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Voice Coaches Radio #558 – What If I Don’t Do It Right?

Voice coaches, radio, everything voiceover. Welcome to a brand new episode of voice coaches, radio. My name is Marissa. I hope this is finding you well here, mid November. How did we get here? How did we get here already? I'm so mind blown, uh, and, and to boot, it doesn't feel it. I mean, the weather has been so not normal at all that it does not feel like the holiday season.

Uh, some people are embracing, like, the moment that Halloween was done. It's like, Christmas music, and I'm just like, nah, you need to, like, get the heck away from me. It is not time. Not until snow is on the ground, man. Uh, but it, it is unseasonably warm. It has been for a while here in upstate New York.

You're somebody who is on the East Coast, or at least the Northeast, you've felt that. Like, it has been unlike anything, uh, you know, and I will always embrace this, because I am somebody, the moment I get the chill in my bones, man, it does not want to leave until like the following May, uh, and then Marissa can finally thaw back out.

But, Yeah, it's been unseasonably warm. As an example, like, I had Friendsgiving last weekend, and it was 75 degrees, and we were able to have, not only the patio wide open, but like, people were hanging out outside, and we didn't need to have the fire pit lit. If we wanted to, cool, but if we didn't want it, it, like, we weren't going to freeze our butts off.

Like, it felt like, you know, spring, or mid, like, beginning of summer. Like, it was just weird, but in the best of ways. And if this is what climate change is, Is it okay to be okay with that? Because I'm kind of okay with it, I'm just saying. Uh, but, listen, this is something that's popped up in the last couple weeks.

I've had a lot of students I don't know why this is all of a sudden seeming like something that is top of mind, but, but it is. It's been very prevalent. Like, I've had more than a handful where it is that panic mode. Of, of the fear of not providing what a director wants from you. Or what, you know, the, the writer wants from you.

Or the, the person that's behind the project wants from you. And um, and I can, I can understand that. I get it. Right? But what I think needs to be understood is that, because what's been happening is this has been popping up, in the very beginning or the middle, of class two for those taking the voice coaches program.

Now, if you've taken the program, you know, the beginning or middle of class two means you've done like nothing yet. Like you've barely like touched the surface of voiceover. So, you know, you're, you're maybe thinking you're further ahead than you truly are in your skill developing ability, but now you've only started.

Um, so. You know, when it, when it comes to the big picture of things, it's like, by the time that you are actually hired for a project, and you are in that studio, and you are behind the microphone, headphones on, ready to, to go ahead and knock it out of the park, you're well more developed than, like, Hop and skip into voiceover.

Uh, you know, it's like you've been practicing, you have been developing your skill for, uh, a few months, maybe a year. Uh, and, and you've got some confidence under your belt as well. Uh, you know, so those are things to, to remember and just to take into consideration. But I do understand, you know, you get hired for that first project.

And it's the first, right? So you do want to do it really well, you want to knock that out of the park, you want to succeed, and you want to do well enough where you have audio to showcase for somebody else, where you continue to successfully conquer the relationship at hand with that person that you are doing the project for, you want to get hired for more projects with that person, right?

So I definitely get that, and you go in and you just... You're hoping for the best, but I don't want you to go in panicked because here's what you always want to remember We've hit on this before we've hit on this before You know, maybe multiple times now throughout the last year on the podcast of you are hired Because they like you already, you know, it's like you have either sent in your demo and you were hired based on how you're set, you sound, you were hired based on the audition that you did and delivered, you know, it's like you were hired because they like you already.

So go in with a little bit of confidence at the absolute least, because you've already. Hopped a hurdle, if not a couple, you know, because you got to this point where it's like, Hey, you beat out anybody else that had also auditioned for that project. Now it's you, you are the one that they are going to guide to get to where they want you to be.

That's what you always have to remember you're guided like I know it feels like it's all on your shoulders because you're the one Providing the skill the talent the voice But this is always a group project. It is always going to be Hands in the pot to guide you, you know, everybody's there for the same purpose It is getting that project to where it needs to be.

So I know it could feel extremely stressful in In trying to accomplish a goal that you're not quite sure what the goal truly even is Before you walk into that booth And even maybe before you do your first take The best thing that you can do Is come to the table ready Confident And, and just providing your creative take In the first take of that piece You know, if, if they don't like everything that you provided That's okay It's, it's It's kind of like music, right?

It's like, not everybody is going to have the same taste. Everybody's going to have a little bit of a different ear and like for something else. So that take that you've given, you know, maybe they didn't like every little thing that you did. That's okay. Don't take it personally. They're going to then guide you and say, you know what?

I, I like that. Could you do me a favor? Could you give me a little bit more smile and maybe like emphasize that word only just a hair more, you know, I just want to see how this sounds and we'll take it from there. And then like, all right, let's, let's take it, take two, you know, and, and then you go ahead, you, you do what they asked, you listen back, you get more direction, you are going to be guided until they get you to where they want you to be, but I know that panic, right, I have it this many years in sometimes, it depends on the project, it depends on the situation, most of what I do, it's right here in my home studio, you know, so it's like, I, I go ahead, I get an email, and it's got a, you know, a script, and it's like, okay, do this on your leisure, I go ahead, I do it, I don't even hear any feedback most of the time.

It's like, okay, cool. All of a sudden I get a check, I'm like, that's even better. Uh, you know, but every once in a while, I get pulled in for something else. It's happened here at Voice Coaches. You know, where all of a sudden they pull me in this the first time. I think I may have talked about this on the podcast.

They had never even heard me before. This was a situation of a job that I got hired for based on my experience. Based on my resume. Based on me as a human and, and understanding of voiceover. Then, I realized, as I'm getting pulled in to do a radio commercial for the band that we have on the other side of things here, uh, they had never heard me.

Like, I never really, like, gave audio to them as, like, a resume. And all of a sudden, I'm in the booth, I've got the headphones on, and we're doing a level check. And I had that moment of, yipe! Um, you know, because, I'm also slightly dyslexic, I've talked about that too. You know, it's, it's, you know, not having that script ahead of time, having that little bit of a panic that you're gonna flip words like crazy, and then also like, holy crap, they've never heard me before!

I work here, I gotta knock this thing out of the park! So, I go and I do the, the level check, and then I hear... Uh, our guy Brett go, Hey Marissa, can you, um, do that for us just one more time and make it sound more like a radio commercial? And I heard a bunch of laughter and I was just like, Wait, what? What do you mean?

And he goes, No, that actually sounded pretty good. That was exactly what we were hoping for. I just never heard you before. So, just the same thing that you just did one more time. And I was like, Okay. I'm like, jeez, way to make my heart sink to my stomach there for a moment, Brett. Uh, but, you know, it's, it's this many years in.

I'm almost 20 years in, and in fact, actually, it is going to be officially 18 years coming up in one week. Oh, God, that is mind blowing. Uh, but, you know, this far into my career, and I still have that moment. That is why I get it, but you also have to have confidence in what you're doing and know and understand.

I was hired because they like me, they're going to get me to where I need to be. It's just a matter of me listening and, and doing my best with their direction. So do that, have confidence in yourself and keep working on your skill. Never stop, never slow down. Keep going. All right. And if you've got a subject that you would like me to tackle here on the podcast, info at voice coaches.

com, and we're going to go ahead. And we are going to get you a brand new episode coming up next week, right here with voice coaches radio. Stay safe. Everybody.

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