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Voice Coaches Radio #553 – Bravery Matters

Voice Coaches Radio. Everything voiceover. Welcome to a brand new episode of Voice Coaches Radio. I hope this is finding you well. My name is Marissa and we are well into spooky season. Uh, that's what some of my friends like to call it. I've got a couple of friends who are like, Uber Halloween kind of people.

I love Halloween. I'm not gonna lie about that, but I'm also not the person that loves to like, spend a whole lot of money on a costume I'm gonna wear once. Now when it's for my pet, that's different. But for myself, not so much. Uh, but, but this was brought up to me and another friend recently because The friend in this conversation is wild about Halloween, but not necessarily wild about like Screamfest and haunted hayrides and all those kind of things because I don't know about you.

I will admit the moment it happens, um, you know, maybe my defenses kick in. And then I actually start kicking. It's just, it's the reality of it. I think I will be very good in a zombie apocalypse for this very reason. But, uh, to go ahead and get me involved in a haunted whatever, I mean, I realize they're actors, uh, but.

My body doesn't care, uh, you know, so it's just just how it works Uh, but if you love spooky season I hope that you are enjoying it even more so and you can go on a haunted hayride or something for me Okay, you can I'll live vicariously through you in videos and stuff Uh, but I want to shout out to the the peeps that I have been hearing so many nice things, uh, about listening to the podcast and how helpful it's been for them.

Uh, you know, cause listen, this is kind of like a new little adventure for me too. Uh, and I'm not somebody who just randomly spoke about voiceover all the time, uh, you know, until, until I was like told that I had to, you know, so just over here saying some. to some things and speaking some words, but I'm glad that, uh, people like, uh, I'll shout out to Valerie.

Uh, and I know I've had multiple students recently as well. Um, so, so thank you so much, um, for, for enjoying what I bring, uh, each and every week. It's good to know somebody cares, uh, but I did want to dive into something, um, you know, because at the end of September, I kind of wish that I had seen this, you know, back in September, but it's good to talk about it now too.

There's always weird holidays, right? And one that happened on September 23rd was National Be Brave Day. And I think this is important because we've talked about stepping outside the comfort zone before and how important that truly is. Because you just really never know. What's going to happen when, when you do that, a lot of people, that is where they find all of a sudden they're diving into parts of themselves that they never tapped into before because of fear because of, you know, being scared of being judged or just, you know, internal fright.

Um, you know, speaking, speaking of scary season, uh, you know, and I was that human. I've talked about this a lot recently because there are some people who, you know, they will tell me, like, you know, you're so social or, you know, you're, you're so outgoing and it's like, am I? I am with you right now, but you know, if you put me in the wrong environment, I'm going to revert me.

Old me who. Would hide behind my mom. I'm talking about like when I was 23. You know, I was an incredibly shy child And this is one of those things where it's like, okay. Yeah, it was always in my blood I always wanted to go and entertain. In fact, I would entertain the people I was closest with but if I didn't know you I was mute.

I mean, basically, and then people would be shocked when I would say something incredibly sarcastic and silly, you know, and it's like, Well, that's just that's me. But, you know, now you're you're starting to open up to you. Sorry. But, you know, when you step outside the comfort zone, you allow yourself to be brave.

That is where you are going to grow and spread your wings and make some amazing things happen for yourself. I see so many people that you. It sucks, right? Like you see, and maybe this was you, maybe this was yourself, like, think about it, like you were stunted, or you felt stuck, you know, you're in a job where you're just dissatisfied, and you know you would be so much happier doing something that you were passionate about, that was a creative outlet, that would allow you to fully embrace all the things that, you know, make you enjoy who you are as a person, and, and the people around you, But you're stuck in like this office job that you're pushing papers or you're trying to fight crime or you're, you're, I don't know, something with medical, whatever.

If it's something that you don't. like doing or maybe you like it but it's like it's not as satisfying and gratifying as it once was and like you feel like, ugh, like I'm just, I'm comfortable and I'm going through the day to day and then this is just what I'm dealing with now. It's like you need to start to create a plan for yourself and you need to be brave.

It is scary to try to start a new adventure. I know that. I've been doing it. Over and over again, it feels like, for the last few years. You know, each time that budget cut came around in radio, I had to pivot. You know, and people have told me like you're like really good at being, being a chameleon and it's like, yeah, it looks that way.

It's not always super comfy though, you know, just because I can blend on in and make it work doesn't mean that it didn't take a lot on, on the back side of everything to make that happen and to allow myself to be confident in those moves. But that's what you've got to try to do for yourself. The more that you do it.

easier it becomes. It is like another skill. It is. Uh, you know, and that's why it's like the last time I was a true on budget cut, not counting when lockdown happened. Like I, I found out that they, they, they, you know, got rid of my position and that they weren't going to have anybody in that time slot anymore.

And at first, I was upset. I cried for, like, that first hour. I was just devastated because I'm like, I love this job. Like, what the heck? Like, you just sent me to the Bahamas. I just came back. I didn't even get to talk about it yet. Like, what's happening? Um, this was again, budget cut. Um, things happen. But, you know, after that year, that year, that hour was, was up, all of a sudden I, like, took a breath.

And I remember calling one of my friends going, Um, is it weird that all of a sudden I don't care that I just lost my job and I feel like everything's going to be fine? It's like when you go through that so many times, it does become a little bit easier and like you know, okay, well, it worked out last time.

And it worked out the time before that. Like, it's going to work out again this time, it might just take a second. And that's like, Just starting this adventure in the first place, you know, it's like you go ahead, you take those steps to start educating yourself and building your skills and growing your, your talent and voiceover, and then it's like, okay, well, I want to go ahead and I want to try to get that first opportunity, that first gig, you know, and, and that could take a moment, just like any of it, but you've got to just kind of wade in that uncomfortability for a moment, And let yourself feel more natural and and feel a little bit more at home So you can go ahead and take those little swimmies off And all of a sudden you can start swimming in the big pool with all the big dogs You know what I mean?

So it's it's all about that bravery right from the beginning, but it starts with you It can't start with anybody else. Nobody can do any of this for you, right? It's just like if you want to win the lottery If you don't buy your ticket, guess what? Like, you're instantly a loser, right? Uh, and I'm not saying that you're a loser, I'm just saying that if you don't start, then you, you're not, you're not heading in that direction of happiness, potentially.

It starts with you, it starts with taking the first step, and it starts with being brave. So just take that, and run with it, and be as brave as I know that you can be, because I'll tell you right now, In my heart of hearts, back when I was a little kid, I always wanted to be brave. But it took me really pushing myself to make it happen.

And, you know, everybody's a little different. It might not be as big of a push for you as it was for me. But there still is probably going to be a little of a push and you just need to go ahead and let yourself feel scared and feel uncomfortable. The bravest people, the, the biggest heroes that we have will admit.

That they were scared in the moment, but they knew they had to do what they had to do if they wanted to save somebody or correct a situation, or in this case, start an adventure to your personal happiness. So take that and let this be your little, your little words of wisdom here on your Friday or whenever you may be listening.

Hey, maybe it's a motivational Monday. I don't know. It's all up to you to click the button to listen to this podcast. So there you go. Uh, but if there's anything that you want us to tackle, as always, info at voice coaches dot com. I, I always love getting your messages, messages, so, uh, feel free to send those on in, even if it's just comments.

Uh, you know, like, like we have gotten a lot recently, so, uh, info at voice coaches dot com. Brand new episode coming at you next week. Stay safe.

This week on Voice Coaches Radio, Marissa touches on a holiday that just passed by…National Be Brave Day and why it’s so important in the world of voice over.