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Voice Coaches Radio #559 – Thank You Voice Over

Voice Coaches Radio. Everything voiceover. Welcome to a very special edition of Voice Coaches Radio here on this Thanksgiving week. My name is Marissa and I hope this is finding you still in sweatpants because you can't fit in regular pants because you've had too much food. Uh, lots and lots of food over the last couple of days, lots of good stuff, lots of good family time.

Um, you know, good turkey or whatever else you might be celebrating with and all the trimmings. Uh, but, uh, you know, I heard there's a turkey shortage this year, which I just think is ridiculous. Like, they're, they're just saying there's a shortage of everything, I think. Uh, you know, so, uh, well, all of a sudden the, the turkeys stopped mating, or, or what?

They went into witness protection? I'm not buying it, you know? But, uh, my friend Shannon, she had a moment of... She just like pure panic when she went to get a turkey because. It turns out somebody must have, like, sleepily been putting the pricing on the turkeys. And she's like, Marissa, they were 20 a pound.

I'm like, Shannon, no, they were not 20 a pound. That was, that had to be an error. Your turkey's not gonna be 700. Uh, like, I had only bought a turkey a couple days before that and mine was like 1. 69 a pound. I'm like, that is impossible, Shannon. Go back to that store. Let them know what you saw. You, you gotta alert people on that.

Not just, like, call me in a panic. She's like, we are not having turkey this year. We are having just the sides. It was really funny. But, uh, Listen, I do hope that you are, uh, enjoying, you know, potentially a couple of days off as well from, from work. Uh, you know, we've got Black Friday happening today. So maybe, you know, you're enjoying some extra sales, uh, that may have put some extra voice work on your plate, which is always helpful.

And today's episode is going to be a little different and it's going to be a little shorter just so we can go ahead and celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday and relax. Uh, but you know, if you are familiar with Jimmy Fallon and the Tonight Show. Then, and I don't know if he still does this, I have to believe he probably still does, it was always a great bit.

Uh, but, you know, he would go ahead and he would write thank you notes about silly things he was thankful for to Dramatic Music. Um, so, without further ado, I am gonna go ahead and give you my thank you notes. voiceover version. So let's go ahead and cue the music. Thank you room temperature water for how easily you can help dampen my inner voice, how you're running freely whenever I need you and how quickly you can become tea with honey in a time of panic.

Thank you. Room temperature water. Thank you, vocal warm ups, for helping prepare me for what's to come, while also allowing me to know what a bee must feel like. Sort of. Brbrbrbrr. Get it? I know. Okay

Thank you, 30 second commercial copy, for not being 26 seconds, for not being 45 seconds, for just being you. Now listen, if you've ever, if you've ever gone and Tried to do commercial copy, like just somebody sent you something. That is not an easy feat. I'm telling you right now I don't know why it's not so easy, but it's not.

Thank you, Audacity, for your freedom in this great world wide web, and for how you also are already compatible with Audible, so I don't have to learn anything new at 2am while finishing recording an audio book, cause that, that is not, like my brain is not functioning then, so thank, thank you, Audacity. And finally, thank you, Black Friday, for allowing me to purchase everything that's been broken in my studio for months, not only at a cheaper price, but because it's 2022, from the comfort of my home.

Thank you, Black Friday. And that is Thank You Notes, voiceover edition, and a shout out to YouTube channel, Byro2626. For, uh, no copyright intended, uh, you know, infringement here, uh, by stealing his brother's amazing piano playing, apparently. Um, but listen, I want you to have a fantastic Thanksgiving celebration.

Have all the good foods, make all the good memories, buy all the good things at the start of this holiday season, and a brand new episode of Voice Coaches Radio is going to be coming at you next week. Stay safe, everybody. Visit voicecoaches. com for more information.

This week on Voice Coaches Radio, it is a very THANKFUL episode just in time for Thanksgiving week! Marissa goes over a few of the things she’s most thankful for within the VO industry – in the silliest way she knew how.