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Voice Coaches Radio #613 – Where Ya Lookin?!

Voice coaches, radio, everything voiceover. Welcome to a brand new episode of voice coaches radio. I hope this is finding you well. My name is Marissa as we are a couple of weeks into December now, and I don't know about you, but holiday season, man, it is. Stress ball. Um, I recently, I thought I was doing something good, right?

I always try to get my grandmother out every year. She doesn't drive. So it's like she's always with my mom and, uh, or, or myself, you know, taking to different doctor appointments and for whatever she needs. So I took her out to try to knock out a lot of the holiday shopping. Especially stuff for my parents because, let's face it, you can't really buy them something when you're with them.

All the time. And we go to the mall and, uh, her little 91 year old shuffle, I mean, it was just, oh, to get to one end to the other was, I had the patience of a saint, I think is what I'm getting at. Uh, but we left there and she had one item in her bag. That's it. One item, and I'm just like shaking my head like I can't even and I just text my mom.

I'm like I tried. I really did. I'm sorry Since then we have gone in to help decorate her house because we do that every year as well And so she's she's very much in the holiday spirit. She's just A stubborn old broad, you know, that's what I'm getting at. But uh, hopefully you are at least enjoying yourself and not too stressed Though I know it is kind of impossible not to be especially when the days feel like they're kind of flying by at times and all of a sudden it's like, wait a minute, what day is it?

It's December 8th already. Like, come on. Uh, I can't even breathe over here. Work is holding me down and, uh, there's just not enough time to get everything done. Uh, imagine what it's like to be Santa. I'm just saying. Uh, but so I, I wanted to, uh, dive on into some stuff here with voiceover because, you know, that is what the podcast really is all about.

Not me trying to take my grandmother shopping. Uh, though, as. It's as fun as that story is, uh, but when it comes to finding work, uh, I get the question all the time, of course, like, you know, where do I start? And I, I always, you know, push students to what it's actually in their, uh, their, their material online.

You know, it's like, Hey, if you're not going to go ahead and look at that, I mean, how are you going to get the work in the first place? How do you plan on doing that? Uh, but I'm just, you know, saying, uh, but that, that being said, I mean, we, If you are a student, I mean, we do, we give you like this roadmap to follow.

We give you a lot of different places to be investigating to find auditioning opportunity. But you know, as you are kind of maneuvering everything, you need to be looking at where you're looking. You know, maybe you are finding the right place right now, or places, and you are gathering some good auditions, some work, some opportunity, you're building some relationships, that's great.

But, You don't want to just keep staying on that same route either. I mean it can be great, but you know if you What kind of what can I say here like if you go to milk a cow you're not just squeezing one of the Sections of the udder or whatever right? I don't know I've never milked a cow, but you know what I mean.

It's not you gotta you gotta work your way around so When I am looking at this, and I'm looking at all the places that there are opportunity, you know, I try to think about for myself, well, how many can I list? And I feel like There should be multiple different ways of, of finding that work for yourself.

So I mean, think about it right now. Where have you been looking? How many places can you list? I feel like if you're not listing more than five, then you need to start branching out a little bit, you know, because you might start feeling like, Oh God, I'm not. able to get any work out. I'm not growing in connections.

I'm not seeing audition opportunities. They're like just very few and far between. You know, it's good that where you're looking has these things popping up, but if you're not having consistency within those outlets, then it's time to start expanding. So where should you be looking? I mean, you know, I always feel like, you know, these relationships that I've built are They're so very valuable.

They're so very vital and important because, you know, here I am, I'm not even really practicing what I'm preaching right now because, like, I have various outlets, but they come in the form of, of relationships that I built. So in reality, it's like one place that I've looked that has a lot of branches off of it.

So it's, you know, it's giving me various opportunity, but I need to even start expanding. So I'm having different avenues that I can start looking at as well. Uh, but these relationships have been so valuable in the way of Everything that I've been doing is because of all these relationships I've built for almost 20 years.

And that is why we always tell you how important, how key that is. Because, you know, you have these relationships, and if you nurture them in the right ways You know, you become that, that go to person, and thankfully I can say that that has been the case for me, um, you know, so allow that to be the same for yourself, but like, where else should even I be looking?

I mean, there's so many places on the internet that you can go ahead and, uh, find some free places to audition. Uh, there are places that you can have a little bit of a paid subscription to, to get auditions sent your way. You should be You know, really diving into your hometown, uh, community of seeing where and who could utilize you and building and growing those new relationships.

Seeking out opportunities through various, um, you know, recording studios locally. Maybe there's a commercial agency that is local that you didn't even think about before because you were so focused on audiobooks or something else. But it's time to start swimming into different variations of, uh, voiceover.

Um, You know, there's just, there's a lot of things, people tend to see one thing and one way of doing it at first. But it's all about looking outside that box, um, you know, to, to see what you're missing. And, you know, maybe you need just a fresh perspective, or maybe you need somebody, uh, somebody else's eyes on it.

Uh, but, you know, that is the beauty of The relationships that you build too. It's like, if you feel stuck, ask somebody, you know, what, what else should I be doing, you know, even if it's somebody you've potentially been working with in the past, or, you know, maybe it's a fellow voice actor, it's like, you know, what, what else do you do, you know, pick each other's brain, bounce each, bounce off of each other, because it, like, it is such a small community of people.

And I, I got to witness that first hand the other day. I had an event in Syracuse and

This week on Voice Coaches Radio, Marissa asks the simple question when it comes to work: “Where ya lookin?” Make a list and check it twice this holiday season.