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Voice Coaches Radio #555 – An Icon Steps Back…

Voice Coaches Radio, everything voiceover. Welcome to a brand new episode of Voice Coaches Radio. My name is Marissa and we are full on into spooky season. But you know what? Before we even get into anything like that. I just thought I'd throw this out there, because I usually say it near the end of the episode, but just in case, you know, maybe you've got things going on, I, I just, I don't want to hold you up.

Uh, but info at voice coaches. com is the best way to get in touch with the podcast. You know, whether you just want to say, Hey, uh, maybe you want to comment on something that was talked about. Maybe you have a question or there's a situation that you feel like you need guidance with. I always think that's always good to get the other perspective, right?

Because sometimes we get stuck in our, our view. And um, you know, the other perspective is like very eye opening. It's like, wow, I never thought about it that way. And then all of a sudden, situation handled, you know? So feel free. Info at voicecoaches. com. And uh, yeah, we'll go ahead. We'll tackle some of those questions and whatnot very, very soon.

And I wanted to talk about Spooky Season. Because there's no I love scary movies. I'll tell you that right now. I really really do there's one out there right now though I'm still mmm. I'm hesitant. I don't know like I don't think I could go and see this movie in theaters because I'd be concerned that Peripheral vision wise I would just assume that somebody is next to me with the most ridiculous smile on their face And it would freak me right the heck out.

I could actually see one of my friends purposely doing this and I'm getting chills just talking about it right now. So I should probably just watch this by myself at home. But it is this new movie called Smile. And like, I never thought a smile could be like, super creepy until I saw this preview. And like, it was just on the person's face for far too long.

And then it's like, okay, I get it. Yeah. And I never want to be in this situation ever. But Yeah, so there's a movie, uh, and it's, it came out at the end of September, so, like, it's, it's out there, and, uh, eventually, I might see it, but again, probably alone, uh, just for my own, uh, safety purposes. I am that person too, it's like, oh god, if you try to scare me, my defense mechanism kick in, and like, I legit kick, and I just don't want to be the, responsible for, like, any, uh, damages to the human body, honestly.

Um, so, so yes, um, but I would love to know what your favorite scary movie is. There's so many like iconic roles and, you know, speaking of iconic roles, you know, this is going to bring us right on into what I wanted to talk about today because there's certain people that are out in the world that You just never imagine life without them and like this person is not dead.

Okay, but very old I didn't realize how old but we've got James Earl Jones Who I don't know if he's fully retiring or if it's just the voice of his most iconic role but he is retiring from said role and do you know what I'm talking about like one of the Most prominent villains in movie history is Darth Vader, and yeah, he is stepping back from that.

But here's my question for you right now, how old do you think James Earl Jones is? And do not pick up your cell phone, alright? No cheating. Uh, you keep that thing right by you. Um, but, just throw out a number, what do you think? I mean, I'll tell you right now, he's probably older than you think he is. Uh, I would have guessed like, 78, even though that, you know, in reality is probably a ridiculous guess, knowing how long he's been in the industry.

He is 91 years old, and he has played Darth Vader in so many of these Star Trek movies. And I mean, he, he literally, he is Darth Vader. So, like, imagining life with somebody else, potentially. You know, doing that role is just, it's mind boggling. I do believe that I've seen something about AI technology and it might simply be the fact that he has voiced so many parts for Darth Vader that, I mean, maybe he is still technically going to be the voice.

Um, you know, that is the weirdness of technology. We've actually talked on that briefly on the podcast a few months ago and just, I think there's always going to want that. that personal touch, that personal connection that really cannot be brought by a robot. But in this case, it kind of can be because it's all things that he had voiced and acted out in the first place.

So I don't know. Time will tell. But What's your favorite James Earl Jones role? Uh, you know, when I think back, any 90s kid is going to instantly think of the Lion King in Mufasa, right? It's like, Simba. Uh, you know, you heard that echo in the theater, and it's like, as a kid, it's like your whole body felt it.

And, and then when, when he Got pushed off the cliff and he died because of scar. I mean spoiler alert. Sorry, the movie came out in 94. I hope you've seen it. Uh, but you know, that was it was a sad moment for a lot of us kids. Uh, you know, it brings a tear to my eye just thinking about it now, uh, but Yeah, I mean, and he's voiced Mufasa in a lot of different things, including video games for Lion King, and uh, he actually, you know, redid the character for the live action version role of it back in, I think it was 2019, um, so yeah, he's done a lot of that.

Even, this is what's crazy, is like, when you've got a role like that, I mean, think about it. In Disney World, he's voiced stuff for the theme parks. Like that's just, I mean, probably same thing for Darth Vader there as well. Um, you know, so, just crazy when you've got these, like, iconic roles. Who do you think of?

When you think of like nobody else could do the voice like no I don't want to think about anybody else being the voice of that character You know, like I instantly think about tom hanks as woody in the toy story movies Like I don't I don't want anybody else to be woody Um, you know, and I think that's why a lot of people were in an uproar when tim allen was not the voice of Buzz Lightyear in the most recent Lightyear movie.

It ended up going to, um, Chris Evans. And, and, I mean, not that he did a bad job. And some people were like, Well, Buzz is younger in that movie, so it makes sense. And it's like, but, I get it. Like, in life, sure, your voice might change. But it's like, that's a cartoon character. His voice didn't really need to change, right?

I don't know. Um, so, that, yeah, I get that. And I'm trying to think of some other ones. But I don't know. Like, those are the main ones that stand out to me. Because, I mean, over the years, like, you know that, like, somebody else ended up doing Bugs Bunny and somebody else has done Mickey Mouse and somebody else has been Pinocchio and, like, they're, they're iconic voices, but it, it wasn't like if the actor changed, the part changed, you know?

So, I don't know, but this is like just one of those kind of things where you think about the impact that somebody can have on A character to have that kind of impact like that is what dreams are made of. Um, you know, when people want to do character work, that's why it's always thought, like, go ahead, work extremely hard at it, get really, really good at acting, get really good at manipulating your voice, um, you know, because you're able to go ahead and portray so many different things.

But what I think is really crazy is when you look at. The couple that I've mentioned, you know, you've got James Earl Jones, and you've got Tom Hanks, and you've got even Tim Allen, or if you think about somebody like Morgan Freeman, they're not, like, wildly manipulating their voice. They're just really great at bringing things to life.

And that is where the acting comes in, and that is where, you know, you need to be as comfortable with yourself. self as you can as possible to allow yourself to be a little wild, to be a little crazy, to be incredibly dramatic, to be over the top, to be really big in, in, in like personality and just dramatics and theatrics, um, and just allow yourself to just fully be in that role.

Um, so. Hey, goals, right? Goals. You wanna be as iconic as James Earl Jones. There's nothing really stopping you except for you and, and finding that role. So may he go ahead and retire with some peace now that he is 91 years old. Uh, not that he hasn't had some amazing life experiences, but, uh, cheers to you, James Earl Jones.

Um, so we got a brand new episode of Voice Coaches Radio coming at you next week. Make sure that you email in if you've got anything you'd like discussed info at voice coaches. com and yeah, enjoy this spooky season. Stay safe.

This week on Voice Coaches Radio, Marissa spotted a news article that, while made sense, it’s also sad for the world of voice that an icon is stepping back from his most prominent role.