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Voice Coaches Radio #583 – Eppen Is Full of Energy!

Voice coaches, radio, everything voiceover, welcome to a brand new episode of voice coaches radio. My name is Marissa. I do nonsense every single week with you. And, uh, thank you very much for joining us. And I say us because it's not just me today. Every once in a while, we get a guest that pops in, whether it's somebody that is, uh, you know, voice coaches employee and talking about what they do and, and, and whether it's, you know, for the company or in, you know, life or.

a former student, which I do have a former student on with me right now. Kate, how do I pronounce your last name? Because I have said this before, I am horrible at pronunciation. No worries. Eppin. Eppin. That's what I was gonna say, but you know, I don't want to sound foolish. So, um, you were, you were one of my students right from the jump, right?

Yeah. And, uh, I didn't get to have you for demo day, but you know, I, I knew from the class one, it's like some people just. Anybody can do this, right? Anybody can go ahead and develop the skill and go ahead and give a great read and sound professional and, and do all the right things. But then there are some people that are just kind of built different and, uh, have this like energy about them and this glow about them, and that's, that's you, I, I mean, my gosh,

Well, it's just, I mean, every once in a while, you know, it's like some pe some people will, they, they'll say this on American Idol. It's like somebody walks into the room and it's like you can just. feel the feel something like the aura or whatever they're bringing with them. You got good energy. That's just what it comes down to.

Well, thank you. That's so nice. You're very welcome. Um, you know, and I think that's what allows you to potentially do. Some work that other people can't, you know, it's kind of like when people are hearing me and and how animated I can be and you know, whatever it's like, they're like, how can I get that way?

It's like, well, I mean, it is a developed skill. Sometimes it is just who people are, but it does allow you or I to do something that is more higher energy or have a read that is more engaging just because, you know, you are having a lot of Yeah. Things that grab somebody's attention, grab somebody's ear.

Um, so I want people to know a little bit about you because I know about you, but I want people to know like a little bit about your background and what made you decide, you know, what voiceover is going to be what I tackle next. So go ahead, fill us in. So I am a former kindergarten and first grade teacher.

So I was used to bringing the energy every day with the littles. I mean, I can't even with that. I mean, oh my goodness. Oh my God. Get them away from me. I'm not a morning person, but when you have. 25 year olds walking in the room. You better believe at 7 30 AM. You're like, hello, boys and girls. How are you today?

Like you have to bring the energy and entertain. And I mean, with that and the curriculum and stuff, it's just making everything fun. And I mean, it's a performance every day. It was so fun. Loved it. Um, so I was doing that up until May of last year. Um, so I feel like I was pretty used to, you know, bringing the high energy and having that fun every day.

But I wanted to do voiceover since I was in middle school. And that was kind of a weird thing because I didn't really know what it was, but I started noticing my voice and that it was different. Um, when I was in show choir and musicals and my theater director. kept giving me speaking part solos and I was like well I want to sing and he's like but your voice your voice is just so different it's so unique and I want people to hear it and so I kept getting these narration roles and I love them and it was super fun but then after that Um, people just kept commenting, like, you have such a unique voice, like, I just wish that I could hear you on a cartoon character, just like, play your audio, like, all day.

And so, that kind of shifted my mindset into like, oh, maybe I do have something that's a little different from other people. So, when I saw the opportunity with voice coaches, I was like, well, I don't have a job right now. This is kind of a time to focus on something that I've wanted to do forever. I mean, it's been on the back burner since I was what, 12 years old.

So when I did that first session, I was like, yep, this is what I want to do. So, you know, it's crazy. Every once in a while, there's a student too, that pops up and I'm like, man, they sound like somebody sound like somebody. And, and it's, it's crazy. Cause you were talking and I just, it had, I had a light bulb moment.

I had an epiphany. Hilary Duff. Oh my gosh. And she's like one of my childhood idols. So that's the greatest thing. Lizzie McGuire. Um, you know, that is exactly what I'm hearing now. And I'm, I don't know why it didn't dawn on me before. Um, but you were just talking. I'm like, gosh, she sounds like somebody. And it's like, Oh, and you know what?

Not a bad thing. Right? No, no. So many times where I, I mean, and I've seen, you know, people get upset. You know, for different articles written like looking for, um, you know, Nick Jonas type, uh, you know what I mean? It's like, just hire Nick Jonas or just just hire whoever and it's like, okay, but maybe they can't afford them based on budget.

Maybe they want somebody that's a little less recognizable. Um, so it doesn't have. It doesn't take away from the character or whatever, you know, and there could be out there somebody going, I need somebody that sounds like Hilary Duff, but I don't want Hilary Duff. Like, hey, that's you. Um, uh, perfect. So, so you have this background in some acting and stuff.

Did you do any acting outside of middle school? Like outside of that time frame? Yeah, so I was actually signed on with an agency for a little bit. I ended up not getting any acting gigs. I got modeling gigs, which I had no interest in. Um, but I was doing auditions every Saturday for these casting directors.

Um, and so I kind of kept up with it, but didn't get to do anything with it. I've been trying to do community theater where I am now, but I'm a little nervous. It's, I'm out of practice now. So I'm like, I don't know if I can do it, but I think that experience in itself is helpful just because it's like, you know what that.

Almost cattle call like can be and you know, that's where it's like and I say this I've said this a few different times on the pot, especially recently when it kind of clicked even to myself It's like I'm realizing what throws people it's like they hear the word audition and it's like, you know you instantly almost have a stage fright if you've never done anything like this before but it's like Okay, but an interview, it's just an interview is really what confounds you.

And I think that perspective really can, can change things. Um, but I do know that it can still be like a daunting sort of task to go ahead and be in front of people or, you know, um, even, even with this kind of stuff, just auditioning, you know, in front of, uh, in a studio in front of somebody, or even just doing it yourself in your own studio.

There are times where I've gone to audition for things and I'm like, why are the words not coming out of my mouth? You know, and it's just because I know I'm getting in my own head about it. Like I'm putting too much pressure on myself and I think that's what ends up happening in a lot of cases. And probably why you're over there going, Oh, I'm out of practice.

So I know what we did in class and we had a lot of fun and you, you know, you showed a lot of promise and ability and, uh, and then you went and you had demo day. Tell me how Cause you got to hang out with producer, Dan, who is just Dan, the man. He's a lot of fun. Uh, you know, he's just a very chill laid back dude, and he loves to have fun.

And he's actually one of the guys too, that, that puts all the demos together here at voice coaches. Um, and I don't know if you knew that, but tell me about demo day. Yeah. So demo day was awesome. I did not know kind of what to expect going into it. Other than the fact that I was going to hear a lot of my own voice, but.

I walked up, it was the cutest little studio, and at first I didn't know if it was a house or not, so I was like, kind of nervous to knock on the door. All the studios are different, all the studios are, are weird. It's gonna be in like the basement of some like ratty building, or it's gonna be in somebody's house, or.

And that's what this felt like, and I was like, is this legit? But as soon as I walked in, the guy was awesome, he showed me the studio room, and I was, by myself and couldn't see him at all. And I think that actually really helped me because I was so nervous that, like, he was gonna think I should be a certain way, but when I couldn't see or hear anybody else but myself, I was just able to kind of get out of my own head, and we had so much fun.

I think we spent more time laughing than we did talking. But it was great, and I mean, it was just really cool to also have a voice in the collaboration process. Like, hey, how did this sound? What do you think? Like, what could we try different next time? And like, some takes we would get in the first first try and then some of them we did for like 10 minutes and because I just couldn't get the intonation for one word because I was totally overthinking it and then Dan and I got really analytical and then after a while we're like all right let's just step back try it fresh and then that would be the one that was perfect.

Yeah. That, you know, I will tell you right now, I, it's like we get to a point sometimes, and my favorite trick to do, and there's probably former students that have had me in a demo session that are well aware, that are listening, that are going to be like, Oh, I know what she's about to say. We get to a point, it's like two, three, four takes in.

All right, cool. I mean, we're sounding great. That technically is probably all I need. However, let's just. Just for S's and giggles, um, you know, we'll go ahead, we'll do it one more time, and I want you to go ahead and give me more than you think you need to. I want a bigger smile. I want you to let yourself let loose and have fun.

Let's just see what happens. If it sucks, I'll throw it away. That is the moment where all of a sudden they're like, Oh, And they're like, well, if it's, if it's trash, then it's gone. And well, guess what? All of a sudden you relax, you know, you get out of your own head, out of your own way. And nine times out of 10, that's the take that we end up keeping.

When the pressure's off and you're just having fun. Yeah. It's just, you go from, okay, well, that's great too. Holy crap. That's exactly what we needed, you know? It is. It's getting out of your own head and getting out of your own way. It is very easy to overthink everything that you do, no matter what industry it is.

Uh, but when it comes to a performance art like this, it makes the world of difference. Um, so I'm glad that you were even seeing that already. Uh, so got the demo, I've heard it and I was like, look at her. I, I, because it's like, yeah, you have that unique sound and tone to your voice where You can easily do, you know, an ad for a kid, um, you know, something kind of tween ish related, um, because again, it goes back to, like I was saying, sounds like Hilary Duff, um, because even though she's like almost 40 now or whatever, it's like she still sounds like that, um, you know, and But you also have the ability to, you know, do things that are for your own age.

Um, you know, and I think that's what's beautiful about it. You know, you had that, that nice differentiation when we were picking out pieces in that last class together. It's like, yeah, we've got the kids piece, but we've got the new mom piece and the piece about vodka. And, you know, so it's like, you get to showcase this, this nice, um, This, this nice, just like, plate of here's what I can do.

So, what can you do and what's next? Tell me. What's, what's your plan? Cause I know like, you're about to start a brand new full time job. I am. Which, congratulations. Is that another teaching job? No, I am going to be a cardiac technician trainer for a medical device company. I mean, jeez, where did that come from?

Uh, I mean, I thought it would be a cool way to transfer, like, teaching skills into a more corporate setting, and I saw this opportunity, and it was a great fit, and the team is awesome, but I am definitely going to be an energetic presence on the team. I guess so, yeah. And, uh, And I guess you're also going to be able to say a lot of medical terms now, which also helps for voiceover.

Oh, yeah. No, I am very excited about that. Oh my god, that's funny. Um, well, congratulations on that. So, like, then tell me, um, what, you're going to obviously be busy with that, but tell me what your next steps and what your plans are and, and like, what do you want, um, out of voiceover? What do you, what's next?

Yeah, so honestly, the coolest thing about working with you is that I always thought that like, yeah, I have this great energy for kids and that's just going to be it, but you helped me see that I do have a range and I can do more than that, and so I obviously want to focus on kids because that's kind of my passion, but also expand more into, I don't know, some of the character stuff, some of the more thoughtful stuff, but if we're talking like dream situation, it would be voicing a character on a kid's show.

Yeah. I mean, that's just like, I would love to be the next Ms. Frizzle. I dream about it. I was Ms. Frizzle like two years for Halloween. My kids called me Ms. Frizzle sometimes. Like that is just the goal because I love the energy. It's so fun. And I mean, that's always come easy to me during the pandemic. I had a read aloud channel.

For my kids, just on YouTube for fun. And I even love doing that. Um, but yeah, it's definitely something I'm still going to do like at nights on weekends. Like I'm not, I'm not giving this up for anything now that I'm in it. I'm not giving it up. So yeah, I mean, you know, anytime that we can be of help, obviously you've got voice coaches in your back pocket since you've gone through the program.

It's like emails and phone calls. They're always possible. And, uh, you can slip into DMs. So I know you've done that. Hey, I don't know what I'm doing. Um, but, um, So for you, I mean, obviously big goal is kids show as you're starting this new job. What do you think like your first little steps are going to be to take here?

I really just want to get experience. And so I was looking at some local stuff, just regional stuff, trying to find something, anything just to have something under my belt because I don't want to walk into an audition for my dream job, having that be my first one. Like I'm not shooting for the stars right out the gate.

I want to have studio experience, feel comfortable, kind of know what I bring to that. Like as of right now, I know that I have high energy. I'm punctual and professional, but aside from that, I'm like, okay, like what else can I bring? What can I do? Um, so yeah, just kind of getting that experience wherever I can doing what I can.

All right, well, get to researching, um, get to auditioning, and yeah, I'm excited to see what's to come. Um, you know, watch, watch your first thing be like some ridiculous medical piece with all the big words. I'm gonna, I'm gonna LOL like crazy. Oh, you and me both. You and me both. All right, Kate, well, um, go ahead and throw your website out there, because I know you got one of those with your package, so I want people to be able to find you and hear what you brought to the table.

Yeah, so I am Kate Quinn, Q U I N N dot I can voice dot com. All right. Very good. Um, so, well, thank you for joining the pod for a few minutes and, uh, I look forward to seeing what, what's going to be next for you. And of course, we'll have a brand new episode of Voice Coaches Radio coming at you next week.

Stay safe, everybody.

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This week on Voice Coaches Radio, Marissa sits down with former VC student, Kate Eppen (Quinn) to chat about her adventure into voice over and what brought her here.