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Voice Coaches Radio #609 – Age Matters

Voice coaches, radio, everything voiceover. Welcome to a brand new episode of voice coaches, radio. My name is Marissa and, uh, you know, a couple of these, uh, podcast episodes have been done in advance. So, you know, I realized this seems like, wait, why are you talking about this now? Um, but I, I felt like I, I can't just ignore it.

Uh, prominent fixture for so many of us. That I think we're, you know, uh, like, teens in the 90s, especially. I feel like there's so many people that are walking this planet that have not experienced a life without the TV show Friends. And, uh, the passing of actor Matthew Perry, while for me at this point has only been a few days ago, I know at this point listening to this has been a couple weeks, um, still trying to gather all my feelings about that.

Isn't it crazy how somebody that you've never met Can have such an impact, uh, when they pass, uh, you know, it is crazy to think about, but that is sometimes the world that we are a part of, um, you know, in this entertainment field, uh, you know, because the, the work that you do, it matters, you know, and, and for him, while not a prominent voice actor, I mean, clearly a staple for so many people, Friends is like a comfort show, you know, and the way I've equated this, was when the news came out.

It was almost like somebody snatched our security blanket for a moment. Uh, and you know, I was at a Halloween party when the news broke and it was like the entire vibe and mood in the, in the room changed for a few moments as everybody was kind of trying to wrap their head around it. And, and I think we just went into a, just a mode of disbelief until the following day.

Uh, but you know, it's just, uh, it, it sucks. And you know, I'm sure we're going to find out more about that situation, uh, as. As the weeks go on and months go on, um, but hoping that, you know, he had a lot of struggles in life. I'm just hoping that he's resting in peace now. And I'm just so glad that he's left behind this amazing catalog for all of us to, to enjoy and, and, um, you know, lift us up on, on bad days or, you know, no matter what we're feeling.

So just wanted to put that out there because, uh, you know, that is, Friends has been a huge thing for me since I was, I mean, since it came out, um, you know, when I was in like middle school. I mean, my chickens are named after the Friends characters, for crying out loud, uh, so there's that. Um, but listen, I hope this is finding you well.

We are now in the, the midst of November, and I don't know how we got here, but we are, and fourth quarter is craziness for so many people. If you are, you know, a prominent fixture here now in the voiceover community, you're probably getting a lot of loose ends tied up and getting this last minute work situated for the holiday.

Um, you know, for me, I'm over here trying to, to think about everything I'm going to have to do already for tax season and I, I don't like thinking about that numbers and, and like health insurance and like 401ks and stuff. Nothing really computes in my brain. I, you know, it's like, I am, I am witty. I am creative.

I can be silly. No, I can't be smart. I mean, you gotta like give and take here a little bit. No, I always need help with that kind of stuff. Um, but I had a question thrown at me recently and it was interesting because, you know, in the moment I'm like, why would you ask that? But I get it. I get it because there is such thing as ageism, right?

So the question that was thrown at me. Is, does age matter? Now, on screen, or, you know, something like that, in some cases, yeah. I mean, that has been a problem for years, where it's like, you know, you've got these older actors who have been so prominent, and then there's just like, no roles. Um, and that's just so awful.

Like, I mean, not everybody wants to play grandma. You know what I mean? Um, you go from having all these amazing opportunities to here. Uh, and also you gotta walk with a limp. Um, you know, but um, You know, in voiceover, I think it all comes down To how young do you sound? What kind of age range do you sound?

How healthy are you keeping your voice? That is so very vital. So very important. And you know, the the sooner you start like caring in that way for that instrument, the longevity you can have. You know, it's it's all about building your skill, of course. You know, it's like the skill is what sells you the most.

But You caring for your voice is what is going to allow that age range to be vast, potentially. Now, not all of us start off with a wide age range, you know? Some of us have, like, these big, deep voices, and it's like, clearly you're not ten. Um, you know what I mean? Like, no ten year old sounds like that, going, Uh, but, you know, if you're somebody who starts off with a very wide age range Even if it's 20 years, you know, it's like that is just allowing you to, uh, to potentially do a lot more because nobody can see you like that.

That face, that face doesn't matter. I mean, it matters. We love you. Uh, but you know, you can walk into that studio looking like hell. Uh, nobody's going to know except for the producer, you know? Uh, but that's, that's what you want to always take into consideration. It's like you want to, to keep. Healthy you want to make sure that you are drinking plenty of fluids and maybe vocal exercises and warm ups Plenty that you can go ahead and learn on YouTube.

You know, that is just such a great resource. So please use it You want to make sure you know, I always It's like you're, you're keeping as healthy as possible. Keep that in check, you know, sometimes it's not easy, especially as the seasons are changing like they have been, you know, you're, you're bound to have a cold or two pop up.

I know I've been struggling hard with my, my morning allergies, like the seasonal allergies, like it's not seasonal for me because it's every day, but they're heightened this time of the year with the weather changing the way it has been and the flux of it all. And I swear to God, I go through like a box of tissues in the morning.

Uh, I don't know how. Anyway. Everybody lives with me. Uh, you know, thankfully, I just locked myself in the basement and, uh, you know, nobody has to worry about it. But that being said, you know, it's like I am doing a lot of wear and tear each time that I sneeze and I'm well aware of that. I, you know, I try to.

Uh, do something as, as, um, uh, I guess less volume as I can, but when you hold back, that hurts it too. Uh, you know, you're stressing it. So, um, you just got to make sure that you are keeping everything in tip top shape and quality. Um, and you know, that's, that's when age really doesn't matter, you know? So the, the question again, like, does age matter?

In my eyes, not really. You know, it's all about what you're doing and the skill that you're bringing to the table. Um, that being said, you know, the other side of this, I think, you know, the big concern that the student was, was having in their, their brain was the fact like, does it matter how old I am right now getting started?

No, I mean, you should want to start new things all the time, reach goals, uh, and, uh, you do you, Boo, uh, like, I, I really do think that, you know, this is a field that anybody can go ahead and play around in and be successful in, too, if you're just putting in the, the, the right stuff, right? You're putting in the right amount of effort.

It comes back to your skill at the end of the day. And, uh, you could be 88, it doesn't matter, you know, if you are providing something that, uh, Is above and beyond somebody else? I mean, let you get the work, you know, so don't let age be so heavy for you. All right. Cause I mean, like if somebody is going to let that play into this, like, then that's a job you don't want, you know, you want to be where you're accepted.

And I mean, listen, 99 percent of the time, age is not going to be a factor here, uh, except if you're trying to be a kid in any kind of role. And you're not. able to do a character voice, you know what I mean? Like, you know where your strengths are going to be as you're kind of maneuvering the industry, play to those strengths, take care of yourself, keep developing your skill, and You know, this, this world can be yours.

Don't let anything try to hold you back and, and don't, don't get in your own brain about that either. Um, because we can be our own worst enemy for sure. We've talked about that before, but if you've got a question you want thrown out here on the pod, Hey, holler at me. All right. Info at voice coaches. com again, info at voice coaches.

com to get any topics here done on voice coaches radio. A new episode is coming next week. Stay safe, everybody.

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This week on Voice Coaches Radio, Marissa was asked about age and how it can effect opportunity…could it? will it? Lets discuss.