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Voice Coaches Radio #576 – Lets Talk Spicy…

Voice Coaches Radio. Everything voiceover. This is a brand new episode of Voice Coaches Radio and welcome to it. My name is Marissa. I think I talked about this a few weeks back, man. It has been a struggle bus and in my household because my cat, he's an old man. He's 14 now. And, uh, he's just been waking us up earlier and earlier every time I turn around.

It's like, it got to the point where I'm like, you know what? Maybe, just maybe, an automatic cat feeder is the way to go. Bought one, and then I couldn't figure out how to set the thing, so it didn't really work out very much. It just played my voice on it, and freaked me out one morning when I was downstairs trying to get some recording done.

I'm like, what? Why? I'm hearing voices. I'm hearing my voice, but I'm not talking. It's so weird. Um, so returned that. Got my 42 bucks back from Amazon, thankfully. Um, but it's just been earlier and earlier. The other morning, 2. 15. Yeah, 2. 15 in the morning, and then again at 6, and I'm like, bro, you cannot be this hungry.

I'm sorry. Like, that's, that can't be a thing. But then I look at myself and I do eat like every 30 minutes. So maybe it's like, you know, my mother like son, I, I don't know, but what I'm getting at is he might be for sale on Craigslist soon, so, you know, I'm not even gonna lie. Did, did I go ahead? Did I Google kitty shock collars?

I did. And apparently they're not humane, um, but whatever. Uh, put it on a dog, can't put it on a cat, I just, I just want him to stop screaming at me at two o'clock in the morning, you know? Um, but, you know, this is, this is really funny. I got this question thrown at me on Instagram, and uh, and the answer is, yeah.

Uh, there's a voice for everything, right? There's so much different content out in the voiceover world right now, and there's plenty of work to go around. I'm going to tell you right now, you are not going to want to do everything that's out there. Part of you might be like, yeah, I don't care what's put in front of me.

If it's going to pay me, I want to do it. I'm telling you right now, you might change your mind. Um, and it's really because like, I've talked about the fact that I probably should not do medical stuff. You know, they're just big words that I shouldn't be saying, or even trying to say. I should not be attempting to read anything in a different language.

Because I can barely speak English. I will freely admit it to anybody and everybody walking the planet. The other thing, and this is where that question comes in, do people really voice spicy content? Do like they voice over the more sexy stuff? Yeah, of course they do. Uh, do you know how many erotic novels are out there?

I did, like, attempt to think that I would want to audition for one one day, and then I pulled up the audition script, and I was like, hee hee hee, uh, like, I was like a 12 year old kid, and I just could not even get through the first sentence because it said like nipples or something, uh, and I'm just like, uh, so, so yeah, spicy content is out there.

You gotta like ask yourself that really, really strong question of how mature am I? Uh, it's not even that I think it's just like, will I feel comfortable doing that? It's not, it's not going to be on my resume. It's not going to be on my demo reel anytime soon. I say that. There was a point where I was like, I will never endorse laser hair removal, and then I ended up doing that.

Um, I have a feeling this is a little different. Because I did try it. It just, mmm, again, I couldn't get through that first sentence. So, I mean, you really gotta weigh the pros and cons there. How much money is it going to pay you? Will you be able to easily get through that recording session if you have to do it in front of other people?

How, how comfortable are you gonna be editing that project? Go for it. You know, if you want to go ahead and you want to try, I'm never going to tell you not to try. I'm just going to say, it might, it might be like belly, big belly laughs at some point because you might realize that inside you are also 12 years old.

Um, if you have anything that you want discussed here on the voice coaches podcast, it is so very simple to get in touch. Info at voicecoaches. com. I know this was a quicker episode this week. Um, I am planning on getting some more interviews with. I want to try to get some of our new coaching staff on with us as well so you guys can be introduced to them.

But if you've got any questions, info at voicecoaches. com. Keep making us proud out in that voiceover world and keep being safe. We'll talk to you next week.

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This week on Voice Coaches Radio, Marissa answers a really spicy question in relation to the voice over industry…