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Voice Coaches Radio #618: Manifesting Your Outcome

Voice coaches, radio, everything voiceover. What is this? A brand new episode of voice coaches. Radio is upon us. I mean, look at us well on into the new year now. And, uh, I don't know how you're feeling. Are you feeling just like spectacular? Uh, are you feeling like you're off to a good start? Like you're, you're up and running and, uh, you like the world is your oyster or.

You know, are you like, uh, a good 43 percent of people and, like, the resolutions got squashed by the end of the first week of the new year? I'll admit, it's been not a struggle, right? But because I feel like, you know, it does involve creating almost like a new routine for yourself that I don't know, like, these, these plans that I have for me It's been a little bit of a struggle to even just get started, let alone failing, we'll say, at anything.

Uh, the beautiful thing is, every day is a new day, and you don't need the new year to make anything happen. But I will say this. What just passed on Saturday, January 13th, it was National Make Your Dreams Come True Day. So, I don't know what your dreams are, uh, but I, I hope that, uh, you go ahead, you write them down, and, and, like, make some promises to yourself, and, uh, you know, I feel like when we start talking about things that we, we hope to have happen, that we manifest them, you know?

I, I don't know if I have done that for myself or like I have just subconsciously known or somehow like predicted things that were gonna happen. But as an example, you know, as I was looking back, I remember saying, Uh, a couple things. One, right in the beginning of my career, like if Boston comes calling, I'll go.

Because I really didn't have any wild aspirations when it came to my radio career. I just wanted to be happy, at home, and that was kind of it. So I said, if Boston came calling, I'll go. Well, it turned out by 2016, no 2017, That's exactly what happened. Uh, I was in between jobs and it was like the first week of that and my phone rang and it was Boston and I was like, yeah, I'll come audition.

Why not? Um, and uh, yeah, then, then I was there for, you know, a few years and, and, and still do stuff there, which is great. Um, the other thing that I kind of like put out into the universe kind of unintentionally, and I almost wish, I don't wish that I didn't do this, but. Also, I don't know, uh, it's like a weird gray area for me because I remember saying something like, you know, if my radio career or, or this, this career that I've had, if, if it lasts 15 years, I'll be satisfied.

Right? Well, guess what? 15 years was when the pandemic hit. And I. remember that happening. Like, I remember saying it, like, mid pandemic and I'm like, well, that was stupid. Uh, but you know what ended up happening? It's like, then I, I rebuilt and I transitioned because another thing I had said was, man, I wish That I could just work from home.

Cause I remember being in the office, and, you know, when you're in a business like this, and you are in an office setting, you've got a lot of personality, you've got a lot of energy and creative minds all around you, and and it's loud, and it's distracting. And, I just kind of struggled in that environment, not with the creativity, but just the focus.

And I always knew that if I was home getting work done, I got a lot more accomplished in a much shorter amount of time. And I felt so much more productive overall. And I put that wish out there and it happened. Uh, and, uh, you know, one of the other things was by the time I turned 40, I wanted to be back home.

Um, back, back in my house, back near my family, and the reason being, um, not because I didn't want to be in Boston anymore, because honestly that, that is still something that I would like to do is to, to eventually get back there or close to it. Um, you know, and that, that I think is like just how my mind has shifted a little bit since having this manifestation of, of being back home.

Uh, It's because my family's getting older, my parents are getting older, and even though we've got great genes, right, like, I don't look my age, they definitely don't look their age, my nana does not look like she's almost 92, but my parents, they are pushing 70, and like, they've had their health, you know, scares here and there, and, you know, I, as an only child, I kind of panic, right, like, because it all falls on me, you know, and my dad will joke because he's done eBay and flea markets for years, so like he'll open the two car garage that's like full of stuff and he's like, one day all this will be yours and I'm like, cool, so I'll have to quit every job I have so I can focus on getting rid of all your crap.

Awesome. At least he's taught me well, because I know how to handle all that stuff. Now, but, you know, that was. Those are all things that I had said at some point, kind of like manifest, and so like, I believe in it. Do you? I, I feel like too, you have to believe that that kind of thing can be a thing for it to happen.

Um, so manifest away, all right? Uh, the things that I've manifested, it's getting back in shape this year, which I'm in the process. It's like, God willing, um, it's the gym that I created for myself that I've talked about. It's just in a space where it's cold, like, almost all the time, so it's just tough to get out there.

Uh, but, you know, that's one thing I'm manifesting, uh, just, I think feeling more positive about the work that I've accomplished and the things that I'm doing and, and, You know, I'm manifesting more opportunity coming my way. And there are things I know that I need to do to, to, like, make some things happen and some shifts happen.

And I, you know, I'm trying to do that for myself. So it's like when you're trying to do those same things, you know, what should you start looking at? And, and for me, I am in the process of looking at my day to day. How? How am I structuring my day? Is it structured in a good way? How could I shift some things?

To maybe accomplish more of the goals that I want to achieve. And, uh, you know, for me, like, the example is, like, the working out aspect of things. You know, I, at one point, you know, when I was paying for the gym membership, that was the first thing I did every single day. It was, boom, in the car, in the gym.

And I was doing really well with that, but the struggle in my mind was, Man, I am wasting 20 minutes to get there and 20 minutes to get back. That is 40 minutes of my day that I could be utilizing in such a better way than being in the car. Uh, so that was kind of like why I wanted to have something at home.

So, it's just, then you've got other people in the way, right? Not that people are in the way here. Uh, but, uh, it's just the fact of distraction a little bit in the morning. So while I would love to do that in the morning, I mean, I got to try to figure out where is a good time to fit it in and keep it consistent because that's how you build the routine.

It feels uncomfortable at first, then it becomes second nature, right? Time management is crucial. in accomplishing any of the goals that you set out. So, one of the biggest things that I think that can really, really help a person, whether you are in the process of getting started in voiceover, or you're in the process of just trying to do what I'm doing, and trying to, to reach new levels, and, and trying to have new, you know, opportunity, and, and those kind of things.

It really is looking at your day to day, And seeing if it makes sense, like looking at it and seeing how can I shift or, you know, what could I shift, what should I switch that will be more, um, time conscious, you know, and, and just trying to stick to it. What do you want to improve on? along the way. If it's not just time management, it's not just routine.

You know, what are the factors of things that you feel like you're doing well with, but could do better? And you know, having these lists for yourself is just very important because it does, it gives you this opportunity to go ahead and make some, some really. You know, big things potentially happen, uh, down the road.

So, you know, this is where my mindset is at right now as we are just a couple of weeks into the new year. Um, and clearly, you know, I, I'm still in like new year, new me, but not really knew me just like better me. Um, so. Maybe you can be in, in that same mindset and maybe this gives you some inspiration to start moving in that direction, but if you've got something that you want us to discuss here on the Voice Coaches podcast, info at voicecoaches.

com, info at voicecoaches. com, please send in your topics, your questions, uh, your comments, whatever, and, uh, yeah, we'll get to some more of those coming up in the, uh, coming weeks, but a brand new episode hitting you next Friday, right at five o'clock and, uh, hopefully you enjoy your weekend. Stay safe. Visit.

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This week on Voice Coaches Radio, Marissa has been looking back and reflecting (as some do when we get into a new year) and she’s had a few realizations in the process. Is it possible to manifest your own future or opportunities? If you say it out loud, will it happen? It seems like that’s the been the case for her over the course of her career from the beginning, so what does she think about it all and suggest for you as you continue to take steps in your voice over career.