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Voice Coaches Radio #615 – The Art of a ” Thank You”

Voice coaches, radio, everything voiceover. Welcome to a brand new episode of voice coaches radio. My name is Marissa. We are going to be getting into at least a one episode holiday break. So just know that it's coming for the end of, uh, 2023, but I hope that. This holiday season has been treating you well, and I'm, I'm super grateful for anybody that has taken the time this year to send in an email with questions, comments, um, you know, any positive feedback, you know, or, or checking in just to say, hey, like, it's been a lot of fun, um, just, you know, hearing from you guys as you are tuned in every single week and, um, You know, just, uh, listening to my nonsense, because sometimes that's exactly what it is.

I realize there are some weeks I am just on, and then there's some weeks where I am just like, what day is it? I don't, what else do I have to do? I've got like a million things in my brain. And, uh, you know, it's like, I knew what I was going to talk about. And then like, I got on the pod and I'm like, I'm not quite sure what that was.

It's gone. Uh, but I'm just going to try. Uh, but, um, I've had a lot of students pop on, uh, you know, for Classes that I've had with them and they're like, Oh my God, wait, that's you? Like, I recognized your voice right away. And like now, like I'm excited. I'm like nervous that I have you for class. And it's like, why?

You're just, you're hearing me here. And I'm just as ridiculous at any kind of classes that you have through voice coaches. I'm just going to state it now. And if you haven't had me yet, get ready. Um, but, uh, no, it's, it's a blast. And I'm just, I'm thankful for the opportunity to be here. And, uh, you know, whether what I'm saying, it just personally is helping you get through something that you're going through, or, you know, maybe whatever we are talking about voice over wise, it's, it's just like inspiring you to, to do something, motivating you to move forward.

It's, it's just, you know, giving you something that's a little outside your. You know, vision in the moment of seeing things differently so that way you can start finding more work or Honing in on a certain skill that you didn't have before like I just if Anything I have done in the last year has helped you then that's all that matters.

You know, that's That's what this really is all about. So hopefully that's the case and if not, then I don't know why you're still hanging out with me, but thank you. Uh, so anytime you want to hit us up guys, info at voice coaches. com please do. And um, as we kind of get into, you know, the, the Christmas, uh, days and week and everything that are coming up.

I thought what, you know, you're going to be getting and giving a lot of gifts. And with that, it's a lot of thank yous, right? Sometimes you send thank you notes or thank you texts or whatever. And these things are very important, not just in situations like that. But most certainly, when it comes to your voiceover career, the importance of a thank you goes so, such a distance.

Uh, it could have been a situation where someone just took your call. You know, you were hard trying to find places to call, and You know, build that kind of door, like open that door for that relationship to be built. They took your call, they spent a few moments on the phone with you and they told you the information that you would need that can then help you further potentially build that relationship, you hang up that call, send an email.

Thank you so much for taking the time with me today. Uh, it meant the world and I cannot wait for you to hear whatever. Um, you know, here's my audio attached. Uh, hope to hear from you soon. Thank you so much, whatever your name might be. That email goes so, so far. Uh, you know, because I feel like thank yous I mean, they kind of feel like a thing of the past.

This week on Voice Coaches Radio, before a holiday break Marissa wanted to say “Thank you,” but also get into why a “thank you” is so incredibly important throughout your voice career, but life in general.