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Voice Coaches Radio #590 – Lets Talk Social Media

 Voice coaches, radio, everything voiceover, another brand new episode of voice coaches, radio is upon us. How are you doing? How are you feeling? We're almost to July. I can't even believe it. The summer is in full swing officially now. And, uh, it's just, it's all about just. uh, enjoying the summertime. I hope that you are.

I hope that you're taking some time off and you're able to kind of kick back, relax, and get some weird tan lines, you know? Be weird. Uh, go for it. Uh, I'm definitely doing that. I just had a big birthday celebration. I turned the big 4 0, and I hate saying it, uh, because I've noticed more More whites are popping up on the left side of my head, which honestly really funny that that's the creative side of your brain.

Uh, that's where all of the white hairs tend to pop up, but they're white. Like they're, they're bright white and like stiff coming out. I'm like, man, at some point I'm going to have to wear a wig and this is my mom's fault. Cause I get this from her, so I don't even know how you color that. I don't think any color stays to that kind of a pigment, but I mean, Hey, time will tell, right?

I'm not. Gonna color it for a while until I absolutely have to. Uh, you know, in the meantime, I pluck that sucker when I find it. And I know you're not supposed to, but I just, I can't help it. Uh, I can't help it. I see it, and I can't not see it. It's bright, it's shiny, it glistens in the sunlight. I'm just done.

Uh, but I hope that you're, uh, having a great, uh, Friday if you're listening to this on the drop day and, uh, getting into the weekend. Today happens to be social media day. Social media can be a big detriment to a lot of people's mental health, and I know that. I am very aware of it, that is why I am not on Twitter anymore.

Uh, I have a Twitter account, it like, lives there, and I think I've got more followers now than I did before, which is stupid, because like, I don't even post anything, but you know, whatever, it's to each their own. Uh, but, Social media, when it comes to being a voiceover artist and actor and just in this industry in general is so incredibly important because I will tell you right now, I've said this before, like if I didn't have social media during the last couple of years of this pandemic, I don't know that the people that I've Networked with and built relationships with would have known what the heck I had going on.

The fact that I have a home studio. The fact that I am ready and willing and able to have great quality content getting wherever it needs to at any point. You know, it's like been a life saving, a career saving situation to have the social media accounts that I do. And to stay active. You know, so how can it help you?

If you don't have social media right now, and you're getting in this business, it's like, I mean, so much of this work can be done remotely these days, like, how do you plan on making it happen? And, and, and, you know, when you're using certain hashtags, hashtags, I mean, at first, when they first popped up, I'm like, these are stupid.

I don't need a hashtag. And now I'm like, oh my God, give me as many as I can. Uh, you know, you start posting different things that you're doing, and if you're using the right hashtags, you just never know what hashtags to use. Somebody is following, you know, on, on sites like Instagram, people legit, they follow different topics and, and voiceover might be one of them.

You know what I mean? And it's like, all of a sudden they see your video, they come across, you're like, Whoa, this person's super talented. I have this project coming up. I think they're going to fit perfectly. Boom. New connection. They slip into your DMS. All of a sudden it's like you got a new one popping up in your request folder.

You're like, who's this? Uh, who's slipping into these DMs? Are they gonna get nasty or are they gonna get me work? Uh, you know? And, uh, and yeah, that's how a new relationship can be born. So, I've had people ask me, like, Is it something I should be doing? I'm not on anything. And I, that's always mind blowing to me.

But, you know, you got some older generations as they're coming through our program and thinking about retirement and supplemental income. It's like, yeah. Dude, get on it. Like, even if it's something like LinkedIn, LinkedIn is just a giant resume. Uh, it's my least favorite form of social media, but it's there and it can be very helpful if you utilize that in a, in a good way.

Because, I mean, there's always people searching for voiceover actors and artists and, and, you know, those who are in the radio industry or doing commercial work or, or whatever, because, you know, it's like, I've said it like a million times. It's a big industry, but a small community at the same time, you know, there's a lot of work that's out there that is going around, but, you know, you know, people live.

Kind of gotten the same pool of people for the longest form of time and they're trying to now branch out of you know Maybe their community and finding somebody new and you don't have to be in that city, you know It's like that is the beauty of the technology that we have today So utilizing social media to its greatest is so very important I mean I do it all the time whether you've got a website, you know websites are great You know because you can direct people there and it's It's where everything can kind of live social media, you get to post things directly to it.

You know, you've got, for me, it's like I, I use Facebook, like people will try to add me. I'm like my quote unquote personal Facebook and I'm like, cool. Um, but just so you know, I barely use this. This is really just to hold my network of people. So it's like everybody that I've worked with at some point or like have some sort of, you know, business like connection with, along with, you know, family and friends.

Uh, you know, because I try to keep everybody in that inner circle of mine so they know what I've got going on. They can see what I've got going on. Oh, look at that. She added, you know, this radio station, or she just did this piece of work and, you know, oh, maybe I can utilize her too. You know, Again, like, when we were in the heart of this pandemic, that's what I utilized the most.

It's like, I was hopping on Facebook Live and filling people in on, you know, here's what's going on. Oh, you want to have some fun and do some trivia? Like, let's, let's do it. Like, you know, keeping active and, and, you know, relevant. And every time I was doing any kind of project, it's like, hey, got a home studio.

Don't know if you realize that. Oh, look, I just, you know, added this radio station and I'm doing this one too and this one and this one. And, you know, and. When people were seeing it, they might not have been commenting, but it's crossing somebody's path, they're keeping me in mind. Oh, all of a sudden, there's an opportunity.

Hey, you know what? I'm gonna go reach out to Marissa, because I know that she's got a home studio, and she's been doing this, and seems like everything's going great, maybe she can do this for me too. Oh yeah, sure, I can do that. Like, what's your budget? You know, and we'll go ahead, we'll work the numbers, and boom.

Next thing you know, work in my pocket. You know, or back pocket, or however you want to word that. So, Social media is so good as you are doing work, as you are doing auditions, as you are in the studio and loving the jobs that you're doing or the auditions that you're doing, post about it, talk about it, use your money maker to actually make you money and build a new community in your network, um, you know, use social media to its fullest, uh, I would say, you know, Checking out different hashtags so you can see what other people in, in the voiceover community, how they are presenting themselves so you can do something similar, you know, it's, it's kind of like when you were first starting and you were trying to mimic other people you were hearing, you know, it's like mimic what somebody is doing successfully on social media and then start to make it your own, uh, you know, because you can definitely utilize it and allow yourself to skyrocket and soar if, yeah.

If you do it right, so happy social media day, get on it as, as, uh, bad for our mental health as it can be at some times. It can also be really great for your voiceover career. We're going to have a brand new topic jumping on for the voice coaches podcast coming up next week. If you got something that you want us to discuss info at voice coaches.

com and stay safe, everybody. Enjoy your weekend. Visit voice coaches. com for more voiceover news and information.

This week on Voice Coaches Radio, Marissa realized it’s Social Media Day. People ask about social media all the time and its importance in the industry, so lets chat about it!