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Voice Coaches Radio #617: New Year, New Goals!

Voice coaches, radio, everything voiceover. And a brand new episode of voice coaches. Radio is upon us here in the second week of the new year. My name is Marissa. Hopefully you are starting out with a clean slate, right? You're starting out fresh. You're feeling good. You're feeling motivated and ready and.

Not still hungover from your, you know, uh, New Year's Eve celebrations. Uh, by the way, the first of the year, I don't know if you know this, not only was it considered like, thank God it's Monday Day, which literally nobody has ever said that phrase, uh, it was also National Hangover Day, which makes complete sense because, you know how much champagne flows.

on New Year's Eve, uh, and that, that can give you quite the headache, but oh God, it tastes so good going down. You know what I mean? Uh, but I do hope that you are, uh, you know, ready and raring for 2024, you know, as we get into a new year. Yeah. A lot of people like to look at it like clean slate, right? You get to fresh start everything and you get to go ahead and create new goals for yourself.

A lot of people kind of make the same ones, right? It's, you know, getting, uh, more fitness in your life. Uh, healthier, not just in, in diet, but in mental health and potentially, uh, financial wealth. Um, some people want to start, you know, hanging out with people more often, you know, putting other people in their life first so they can enjoy themselves more.

And, and other people, they have other things that are more catered to them, that are more personal, little goals to reach. And, and then remember, you know, I want to state this right off the bat. When you're getting these resolutions together, it's just like any other goals that you set. You have to go ahead and kind of make a plan, you know, you kind of have to have that plan of action and you have to be patient and you have to set kind of like small goals to achieve the bigger goal and enhance, um, you know, it's.

It's tough because, you know, so many people, I think that's why we, we fail in, in so many ways is like, you want to go ahead, you want to lose 10 pounds and you see the scale go up a little bit and then you just throw your hands up and it's like, Oh God, no, but you have to keep going. Those are always my big two words for anybody in almost any situation.

Keep going because when we do. That is when we start to really see, like, what we're capable of and we start to see, like, true positive outcomes and, like, actions had. And I think we kind of start to see what we're really made of in the end, too, you know? It's, it's just a, it's a great way to kind of keep yourself motivated and focused.

And a lot of us don't have that self motivation, which is why a lot of us shouldn't work from home. Uh, I am one of the Other side, you know, I am very self motivated, I'm typically a very organized human, and like, get things done the way that I, I need to. But, you know, I was gonna go over some of the things that I wanted to do for myself, and the goals that I wanted to achieve this year.

Cause I, I feel like, you know, you hear me on the podcast, and you hear everything I'm doing, and it's like, wow, she's got so much going on. You know, I wanna, you know, be able to do the same kind of situation, and, and have my life that way, and, you know, listen, it's It's been an interesting year of transition for me.

Last year was the first year where I was, you know, considered a 100 percent contract employee. You know, working a couple days with voice coaches in the coaching aspect of things and doing the podcast and then, you know, all these different radio stations that I'm doing the work for contractually. Um, you know, any of the other voice work commercial wise or longer form read or, or any of the other stuff that I do that people aren't necessarily aware of, like, I've been selling stuff on the internet.

Since like, I don't know, the formation of it, like, long before I was probably legally supposed to be doing it, like, since high school. Um, and, and for me, like, part of that was I wanted to kind of grow on that last year because I had the time. I wanted to be able to You know, enjoy my days. Um, and in so many ways, those goals, those goals happened.

Um, things that fell to the wayside, though, it's like the workout routine that I had had. Um, you know, I wanted to save money, so I stopped putting that membership to the gym into play, like, around the summer. summer time and I got myself a treadmill but then it was, you know, I had to kind of recreate that room that everything is in and, uh, I gotta be honest, it's a little cold out there in the winter, but I'm still in the process of making that a good space and I gotta get back into that.

That is one of my big goals for the year is just to kind of get back into that good shape because I will admit, it helps. With my voiceover, and you might be wondering why, it's like me getting on that treadmill as an asthmatic, that was my vocal warm up daily for a very long time. I put it aside because I felt like I needed to it was saving me money every month to make sure that I Wasn't spending it at the gym and and then you know, I was trying to in the long run, you know Create a space at home that was going to be more feasible So I didn't even have to be on the road at all to get to a gym You know as more economical time was but You know, then, then things happen, and the routine falls again to the wayside.

So, it's getting back into that kind of order, so I can have my lungs and my asthma in check, and get that good vocal warm up in the morning. Um, I am a very organized person, you know, and I know that like, we've had Katie on the podcast and stuff before, and like, she even mentioned my, my weekly to do list, my checklist, just to make sure I keep everything, you know, in order and get things done.

And, and, yeah, I will admit, I I'm very, very much organized, but I still felt disorganized at times. So I want to create a better sense of order for myself, um, just so I'm able to kind of keep, if it's not a daily routine, it's at least something that While it has the flexibility in there, I, I don't feel so disheveled at times.

Uh, because that can really throw off the groove, let's face it. If you're feeling like, ah, you know, your head's spinning a little bit, you know, you go to sit down or stand up in your studio to do some recording and you're just like, where do I start? What do I do? I think you can't Keep the focus and for me, I need to keep the focus so I can think creatively because a lot of what I do is just on the whim.

It's on the cuff. It's based on what I'm experiencing life and, and, you know, seeing on the internet or celebrity news or whatever. And I have to make these things my own and, you know, kind of make it silly or, or whatever, you know, and keep people informed. So I need to be able to be creative. And if I don't have the right headspace for it, um, that, that can be a problem.

So being that much more organized is very much key for myself. Um, Along with that, I'm hoping that if I am able to accomplish that, I'm, you know, then going to be able to grow my, my online presence with all of this. Because I think, you know, if I'm able to do that, that can lead to more work, that can lead to more opportunity, um, you know, it's kind of like a domino effect.

So, you know, I have a lot of ideas in mind, but it really does come back to, you know, being physically fit and getting a good routine. Organized for myself that can really push me forward in in other aspects Um, I just want I want to take the time to audition more, you know for me I think I was trying to and and you know I i'm still going to be doing this in trying to grow my online sales of business Uh because I do it's it's ebay.

It's poshmark. It's marketplace on facebook You know, I try to take advantage of different avenues to to resell things because again i've been doing this It's very much, like, the majority of my lifetime, I've always been surrounded by it, so I have a good knack of what sells and what doesn't. It was the last year of trying to figure out, well, where can I go ahead?

and get new things to sell. And I think I've got a, you know, a pretty good idea now of what to do there and what kind of routine to have there that it will allow me potentially more time to then audition. Um, you know, and get more work in that kind of way too. These are my goals, and clearly I've put some thought into it, and I've looked at how my life is, and how I can make these things happen.

But, you know, as we enter into this new year, even though, like, it's two weeks in, you might be like, Ah, it's too late! It's never too late. Just because, you know, the new year's already started, you don't need the new year to have a new you. You know what I mean? Or a new lifestyle to start. To have goals to reach for.

You can do that anytime you want, and let your new, newness, start now. Um, but, set those goals, reach them, and, uh, just remember, keep going. Cuz. Uh, you're the only one that's gonna get in your own way there. I mean, you're, you're in charge of what happens from here on out. So keep going. Uh, if you got anything you want us to discuss, you're on the pod, of course, as always, info at voicecoaches.

com. But a brand new episode is coming your way next week, right here with Voice Coaches Radio. Stay safe, everybody. Visit voicecoaches. com for more voiceover news and information.

This week on Voice Coaches Radio, Marissa starts diving into the important stuff: 2024 Goals and Resolutions! The beautiful thing is that every day is a new day to start fresh, but a lot of people utilize the new year as a clean slate. So, no matter how you’re approaching it, what would you like to achieve in this brand new year and what are some things you can do to get yourself there?