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Voice Coaches Radio #568 – Were You Always This Way?

Voice Coaches Radio, everything voiceover. Welcome to a brand new episode of Voice Coaches Radio. My name is Marissa. We are near the end of January already, which seems crazy. And it turns out that my cat is near his end of his nine lives. It's a joke, but it's really because I mean that I'm telling you if you've got a cat in your household Then you are well aware that they are jerks.

They really are I I just I know that like he was being kind for a while where it's like he wasn't really trying to wake me up For breakfast until about 7 which you know, that's when the alarm was going off. So I was like cool That's that's primo time. Oh right there kitty cat, but then I started getting a little earlier was like 630 then I was 6 Today, 5.

05, 5. 05, I am sleepy, and I will admit I chased that cat around the house, and I'm pretty sure in that chasing, he lost at least a couple of his nine lives, so, you know, may he rest in peace at some point soon, I'm just kidding, just so we're clear, PETA, please don't come after me, I am just kidding. Uh, and coffee ain't cutting it today, but, uh, you know, it's been a very busy few weeks for me.

So, I mean, part of that is my problem, but, um, you know, I hope that you've been having a great start to your new year and maybe you're already kind of, you know, getting those goals knocked out one by one. Um, the, again, I've told you before, the best thing is to have the small goals to reach the bigger one.

And that is the best thing that you can do for yourself as you're trying to maneuver a brand new year. Um, you know, I had something pop up in class recently. And this, it made me laugh, honestly. Um, but it's really because, you know, I know how I am. I'm very animated. I'm full of personality. And it's really, it comes back to the radio background.

And, and just, uh, you know, it allows me to shine in, in some really good ways. It allows me to be very engaging in, in all those things. But I had a student say to me, Have you always been, like, this naturally animated? Like, did, did you always have this personality? And I gotta be honest, I don't really know.

Uh, because, like, I don't remember life before all of this at this point, because it's been almost 20 years. I mean, it's, this has really ruled my world, um, in, in so many ways. You know, I, I've said this probably before at some point, but, like, You know, the industry, the part that I've been in so, so much, so, radio wise, I mean, it, it really does take over your world when you are full time, and you are in the heart of it, you're living it, you, you legit are like, every single moment of every day can be something that's used on your show, if you're doing it right, you know, you want to be relatable, so.

Between the fact that anything can be show prep and the fact that there are so many different events and so many different things that you do in an 8 to 15 hour day. Uh, yes, sometimes they are that long. Uh, I know I had one station that I worked for, it was like constantly that way of 15 hour days. Um, you know, it's hard to, to know what life is outside of that because you're just constantly on.

Um, and... I, I do know this, you know, I've talked about this before as well, where it's like, very shy kid growing up, like, incredibly shy. Did everything to try to not be shy, but it's really hard not to be that way at some point in life, just because, you know, a lot of us get, we're worried about being judged and we're worried about, you know, what somebody's going to, to say or, or react to and, and those kinds of things.

And when you are living in that kind of, I guess we can call it fear. You know, it's hard to truly be yourself. So I guess, you know, what I'm getting at is, you know, when they asked, did you always have that personality? I mean, yeah, probably. Uh, I just. I don't think everybody got to see it, you know, and that's, that's the biggest thing is like, I know that for me, it was always, I wanted to do this.

I wanted to be an actor. I asked my mom at one point, like, can we get me an agent? And my mom, you know, it was like, that's ridiculous. Cause again, super shy. Um, you know, I had... said I wanted to do radio when I was 12. She laughed again, super shy, like I can't fault my mother for any of that. Um, but man, do I like to prove people wrong?

Uh, you know, so it's, did you always have this personality? I do think that I did, but it was kind of hidden, you know, and the best thing that anybody can ever do is, is think about what your goals are. And really come up with that thing of like, well, how do I make it happen? And the best thing that I can always say it is stepping outside the comfort zone.

Now, remember I said at 12 that I wanted to do radio. I probably said a little bit earlier than that, that I wanted to act. And it, it took me a good 10 years to step outside of that comfort zone. I didn't start radio until I was 2021, you know? So it's like. It really took a lot of everything in me to push myself to that spot and to start allowing people to see what, what I could provide and who I was.

I mean, a lot of it maybe was I wasn't sure who I was, uh, you know, and it's a matter of finding that out, but this personality has always been there. You know, I, I tell a story every once in a while, cause I, it just like, it dawned on me one day. It's like, man, I have been with the self deprecating humor since like, I don't know, single, single digits almost.

Um, cause I very much remember I was very tomboy, you know, growing up. So I had a group of friends that. just decided one day in fifth grade to turn on me one day. And I'm on the playground, and they're going, and they're, they're making fun of me, um, and saying that I am now a boy. Right? And they actually changed my name.

I, they started calling me Raymond. And, uh, in that process, you know, my little ten year old brain was like, what the heck? Like, what's going on? And I just went on throughout my day, and then I get home, and I'm telling my parents the situation. And I remember making this joke of like, but I don't get it because everybody loves Raymond.

And here I am, like little 10 year old me, making, kind of like, what a punchline. Uh, honestly, like I'm impressed with myself when I think about that. But it's like, yeah, that personality has always been there. It was just a matter of allowing myself to allow you to see it and anybody to see it. And to do that, I had to do a lot of different things.

I had a really... You know, work on myself and be comfortable with myself and get myself, um, you know, doing different things in front of people. Like, I took acting classes in college, and I took television production, which really helped me do behind the scenes stuff, but also get in front of a camera. I auditioned for a musical.

Guess who really does not like singing in front of anybody, even now? Even though I know I can kind of hold a tune, I got on stage and I sang Row, Row, Row Your Boat. Imagine the embarrassment, but I did it. You know, it's like you step outside that comfort zone to get to where you want to be. So did I always have that personality?

Yeah, I would say so. Uh, but it was a matter of, of allowing... Myself to want to show it to everybody else and it really took a lot of pushing and it took me getting into radio I think in a lot of ways to Have me get back to who I was and and get that person in front of a microphone You know the naturally animated part of me Was not always there.

Um, I think it may have been slightly if I was comfortable with somebody, but it took me understanding how this business is and what you need to provide to it to you know, build up those skills and Like the person that you hear now, I mean, yeah, I'm like this a lot in life, but You know, when the mic is on, the show must go on, right?

So there's like a different part of me that, that can be switched on and off if necessary. It's all learned skill. It's all learned traits. Um, and you just, you kind of find who you are as you maneuver the industry. Can you become what I am today? Sure. But I don't want you to be me, I want you to be you. At the end of the day, that's what allows us to make the difference and allows us to stand out.

Is, is being ourselves. And this is me. Um, you know, I am a little wild and a little crazy and a little over the top a lot of the time. You know, but, um, I, I do have the ability to pull back, especially when I'm exhausted. But. Like I said, the show must go on. So even if I'm exhausted, if I have to do a podcast, if I have to go on the radio, boom, here we are jazz hands.

Um, so figure out who you are and what you want to bring to the table, you know, and, and don't be scared. Uh, you know, that's the biggest thing, right? Don't be scared because the moment you stop allowing fear to hold you back is when you are going to shine at your greatest. So be you and, and don't be afraid to be you because.

Yeah, you're about to make a huge impact right here in this industry, if you allow yourself to. If you've got something you want us to discuss here on the Voice Coaches podcast, go ahead, hit us up, info at voicecoaches. com. Another episode and more interviews too, coming here with more new episodes of Voice Coaches Radio.

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This week on Voice Coaches Radio, Marissa chats about something that was asked by a student recently…”did you always have that personality?”…did she?