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Voice Coaches Radio #570- DC-U-Nuts!

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Welcome to a brand new episode of voice coaches, radio. My name is Marissa and I'm laughing right now at myself because. This is like the second, third, possibly the fourth time I have attempted to start this episode. And I am just fumbling my words all over the place here on a Friday. It happens, you know, it really, really does.

But hey, I'm human, and that is the best quality to have. You know, when you are a human, uh, is to have the qualities of a human. Uh, anyway, uh, you know, we've always got different things happening in the wild world of voiceover. I've got a couple new, uh, coaches here at voice coaches, you know, uh, I had talked about the fact that I had stepped back with teaching as of the beginning of this year.

Uh, it actually started really technically at the beginning of this month and life has just been crazy. Um, you know, for me, it's like I'm doing all this recording that I just. You know, something had to, you know, be pulled back a little bit and it wasn't going to be the recording because that's what the whole goal was.

Right. So just like you, it's like, I want to make sure that I'm doing everything that I have set out to do and, and, uh, goals upon goals upon goals. So always set new ones for yourself, by the way. Uh, but we do have a couple of new coaches here. So I know they're in the process of being trained and hoping that I can get them on the pod at some point.

So you can go, you guys can go ahead and be introduced officially. Uh, but that being said, there was a. There was an article that came out, there was a story that came out in the last week or so about the DCU comic series, um, and, and the casting policy that is going out for the animated part of DCU. So, I wanted to touch on that a bit, because it's James Gunn and Peter Safran, I'm probably pronouncing his wrong, his name completely wrong, and I'm, I don't care, I'm irritated by this.

Because it sounds good on paper. But it also doesn't sound good on paper, you know, because what has happened here is that they, their plan in, in theory is that they wanted it where if they're going to do a cartoon animated series about a certain DC comic character, um, If they're going to do a long form animated movie about it, like whatever, whoever is voicing that lead, they want to also physically be able to act out a live action version of it.

So what does that do? That immediately cancels out the voice actor, right? And it's making it so you're taking these amazing opportunities away from very talented individuals simply because. We're not the ones that want to be in front of the camera. And I don't know that it's rubbing me the wrong way.

And maybe I'm just taking it personally because, well, it feels, it feels like it's rather personal. It feels like a punch to the gut a bit. You know, it's like, Hey, listen, I got a face for film, but it's just not the path that I am on. And I, maybe it was the path I should have been on. I always wanted to, uh, but.

It's not the path I'm on, it's not the path that I plan on being on, and you're making it so there's like potentially a lot of different jobs that we can't do just because we don't have the muscle build to be Batman or whatever like that seems Seems a little absurd, because guess what? Not many people do.

It's a fictional character. Like, how many people have the muscles of, of any, like, Hulk? Like, let's be serious. Come on. Um, that's a Marvel character. I know. I'm getting, like, I'm now, I'm, Irritating people that are highly into the comic world. I am not just so we're clear. Uh, but that being said, you know, even these, these actors that do portray, uh, you know, the different superheroes and stuff, do you know the diet that they have to go on in the workout routine and the regime that goes into that?

It is not a healthy process. You know, they look incredibly muscular and like so in shape, but that is not an attainable lifestyle. And it's not healthy. I mean, like some of those guys, if you, if you look back and just, you know, this is totally off the path here for a moment, but like somebody like Michael Phelps, right?

Olympic athlete in that pool all the time, working out like crazy. That dude was burning so many calories that the caloric intake he had to have was, was like that of four or five grown adults, like in one day, sometimes at one meal, like. Ew, I don't, I mean, I love pancakes, but I can't imagine eating like, like, like a cartoon style, style, like size pile of pancakes.

And that's what Michael Phelps would do because he, he had to, um, you know, to keep the, the energy up and, and, you know, the calories that he was burning and needed to get them back in. But, like, that is not a healthy, attainable lifestyle. So when you take that into consideration of what James Gunn. And, and Peter Safran are trying to do here with the DCU series of potential animated live action crossover and not utilizing You know actual voice actor actors for the talent it it just it just seems.

I don't know Irresponsible in a lot of ways um and like Unrealistic you know like I don't know maybe again Maybe I'm just taking it too personally, but I just look at if they start doing this like this. What does that leave? For other potential opportunities down the line, you know, and uh, it's bad enough when you hear different stories about AI technology And you know, we've got the recent one of where you've got, um, you know, James Earl Jones retiring as Darth Vader But they're still technically using him to be Darth Vader because they have so much audio of him over the course of I don't know How many years has it been since Star Wars came out like 50?

You know, they have so much audio that they're able to make it seem like he has voiced this character without him actually doing anything at this point. Um, you know, so things like that, it's just, it kind of rubs me the wrong way because there are so many incredibly talented people like you who deserve the opportunity to shine, to stand out.

To show what you can do, what you're made of, and how hard that you've worked to develop this amazing craft. Uh, I don't want to have anybody let that not be seen. Um, you know, I think that's so important that we're all able to... Show what we can bring to the table artistically and creatively, um, and, you know, it's just like, again, this is a great theory on paper for James Gunn and Peter Safran, but not, not in life, I don't think, and again, a little bit unrealistic of expectations, I think, too.

Um, there's too many people, too, like, when you're looking at these A list actors in Hollywood. They might be able to get them for the live action. Maybe they don't also want to voice, you know, the animated series. Maybe they don't have the time to do it because they're an A list actor. Like, there's so many things that you could think of as to why this wouldn't work that I don't know why I'm the one thinking of them and not the people that are currently in Hollywood.

But maybe it's because I have more free time on my hands than they do. So they're not putting all the extra thought in there Maybe it's my ADH brain. That's like thinking of all the possibilities of what could go wrong here But it's also the the anxiousness that's inside my bones. That's like hmm, but what could happen?

What could go wrong here? Like I'm usually a pretty positive human. Like my glass is pretty much half full all the time, if not overflowing with gratitude of things. But then the other part of me is like, something could go wrong. So I'm usually figuring any of those kinds of things out. Um, so yeah, that was just one of those articles I wanted to touch on this week because we see different things like this happen all the time.

Um, but I always like to point this out as somebody from radio articles like this used to come out about. Um, Sirius XM and, and Satellite Radio and stuff when that was starting to come out and like it's the end of terrestrial radio and Guess what's still around and also, um, guess what tries to give you free subscriptions all the time to it now instead of having you pay that serious XM because it's been failing for a very long time.

But that being said, if you've got a topic you want us to discuss here on the voice coaches radio podcast info at voice coaches dot com. Um, You know, info at voice coaches. com. We can go ahead and get that email. They'll forward it my way and we'll tackle whatever kind of topics you want to discuss.

Maybe you see something in the news like this, you know, I feel like it's important to have that open discussion and Hey, how do you feel about this? Let me know. I'd love to, you know, have your two cents thrown my way. Uh, we'll have another, uh, topic that we will discuss next week, so I'll look forward to having you pop back on then, alright?

Enjoy your week, and we'll talk soon. Be safe. Visit voicecoaches. com for more voiceover news and information.

This week on Voice Coaches Radio, Marissa touches on an article that has come out in the last couple weeks regarding the DCU series and how James Gunn and Peter Safran are slighting Voice Actors in their new casting requirements.