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Voice Coaches Radio #599 – Fun (Exclamation Point)

Voice Coaches Radio, everything voiceover. Oh, where is the summer gone? It's like officially ending right now. I mean, happy, happy Labor Day. Welcome to a brand new episode of Voice Coaches Radio. I'm Marissa, clearly sad that my favorite season is. Starting to really just wind right on down. Uh, I, uh, I just like having weird tan lines and I like being able to sit out in the sun.

And I, I, I like, you know, the fact that, uh, the big thing that we did at the house this year is we, we grabbed a, uh, one of those big inflatable pools that's more adult size than for children. And. Threw that in the driveway, mainly because the hose could only reach for so far, uh, filled that up and called it our driveway jacuzzi.

Um, you know, that, that's a fun little place to sit and, um, you know, sip a cocktail on a, on a, any day, honestly. Uh, but, uh, I hope that you're enjoying yourself. Maybe there's some, you know, end of summer plans happening this weekend on a long weekend and, uh, yeah, embrace it while it's here. All right. Uh, I, There's, there's something when, when I'm talking to students, talking to anybody in general that, that asks about voiceover and, and all the work that I've done myself, you know, they're, they're like, you know, uh, do you like it?

And I, I'm just kind of like puzzled by that question a lot, you know, because, um, duh, yeah, um, you know, it, I guess, here's the thing, there's a lot of people that they, they have a career, they have a job, and they don't like it, and I get that, but that's why a lot of people then during the pandemic were like realizing, whoa, reality check here, like, I spend every single day at This place, and I'm here more than I am almost anywhere, and I hate it, like, what am I doing?

Like, I gotta do something I love. So, you know, you start exploring what those things could be, and that brought a lot of people to, to this industry. And for me, it's like, I always had that kind of idea in mind. Like, I wanna do something that brings me joy, and that I'm passionate about. And that, I don't know, it can bring joy to somebody else.

You know, that was always... in the back of my mind. Uh, so, you know, I ventured, you know, initially, it was, it was radio and, and that, you know, just kind of opened up this door for a whole lot of other things. And fun. is the key word. You know, nobody gets into an industry like this to not have fun because I'll be honest, you know, in a lot of ways, the way that voiceover appears for, for so many, it's like, Hey, it can be whatever you want it to be, right?

It could be supplemental. So it's like, you get to kind of do things based around your schedule and you get a little extra income and you have fun while you're doing it. And yeah, maybe you're a full time voiceover, you know, human and you're, you know, doing the same things. You're, you get the flexibility and whatever, but.

You know, as an example, like, I, I mean, there are so many times where I've been working in radio where that was my full time gig and that overtook my world and there were plenty of days that I worked 15, 20 hour days, very minimal breaks. I will admit, in some cases, I was able to drink on the job and that makes things a little easier because it's concerts and whatever and you're, like, there having fun with listeners and that sounds like, well, that doesn't sound like work, Marissa, if it's a show that you don't want to be at and you're, Gosh darn tired, um, you know, it's like, it is work at the end of the day.

And some of those things, those extra things, I wasn't getting any extra income for. It was just a lot, a lot of work, uh, at the end of the day. Now, of course, I love what I do. So it's like, that didn't always feel like work. Certain moments did. Not all of it, though. It's fun, you know? At the end of the day, it's like, it's a fun job.

Unless you're working for the wrong people, then, eh, that's different, but You know, nobody gets into this business to not have fun. Actors don't go and, you know, be away from their families for six months at a time on location and work in grueling hours and horrible conditions because they hate it. I mean, they're doing it because they love...

The job. They love bringing a character to life. They love being a part of whatever the project is, you know, because they're passionate for the producer or they're passionate for the script or whatever. You know what I mean? So it's like we're all in this for that, that kind of purpose. So the fun is the most important thing, however.

Oh my goodness, how often do we have the tendency of getting in our own heads, our own ways, being our own harshest critic, overthinking every single little tiny thing, and frustrating the hell out of ourselves. I mean, it happens all the time, and I see it daily. In class. In demos. And I feel bad. I do. Uh, you know, because I get it, like at first, this feels foreign.

This feels like you are learning a new language. You know, but in reality, it's like, all through the classes that we coach, you know, it's like we're pointing out Things that we do naturally in conversation, you know, but it's like we don't even pay attention to these in life We're doing them subconsciously We've been communicating for far too long that we don't pay attention to what we're doing We're paying attention to what we're saying so when I start pointing out these things and then having you follow direction and it's like putting little arrows above this you're like Ah, my head's spinning And you know, I get that I get it but deep breath.

Let it out. Exhale. You know, it's like it like Understand that you can definitely be what causes this to feel like hell on earth, if you want it to be. You know, that's the case for anything. You know, so, what I really want anybody to just remind themselves is, is this. Like, if you find yourself getting frustrated, hey, put it down, walk away.

Clear your mind. Come back to it later, you know, don't, don't wait too long, but come back to it later and get yourself clear minds, you know, going in and, and just remind yourself, deep breath, have fun, because We are, you know, gonna, gonna have those moments of overthinking. It's just inevitable. We're humans.

We are gonna have those moments of feeling like, Man, I could have done better. And you know what? Maybe you could have. Just not yet. You know, the skill's not there yet to make it better. That was your best. You know, so you don't want to be too hard on yourself. Um, sometimes we, we, we go ahead, we do something, we think it's awful, and then we listen back, and we're like, Huh.

Would you look at that? That wasn't that bad, actually. That was a lot better than I thought it was going to be. Uh, you know, we, we have this skewed way of being so hard on ourselves that it can take away from what could be, like, the best career option in your entire life. So don't do that for yourself and don't let yourself be too intimidated either.

I mean, you know, it's like if you're putting the work in and you're growing and you're growing, don't tell yourself that you can't do something. Don't, don't do that. You know, that is another thing that we have a, a big, um, problem with, you know, is that we downplay ourselves so much. It's like, I'm too new.

I can't do that. Why not? Like, try it. Like, what's the worst that could happen? Is that you audition for something and you get a no? You're gonna audition for something that you are completely suited for and still probably get a no. It just happens. Um, so, just, just do yourself a solid. Take each step forward.

Don't be so hard on yourself. Fun is the key word. You know, the biggest thing that I notice, the biggest moment of change in a demo, and anybody that's had me for a demo knows I do this, and they're gonna be like, oh, she did that to me and it worked. Uh, but, you know, we get through a few takes, and I'm just over here like, you know what?

Here's what I'm gonna tell you. We technically have what we need. The basics sound great, but this is what I want you to do. Take it one more time for me. All right. And I want you to give more than you think you need to. Give me a bigger smile. You know what, like, you know, have the right person in mind.

Everything that you just did, kick it up a notch for me. And you know what? Just let yourself let loose. Have the most fun with it possible, and know that if it sucks, I am going to throw away that take. They're like, okay, and I kind of chuckle and then go into it, and can I tell you, 99 percent of the time it sounds so much better than anything else they delivered, and that ends up being the take we keep.

It's because they relaxed a little bit. They let themselves enjoy the process. They didn't overthink it. The thinking's still there. It's always there. But they didn't overthink that, and next thing you know, their gut was guiding them and It's such a good way. And it's just, you know, beautiful things happen when we stop putting so much weight on ourselves and just let the fun be there.

So just remind yourself of that, all right? When you're practicing, you get frustrated, stop that. That's silly. Uh, this is a fun business to be in and that's exactly what it should be. Another brand new episode of Voice Coaches Radio is going to be coming your way. So, hey, get ready next week as we dive on into September and, um, I'm going to start complaining soon about how cold I am.

So I, I will apologize in advance. If you've got any topics you want discussed, info at voicecoaches. com and we'll get at you again next week. Be safe, everybody.

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This week on Voice Coaches Radio, Marissa talks about one of the biggest hurdles you need to jump as you’re starting in the business (or any industry, really) and how to get to what it’s all about: FUN!