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Voice Coaches Radio #556 – OMG…It’s Really Happening

Voice coaches, radio, everything voiceover. Welcome to a brand new episode of voice coaches radio. My name is Marissa. I can only open my mouth just about this much. Um, God, it hurts. Um, so I'll explain, you know, I've done an episode of the podcast before. I'm like the show must go on, right? And, uh, this is one of those instances where, yeah, the show must go on.

Um, now for me, I had a root canal done on Monday. It is Friday morning. And maybe I should feel slightly better than I do. But I think there's some reasons behind this. You know, they were mid procedure on Monday afternoon. And, uh, they had to give me a third shot of Novocaine because I was feeling it then.

Uh, so, you know, I think it took a couple days, well not a couple days, it took at least 24 hours for that Novocaine to fully wear off. And then I started feeling it like Tuesday afternoon and I was like, Oh, that's that pain he was telling me I was gonna feel, right? Um, cool, alright. Uh, and then it was like consistent and dull and annoying and I'm like, Oh, and now I feel like I'm gonna vomit, cool.

Uh, so, you know, I, uh, I can tolerate quite a bit of pain, but I'm, I'm realizing it's, like, the mouth pain is pain I don't like very much. I can tolerate almost anything else. The mouth pain, mm mm, not a fan of it. And it might be, because look what I'm doing right now. Oh, man, I talk a lot. I talk a lot every single dang day.

And it has made work so interesting this week because I don't know. I just feel like I'm slurring like crazy. It sounds like I'm drunk half the time. Uh, I feel like I have a lisp even though I don't really think I do. You know, I, I, I feel like I'm getting in my own head, right, about it. Cause, like, I'm very Obviously not feeling well and it's, it's like heightened awareness, um, but it has not been fun.

I will tell you that. And I'm somebody too, like I can't take a lot of stuff for pain because I've talked about on the podcast before, like I got this eye issue, there's bleeding behind my eye. Like I can only take so much, but you know, I gave in at some point, right? In the last couple of days, like Tylenol was not cutting it.

So I ended up popping some ibuprofen and I am telling you like last night. Oh my God, I felt like a new human. Uh, like I was about to coach a class and it like kicked in and I felt so good that I was just full of energy all of a sudden, cause I felt like a hundred percent healthy in that moment. And it just felt so nice until that pill wore off and then it didn't feel nice again.

Uh, but yeah, I mean, Hey. Here we are. I can only open my mouth so much, but the show must go on, whether it's this podcast, whether it is any of the radio work that I do, whether it is any of the commercial work that I do, the coaching of the classes, you know, everyday life of communicating with humans that are around me, which thankfully are not many.

Uh, it's just, it's a lot of pets, honestly. Um, so, so that just makes for a happy, happy furry day. Uh, you know, but. I hope this is finding you well, and I hope that you are embracing here, now that we are into November, like, hopefully you are embracing the fact that we only have a couple months left of this year.

I mean, it's, it's crazy, right? Like, I cannot believe that we have flown through 2022 already. I mean, I can. Because it also feels like forever at the same point. I mean, the last few years have felt like that, right? Ever since we got in lockdown. Ever since COVID entered our lives. You know, time goes by quickly as, as slow as it goes.

You know, it's like, it feels like 10 years, but man, it went by quick. Um, so. Yeah, I mean, now is a time where a lot of people start contemplating, What do I do in the New Year? What kind of goals do I set for myself? You know, a lot of people like to have those New Year's resolutions. I like to set goals throughout the year to try to reach.

Um, I have a big, big goal that I'm, I'm almost to. I'm like so close, like I can touch it. But I can't like hold on to it, you know, um, and it's almost there. So, uh, I will talk about that once it actually happens. You know, that's gonna be fun. Uh, but that being said, you know, I know that sometimes it, it takes, like now is probably a good time to start thinking about it.

Like create a plan of action for yourself and start implementing it as soon as the new year gets here. Reach small goals to get to your bigger goal. You know, that's always the way to do it. You know, it was funny. I had a class earlier and, you know, people sign up for voice coaches in the program and whatnot.

And. I don't know, you know, it's, it goes back to time goes by so quickly, even though it feels like it doesn't at the same time, it's like a weird, uh, not inception, but you know what I mean, it's like a weird kind of situation, um, and You sign up and it's like, man, it feels so far away from demo day. Like I got plenty of time to go ahead.

And then all of a sudden it's like, what do you mean? Demo days in like three weeks. Holy crap. Um, you know, and that was kind of the situation that I was having with a student earlier. Like he. He pops up on zoom. It's like, and I'm like, Hey, how's everything going? Like, how's voice? How's life? Like, tell me some things.

And he just was like, Oh, I, I don't know. Like, um, I'm just like, I'm, I'm super nervous. Like I'm full of anxiety and I'm like, well, I mean, tell me what, like what's going on and like, what, what is something happening in life? Like what he goes. No, um, I got the email from voice coaches, and uh, And yeah, like, my demo day's coming up.

I'm like, Yeah, I know, bro. Like, we're in your final class to pick out scripts. Like, I'm well aware that your demo's coming up. And he's like, yeah, I know, but, like, like, it's, it's, It's real. Like, it's, it's really happening. I'm, I'm like, yeah, I mean, that's why you signed up, right? Like, you want to get there, uh, but yeah, I mean, time, time just goes.

And next thing you know, yeah, you're picking out scripts. You're getting into a demo day, and He, he felt pretty intimidated by it, you know, because it's something new. It's something new and it's something that he's been wanting for a very long time. It's, it's about to happen. And it's a brand new chapter that's about to start the moment that he walks into that studio on Demo Day.

And man, is that a cool feeling. I remember that feeling. I remember going to radio school back in 2004. And Before I even got in, like, I had to go and I had to audition. And so, I, I roll on up to the studio. And, now mind you, I was still an incredibly shy human. So, the fact that I even walked into the building was probably a miracle at that point.

But I go in. They, uh, have me go into this studio. And they give me a script. And I can't remember what the script was, um, but, like, I had never done any of that before. I never had the headphones on, and I never had a microphone in front of me officially, and, you know, I never heard myself that way. And that is an intimidating thing at first, especially when, because the thing is, you're in there and you care, right?

You care so much about What you're doing and you want to do well and you want to excel and you want to in this case You want to get into the program like I wanted to get in and you want to be successful from there and I just I knew I wanted to do it, but I didn't know if I had what I needed to do it and Listen, I sounded a lot different then, too.

So, I mean, I sounded like me, but my voice was really up here. I mean, I, like, when I played some of my first audio for some students, they're like, I mean, I know that's you, but you sound like you're, like, 13. Yeah, yeah, I was 21. Shut up. Uh, but That being said, like, I walked in, I go and I do that audition, I leave, I have no idea what to expect.

And I think it was like a day later, I get the call. You're in. And I was like, oh, alright, cool. Um, but, you know, when you're going in there for your first demo, you're feeling all those same things that I was. You know, it's Everything's new and everything's shiny and it's intimidating equipment because you've never been around it before and like, where do I stand?

Like, how do I wear these headphones? Am I, am I okay? Like, am I where I should be with the microphone? Um, you know, what if I didn't practice enough? It's like all those things are going on in your head and how, how do you get out of your head about it? Right. And I always tell students like, you know, the best thing that you can do is Is practice in, in the ways that we, we suggest, which is not a ton, like it's a couple times a week, it's 10 to 15 minutes a pop, it's, you know, thinking about certain things, and allowing yourself to get more familiar with scripts, and just feeling like, okay, I've done what I can, I know I'm gonna be in good hands and guided the rest of the way, I'm just gonna let myself have fun.

Now, A good 90 percent of the time, that's what we have happen, and it's a beautiful thing. Maybe not in that very first take, or even the second take or third take, right? But, we get done with that first piece, and I can't tell you how many times students are just like, Oh! I mean, wait, like, that's it? Like, oh my god, like, that, I did that?

Like, that's me? Like, it's, it's an amazing feeling to be like, wow, my hard work has paid off, I sound already so much better than I thought I was going to, even better than my practice, and My first, my first piece is officially done. Wait, I get to do this again? Like, we're gonna do more pieces? Like, you know, and it just becomes fun from there.

And it is so amazing to witness. I actually had a student for a demo earlier today, and she shall remain nameless, but I will say this, like this, I even told her, I'm like, I don't, I mean, you took my advice from class, like, class three for us, and, and you ran with it, girl, I was so nervous for her. This is a situation where I felt like she was somebody who was completely getting in her own head, getting in her own way.

And my big advice is advice that I would tell just about anybody. It's like, record yourself, listen back, understand how you truly sound and make changes from there. Right. And I knew that she needed to listen to herself because she was making choices that I. I couldn't even understand why she was making them and she wasn't hearing herself properly, you know She started recording herself and playing it back and practicing with that and all of a sudden she got into that demo day And I'm like, who is this?

Like it was night and day that girl knocked that thing out of the park What an amazing confidence booster that had to have been for her, you know, it's It's like, not even that it's the, it's the showing and the proof of like, when you put the hard work in, it pays off. She's going to have a killer demo when she finally gets that in her hands in the next month or so.

So listen, what I want you to do for yourself as we are getting ready to end 2022, I want you to go ahead, make a plan for yourself, come up with a goal. And come up with small goals that you can reach to get yourself to your bigger goal. Make 2023 your best year yet, when it comes to voiceover. Maybe you need to just get started.

Maybe you need to figure out, how, how do I get started? You know, like, figure it out. Like, do it. Create a plan. And then, execute. Starting January 1st. Hey, you know what? Get a jump on it. December 1st, why not? But, do Do something for yourself only you can allow yourself to to do the things that you need to do Nobody's gonna do them for you.

You know what I mean? so you've got to create that plan of action for yourself small goals to reach that bigger goal and You know, once I finally reach reach my bigger goal, I'll fill you in on what that is it got it's it's so close But listen, if you've got something that you want us to discuss here on the podcast Info at voice coaches.

com info at voice coaches. com. We will get to a brand new episode coming at you next week, right here with voice coaches, radio, stay safe, everybody. Visit voice coaches. com for voiceover.

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