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Welcome to a brand new episode of Voice Coaches Radio. Hoping this is finding you well as we are getting into September. What's funny. I've, uh, I've seen people like on social media and stuff complaining like it's been so hot, but it's September like summer needs to stop and pumpkin spice and blah, blah, blah.

I just want to point out that it is still summer technically until September 23rd. After then, if it's still ridiculous and you want to complain, go for it. Uh, but, but I'm going to be honest. I want to hold on to this, this warm weather, these dog days of summer while they're, they're here and while they last.

Cause, uh, you know, it gets pretty cold here in upstate New York. I feel like it's been kind of like colder than usual in the last, you know, 10 years or so. Like we get more cold temperatures rather than snow. And I think, you know, that's the thing, right? You see like these movies back in the day and it's like, you know, big, big piles of snow and snow days.

And I remember being a kid and like making, you know, the like snow forts and stuff, which now that I look at that, incredibly dangerous, right? Like that could have collapsed on me at any point. Uh, but parents were just different in the nineties. Um, that being said. We don't really get a lot of that. When we do get that, we're like thrown for a loop.

Um, you know, I just don't, I don't like any of it. So why do I live here? That's always a good question. Um, so, you know, good questions that are always thrown my way. I've noticed, you know, we get a lot of people that want to do video games, right? Like do character voices or do animation. And there's a lot more that goes in, into all that then.

Then you would probably think, uh, you know, like whenever, you know, I'm prepping somebody for, for demo day as a newbie, I always like to say, it's like, you wanna, you wanna feel weird in what you're doing. You, you know, you wanna feel like, oh man, I think I'm like going way too far. I'm gonna be like wildly judged here.

Like that. That's the the feeling that I want going on in your, in your head and in your belly and in your soul. Uh, because. I'm gonna be honest, the, the big chance there is that you're not even where we want you just yet. You know, because there's so much that needs to go into the creation of these characters.

Like, so much more than anybody can really wrap their head around, I think, at first. And, um, I mean, even for myself, like, I, I'm just animated in general. So, like, you know, that definitely helps if I want to try to bring something to life, for sure. But I'm not gonna. character actor by any means, uh, you know, it's not something that has been heavy on my resume or heavy on my plate even.

And maybe it's just, you know, I haven't done that investigation. Could I do it? I think so. Yeah. I mean, I played around with it a little bit in a couple of the audio books that I did, but not like, not like drastically changing my voice, like is probably going to be necessary for a giant chunk of, you know, the characters that you're going to potentially play if that's the avenue that you want to venture down.

Something I always recommend is looking for the behind the scenes of, of different, uh, you know, different, Movies and, and shows and, and video gaming and, and any of that, just so you can see how the studio looks, you know, how, how the situation unfolds, you know, how that person is in life versus how they are once they know that, you know, the, the button has been pressed and they are being recorded and those lines are, you know, now Pivotal in how they're delivering them, uh, you know, so like those things are so very important and, you know, any, it can feel like wasting time, uh, you know, to some people, but how often do you find yourself on tiktok just scrolling through?

I mean, this is a great little rabbit hole to dive into because it can really expand your mind on what is the most important. Part and an aspect of doing video games or again character work or animation You know, I I just happened to come across the other day Just doing a little little searchy search on it on the Google machine But you know in Illinois, they have a a game con that is gonna be happening Did I see the date on that?

When is that? One moment, please as I go ahead and completely ruin this podcast. Uh, this actually, this one is past already, but the, I wish I could see the one that was actually coming up because there's a voice actor who is going to be at it. Did I keep it pulled up on my phone? I think I did. Yeah. All right.

I found it. I found it. Here we go. Um, so it's actually, It's the Rock River Valley Video Game Convention and it's happening October 14th. Now what's really cool about something like this is you've got the Duke Nukem voice actor to be there to like Go ahead and speak to go ahead and, you know, uh, meet people and, you know, that's what it can be really, really fun as a voice actor or somebody potentially wanting to venture into that, that realm of the world.

Um, you know, events like this happen all the time in, in cities all over the place. So it's worthy of doing that kind of research and seeing what's coming up. I know, like, hey, I mean, you might have to spend 30 bucks to get in. You might have to spend another 30 bucks to go ahead and watch whoever speak.

or whatever the case, but you know, look at it as you are kind of, uh, investing in your own future. Uh, you know what I mean? It's, it's, it's an educating moment, um, to, to be able to witness these kind of discussions and events. Uh, but there's. There's stuff like that all the time, uh, whether it is, you know, voice acting conventions or it is something like this where it is a, uh, like an actual video game convention.

Um, there's different like pop culture sort of festivals and stuff. So I really, like, if anything, I would challenge you to, if this is the kind of work that you want to do, start paying attention. That much more because it's one thing to say you want to do something. It's another to Understand and wrap your head around what the correct ways of doing that actually are, you know Because it's just it's such a different beast when it that

So, I mean, that is just a little, little something to throw out at you. Just because, you know, I saw something like this popping up, and I'm like, you know what, that's a really cool event. And I don't, I mean, I know that these happen all the time, but like, I guess I even wasn't paying attention enough to know, like, oh, look.

That voice actor's there. Oh, look, you know, that actor who has also been in this, this, and this is at that pop culture fest. And they, you know, they are meeting and hanging out with people and they are speaking and you know, you get to go ahead and ask them questions. And maybe there is something about the industry that.

You want to know directly from somebody that's not just, you know, on the smaller scale of things, but on the bigger scale of things, like what, what did they do? What is the process they have in getting themselves in the right mindset for stuff like that? So, you know, just go ahead, because again, do a little investigation in wherever you might be, because these things are happening all over the place and can be really, really helpful.

Um, you know, we've talked about doing, you know, video games and, and character work before. So just as a, another reminder too, don't be scared to, to be weird. Uh, don't be scared to, uh, you know, Step outside the comfort zone and and allow yourself to be ridiculous in front of others You know in that recording session like environment you know the the best thing I can always tell anybody is like you are there and they are not judging you harshly.

They're, they're always going to be judging you in the way of like, hey, how can we take what they've given us and make it better? You know, what could I do to tell them to make that stand out that much more and bring that character to life? So they're helping you and you just get to be silly along the way.

It's actually... You know, when you think about it, this is why people love this industry so much, because uh, what other job can you go ahead and be ridiculous at, and they're like, cool, we're gonna pay you this. Uh, you know, we're actually gonna pay you, you know, and we're, we're not gonna go to HR. Uh, but, alright, another episode of Voice Coaches Radio is gonna be coming your way very soon.

soon. In fact, Hey, next week. How's that sound? All right. If you got anything you want us to discuss info at voice coaches. com, send that email in and we'll get to more of your questions and more fun next week, right here with voice coaches radio. Stay safe. Everybody.

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This week on Voice Coaches Radio, Marissa chats a bit about conventions and listening in on what voice actors have had to say about their sector of the industry. How could this help you?