talent that may be interested in also doing work in the way that I have been, because they don't have a whole lot on the roster, on the female side, and I, I was like, well, why, in my head at first, I'm like, why don't you just, Send everybody my way.

I'll do all the work. Like, why do we need more? Uh, you know, um, just because I, I do, I want all the money. Um, you know, but uh, I, I started thinking about it and, you know, honestly, I didn't know a whole lot of ladies in the industry that are doing the work. the way I am. So I just, only one person really came to mind and I ended up reaching out to her and sending her their way.

But, uh, I will say my email, I hope he found it funny because I was kidding, but I sent back and I go, what am I, chopped liver? And I was like, don't worry, I'll, I'll rack my brain and I'll send some people your way. Um, but it was just like an interesting moment, you know, cause that could have been the moment where I.

went to the dark side, if you will, um, you know, and just said, sure, yeah, no, I'll think about it and I'll send people your way and then actually not do anything. Uh, but I did, I sat and I tried to think of people that made sense and, and I really only came up with one name. Um, and it's because I know that she's kind of like in between stuff and, um, it may have been something that She did want to do.

Did she reach out? I don't know. Uh, but she seemed interested. So we'll see, but you may be in a situation at some point. Where it's similar, right? Like, you realize that you and somebody else that you know, like, you're up for the same audiobook, or the same commercial, or, you know, maybe it's a training gig for the same company.

Um, you know, so like, what do you do? It's really going to see, I think, it's going to show you some things about yourself. It's like, what do I do? Um, how do I react? Is how I react going to shock myself? Um, but It is something that happens from time to time. And I think, you know, referring, being able to either refer somebody for a gig, um, or just, you know, being okay in understanding that, listen, we can be up for the same thing and.

Either maybe neither one of us get it or maybe they get it and I don't or vice versa I mean, whatever is meant to happen is gonna happen But I I think like, you know, if you're putting out the positive vibes, you know Hopefully you get it back tenfold and I do feel like you know Also like you referring people it just it leaves you kind of top of mind too for whoever that Was asking for some help or guidance like you know next time something does come on the table that makes sense in their eyes for you It's like they're gonna be you know, thinking of you too.

So it's just it's all in how you kind of look at it But don't do the Tribbiani way, I guess, because, uh, it did not play in his favor, and, I don't know, Joey doesn't seem like he's this wildly successful actor on Friends, it just, you know, the actor himself, Matt LeBlanc was, that's really what it came down to.

to, uh, but if you've got anything that you'd like us to tackle here on the pod, make sure you hit us up info at voice coaches. com info at voice coaches. com. You can get some questions in, you can go ahead and, uh, maybe you want to pick my brain when it comes to feedback. Maybe you've got some audio you'd like me to hear.

I would love to do that as well. So info at voice coaches. com I'm game. Let's go. A brand new episode is coming up next week. Stay safe. Visit voice coaches. com for more voiceover news and information.

This week on Voice Coaches Radio, Marissa chats about something that is bound to come up from time to time and the question on, what do you do? How do you handle it? What, exactly? Being up for the same gig as someone you know or being in the place of having to refer someone else for a job that you may want, too.