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And welcome to a brand new episode of Voice Coaches Radio. My name is Marissa. I can't believe that as I was like just diving on into last week's episode, I didn't even realize the date. I didn't realize that it was Friday the 13th. And, uh, just... So spooky. Uh, if you're superstitious, I'm sure, you know, you were kind of maneuvering that day a little, little bits, uh, on the touchy side.

If you're Taylor Swift, you were just, you know, loving that day. Not only with a re release of an album, but just, you know, number 13's her thing. You're like, stop talking about Taylor Swift, Marissa. I'm trying to watch football and she's just all over the place now. Um, you know, I get it. I'm sorry. Um, you know, but I, I do hope that you're enjoying yourself.

the fall swing of things, the weather has changed, and, uh, you know, we're getting closer to Halloween and all the things. You start to hear a lot of amazing voiceover artists, when you think of the horror genre, and, you know, some of these characters that we love in these movies. But one thing that I have been watching, uh, and, and catching up on, and here's, here's what I want you to do for me, all right?

If there is an amazing voice actor that you feel like everybody needs to hear. Then I I want to know what that is to you. Okay, info at voice coaches calm info at voice coaches calm if there is something that you've heard that you feel like anybody that's in this business needs to listen to this and And try to grow to these standards then I mean I would absolutely love because I'm over here googling like great voiceovers to listen to like what are they and I can't even explain how difficult it is to try to find just a compilation of things, um, you know, for somebody to go ahead as maybe a newbie or even somebody that is, you know, sort of seasoned in this industry to go ahead and just take a listen to and, and have some things to, you know, keep fresh in their brain for as they're performing.

I've been over here just trying to catch up on some of the shows that I've missed out on, uh, that have been released over the course of the last, I don't know, six months. six, eight months or so just because life is busy. I mean, I've been very open and honest about all the changes that I've had since the beginning of the year from going from full time coach to part time coach because of all the side work and, you know, that building, but then kind of crumbling, but then also building back up.

And, you know, it's been a roller coaster ride. So trying to, you know, uh, maneuver life and, and all those things that can be a little challenging at times for sure. So. I hopped on Netflix and I was like, you know what, I just want to go ahead and, and catch up on that TV show, You, which came back, uh, came out back in, I don't know, I was living in Boston.

I remember initially it was on the Lifetime Network and then it got canceled and Netflix picked it up and that's where everybody fell in love with it. And, you know, here we are, we've got this lovable kind of serial killer somehow and Joe Goldberg. And, you know, the craziest part about this show. That, when you're watching it, you almost don't realize.

But, like, I don't know, is it 80 percent or more of this show is simply... voiceover. Like, it's, it's basically Joe's inner monologue that we're hearing most of the time. So one of the coolest things to go back and watch is the show and how it's filmed without the voiceover. Because this just proves how amazing, uh, Penn Badgley is as an actor.

Uh, because He, a lot of what he does on screen is just him kind of reacting to things. So it's a lot of facial expressions. It's a lot of his body movements. Um, you know, just eye movements. It's just like his all in purpose kind of like, uh, personal space awareness, if you will. And then Then the magic happens.

The magic of the voiceover that pulls it all together. And I was really taking note of this in this last season because I think that's where it was very eye opening for me that there's so much happening in this show always, but you're having Joe in the scene react to the other character that's in the scene, but then also having the voice inner monologue reaction, then reacting almost to that with himself out loud in the scene.

It's just, it's so much to juggle. So, you know, I was over here like, wow, like just kind of mind blown, you know, because it's just showing how versatile he really, really is, uh, you know, in, in the, the just world of acting community. And I know some people would probably want to write him off because when he started, it was like his big, job that he first got that a lot of people know him from was actually Gossip Girl.

Uh, so, you know, that's a teen drama and, uh, you know, nobody's taken seriously in that kind of case, but, you know, that show did produce, like, Blake Lively and a couple others as well. Um, I was just trying to Google too, like, has he done any other kind of just voice work? And really hard to find that too. I was on IMDB, usually you see credits and it's like voice next to it and there really wasn't much, but his first credit was voice work, apparently in the video games Mario Golf 64 and Mario Tennis 64, which is back in 99 and 2000.

Um, so, you know, it turns out, no wonder. You know, he, he feels very comfortable in the voiceover world. That was where he got his start, even if it was something potentially rather small in those video games. You know, it's definitely come back around in such a big way now here in 2023, all this time later, that it's having such a, an impact, um, because it is what makes this show.

So to me, something as somebody in this industry that I think is super important for anybody to watch, even if it's not exactly your cup, your cup of tea when it comes to shows. Cause I mean, it's kind of like drama soap esque, but it's following Joe, who I mean, seems like a nice enough guy, but in reality, has, you know, killer tendencies.

So he's kind of like a lovable serial killer, for whatever reason. Um, but, you know, it's just, his work in that show is just something else. And, you know, I had a student recently too, and I was like, you need to go watch this, because... He sounded like him. And I was like, you sound like somebody. Wait, who is it?

It's Penn Badgley. It's it's Joe. It's you. Uh, Hello you. Um, but yeah, and like it was just it's kind of funny when when things connect like that But um, I want to know what is A voiceover project that you've heard that just stands out and you feel like it's one of those that everybody needs to take a listen to [email protected].

And so I would love to hear your two thoughts on, or 2 cents on that. Two thoughts. But we'll get into another episode of Voice Coaches Radio next week, and I hope that you have a fantastic weekend. Stay safe everybody.

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This week on Voice Coaches Radio, Marissa wants to know the voice over project you feel like everyone in this business needs to hear. Mainly because, she’s been catching up on a Netflix show called, “YOU,” which relies heavily on voice over to tell its story. It’s incredibly well done and when you realize how voice over heavy it actually is, you begin to see the true talent involved.