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Voice Coaches Radio #587 – Updates from Past Guests!

Voice coaches, radio, everything voiceover. Welcome to a brand new episode of voice coaches radio. My name is Marissa as always here to discuss all the randomness that is within the voiceover industry and everything in between your questions, your comments are always welcome at info at voice coaches.

com. Uh, and today we're testing. The soundproof quality of my studio because I know I can hear the powerful industrial lawnmower for the crew that they have hired next door. Can you though? That's, that's the question. How great is this microphone at like holding just me in my voice? We're about to find out.

But that being said, you know, over the last five, six months or so, we've talked here on the pod to quite a few different students who were just kind of coming out of the program or kind of navigating the voiceover world. And, uh, you know, it's, it's always good to kind of catch up, you know, and, and see what they've been up to and how things have been progressing.

And um, you know, in fact, one of them has actually sent me her own audio update. So we'll, we'll get to that one in a moment, but we'll, let's just start. With Kate Eppin, who is going by Kate Quinn here in the voiceover world. You know, when we left her back in the middle of May. She was about to start a brand new, like, we'll say quote unquote normal job.

Um, she was heading into the medical field, which was very much different than what she had been accustomed to, but she was excited for that opportunity as she was also about to begin to navigate the voiceover world as well. And she gave me the update. She says, Just found out I'm going to be doing a ton of medical voiceover work for our e learning curriculum at this new gig.

So, I mean, I haven't, I don't know exactly what she is. Done for them so far, um, and I don't know if she's getting paid for it, you know, extra, but she is super excited for the built in resume booster, is what she, how she put it. So, uh, big congratulations to her, because like, listen, I am not somebody that I believe I should voice anything medical.

I'm not gonna be able to say those big words and have all that terminology down. However, You know, if she's navigating this world, she's gonna be surrounded by it and getting better and better at it every single day with all that, uh, terminology. So, more power to her. So, congratulations to her. And, uh, keep us updated, Kay, because I want to know more as it comes in.

We chatted with Mackenzie back in February, around Valentine's Day. And she's actually sent in a little audio update for herself. So, let's take a listen to what she's got going on. Hi, you guys. Mackenzie Hahn here. goodness has so much happened since I last spoke with Marissa in February. I've been in Nashville, Tennessee for seven months now, and so much has happened.

Not only am I pursuing full time voiceover acting, I'm also a senior booking agent for touring musicians with the Fireside Agency, and I'm working with event companies called Future Boy Creative and Rocket Experiences, where I get to host and emcee events. and trivia nights and scavenger hunts and the like so I'm a busy busy gal.

I'm expecting for what's to come. There's so many irons in the fire yet and I'm exactly where I should be. I think you could tell just from the way she sounds in that audio. Mackenzie is very excited for what's to come. So we're excited for your girl. Keep us updated. Um, you know, Anisha, we talked with her back in, I believe it was the beginning of the year in January and she is somebody who She's in a big city, too.

I think she was based out of Chicago. And I didn't get to talk to her. She didn't actually reply back yet to my email that I sent her. But from what I've heard through the grapevine is that she was in talks with doing something with Disney. And that our guys here at Voice Coaches were trying to help get that situated and, you know, get her connected to somebody that could potentially be an agent for her as well, which, you know, we've talked about this, you don't really need an agent until you get to some major marketing big time stuff and that, I mean, Disney.

There's really nothing bigger than Disney, you know what I mean? So, uh, big congratulations to her saying that's true, which, as far as I know, that is the real deal. So, fingers continue to be crossed for her. And then one final check in was with Claudine Walk, who we spoke with right at the end of 2022. You know, she had just finished up with everything and, uh, was getting ready to start to put the pieces to, you know, to the puzzle together as we got into.

the brand new year. And while she says, I'm sad to say that I don't have much to report on in the voice actor front, she does have a book that is going to be released in September. And she goes, she's knee deep in the pre publication publicity right now. So once the book is published, she is going to be focusing on more of voice acting gigs, but she is doing the voice For the audio book for this book, so, uh, you can be on the lookout.

It is called Get Your Book Seen and Sold, The Essential Book Marketing and Publishing Guide. And it is going to be out September 15th. So we have brand new episodes of Voice Coaches Radio coming at you starting again next Friday. So be on the lookout. And if you've got anything you want us to discuss, info at voicecoaches.

com. Stay safe, everybody. Visit voicecoaches. com for more voiceover news and information.

This week on Voice Coaches Radio, Marissa is catching up with some former students and guests on what’s happened since they were on VC Radio!