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Voice Coaches Radio #548 – Cristina Zawacki Takes Mommy Time To The Next Level

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Welcome to a brand new episode of voice coaches radio. My name is Marissa and we are on location yet again, because I've got a guest, uh, somebody who actually just was in our studios at voice coaches to do her very first demo. And that is, am I going to say the last name right though? Cristina. Zawacki. I know.

I know. It's a, it's, it's, it's a really good one.

But, um, but I, you know, listen, here's the thing is like, I, I laugh a lot throughout these demo sessions because I'm ridiculous, but you came into that studio and you brought every ounce of Jersey with you and you were just like, all right, watch out, hold my beer, where's Snooki? We're going to bring the Jersey Shore right here to this booth.

It's, it's, it's in me. You can take the girl out of Jersey, but you can't take the Jersey out of the girl. Oh, and, and I feel like the, the moment I get somebody like you in that studio, I start to be from Jersey and it's a, it's a problem because I'm not, but it's like, it's like extra New York comes out of me a little bit more of Boston comes out of me.

And all of a sudden I'm, I'm speaking different. Uh, but you know, what, what I think was, was fun, uh, was when you first walked in. You know, as the mom that you are, I don't even know if you were just as like, were you just as excited for the demo or was it the alone time that you had? Um, you know, it's a toss up.

I almost, I had so much like extra energy. I didn't know what to do with myself because when I got my cup of coffee that morning, I drank the whole thing while it was still hot. And usually I'm on like a nuke it six times and drink it. tepid and muddy. Um, so I was kind of like, what do I do? Um, I don't know.

Nobody watched me while I was in the bathroom this morning. Uh, nobody tried to steal the food out of my mouth. So I was really like, this is what it's like to be. You're a person. You'd like to be me. Yeah. You're welcome. It was glorious. Yeah, sometimes it's glorious. Sometimes it's just kind of eh. You know, it depends on the day.

But no, I mean, you coming in the way you did, you were like a little spitfire ready for action. And um, yeah, I mean, I think the first thing that came out of your mouth was like, nobody had to watch me pee this morning. So I am just like, I am. The other thing, I remember you said, You're like, uh, yeah, I ordered from the cheesecake factory and I ate it right in bed.

I did. I, I did. And I felt like this is wrong. I'm going to get in trouble. I shouldn't be doing this, but it was, it was really great. Cause honestly, like the only place that I go, Like ShopRite, like it's not even a, like it's not even a joke that I dropped my kids off at camp this morning. I went to ShopRite.

I came back here, you know, so it's, it was, it was a really fun experience and I felt very like, uh, nostalgic and also excited because in my brain I was like, I'm 24 again. It was like, it was really, it was cool. It was a really cool, like, just time for me. Um, I miss my, I did miss my kids though, like driving home, you know, cause it was like a three and a half hour drive and driving home.

I was like, Oh man, I really want to get home. So it's so funny. Cause I'm always like, leave me alone. I miss you. I can't wait to see you smooches. Yeah. The moment that we were done, I felt like you're like, all right, where are we going next? Where, what bars open right now? Oh yeah, it was great. It was, it was such a good fun time.

It just felt like. Thank goodness for this, and I loved every second of it. Was it a little out of body because of that too? Like, I mean, just the fact that, like, it was like your whole life was different for a moment. Yeah, well, you know what's interesting? Because, like, back in the day, um, it was something that I had gone to school for, right?

I went to school for broadcast journalism, and, you know, things happen in life, and, and your path kind of changes. Uh, because of decisions that you make. And so, for me, it was just like, I felt like I was back at home again. You know, when it was um, it was really nice because it's, I watched everything kind of happening I guess.

Yeah, it was surreal, like in my head, it was kind of like, remember that movie Mr. Destiny? I'm going old school. You know that I don't know if I've ever seen that. Uh, it's, it's, Not great, but like, I loved it. It's like one of those, it's so bad, it's good. It's, I think it's like, uh, Belushi's in it and like, Rene Russo.

It's like, you know, his life, what it could have been. Um, so it was just, it was really interesting. Like, so yeah, I get that. Like, I was kind of like floating outside myself. In a non percocet way, you know, it was, it was, it was cool. The thing is, this isn't like a Mr. Or Mrs. Destiny kind of situation. I mean, this is life now, like this, I mean, this is your choose your own adventure, if you will.

If we're going to go back to the eighties real quick. Um, so, you know, cause this was something that you always wanted to do. Maybe, maybe in a different way. I mean, obviously it's not broadcast journalism, but. You know, you got that entertainer inside of you that's probably like, ah, I've been wanting to do something like this for so long.

So what, what made it now that now was the time, what made you go, all right, I got to do this. So honestly, like it was like COVID, I have to be honest, it was COVID. So, um, I was a teacher for 17 years. Um, and the thing that I liked best about teaching was always, you know, that entertainment component of it, because I mean, really, I think I came out like, here I am, like, You put on a show every day.

I get that. That's what I do because I, you know, I may have said this to you that during the demo session, it's like, I've never looked at myself as a teacher. I look at myself like I have a script that I'm following of information that you need, but I'm going to make it entertaining. Jazz hands. Um, and also, I get it.

I get it. Yeah, and when I was at home, you know, I've got three little kids at the time, you know, I still do, but they were like little during COVID and I'm teaching and I got the kids at home and, you know, my husband wasn't here because he was working and I was working and everyone's hanging on me and I'm like, you know, life is too damn short to not do all the things.

Like, what the hell am I waiting for? You know, and the, The whole like, you know, recording myself for my students when I was like, here's a read aloud for the, for this book that we're reading. If you couldn't make it to the meeting because life and everything's kind of like a big fat suckage right now, you know?

So it was, it really reignited the thing in me that I felt a passion for when I was like 17 and 18 before I let everybody else get in my head and tell me why my dreams were silly. So that, that was really it, you know, like I, I had kind of like an epiphany and this year I was like, forget this man. I got to do it because life's short.

Yeah. Yeah. That was, that was what happened for a lot of people. I mean, you know, myself included, cause like, you, you know, a bit of my story. I know that people listen to the podcast. Definitely do too. If they've listened to some previous episodes and it's like, Life is weird. And even before the pandemic life was weird for me.

Cause it's like. You just never knew when a budget cut was going to happen. And for me, like, didn't matter what my ratings were. It didn't matter how many compliments I got or the quality of product I gave. The number next to my name, even if it was small, was just enough for them to cut. They were like, bye.

Uh, and three times in three years. So it's like, and I had been at two different stations in Albany. I had been at in station Boston and it's like, okay, well, I've picked up and kind of moved around here already. And it's like, well, now what? And part of me was like, I got to build something for myself. I said it then.

And I started a life coaching company at that point. And I just, I'm so busy now that I haven't had a lot of time for it. But in my mind, it was like, I need to build something for myself. And then the pandemic happened and life shifted a little bit for everybody started voice coaches. The last thing I ever expected was, Oh, you're going to do a lot of radio from home.

I didn't even think that was an option. Right. And now I'm building something for myself. I've said this. Like from the beginning of my career, it's like I've always said something out loud and then it actually happens whether I'm manifesting it or not. Oh, yeah. I just realized that what the path that the universe is going to be providing me.

Um, you know, you just, if you follow what what's like the, if you follow what's happening for you, like what's coming to you, like to guide you gently. You know, then, then forcing something, um, that's what's happening for you. It's like, you've had this tapping on your shoulder, you know, a long time, you know, you were looking at, you were looking at teaching like voice, uh, in so many ways and like entertaining.

And, and, you know, that's always been in the back of your mind. So now is the time, like now is, now is good. So when it comes to. When it comes to now having this demo recorded, I know you don't have it yet, but what are the thoughts in your mind? Like, what do you, what would you like for your future? Like, what, what do you think is going to be something that you're going to have the most fun with?

Um, I think just being able to, I got in the car after our session together, and I don't know if you, if you noticed, I was, I kind of came out, you know, maybe 10 minutes before you did, and I was still in the parking lot when you were leaving, because I sat in the car, and I started it, and I, I just like, Openly like started weeping, you know, because it was like so many years of waiting and I felt such such like a genuine Joy, it was like a like a very I could cry talking about it right now.

Um, it was so joyful So that's okay. We can turn this into an oprah moment if you'd like. I know Jump on the couch.

I already started kind of like looking at my business card, you know? And like the second I got home, I kind of kept my business card. What's my name going to be? What are we going to do? I can't wait for the demo to actually like be in my hands. And I already. I've started, you know, that, um, that networking process, uh, publishing companies, I've started reaching out to them because I've listened to some of those like slides when you have to sit and, you know, those professional development slides, you're like, Oh my God, this is terrible.

Oh, I want to stick a pencil in my ear. Like this is painful. So I'm really trying to kind of figure out where I, I really felt personally like being on the other side of something. Um, how it could have been more engaging. And that's the, the route that I want to go, like find a way to take, um, the things that I learned to the last almost 20 years as a teacher and how I can implement that.

And I, I really want to do something with audio books just because I love reading and I love reading aloud. Um, Because yeah, you know, the, the entertainer swinging the microphone in May, really like getting a reaction out of people, like, I like that joy, you know, like that's, that's everything, you know, for me.

Um, and so that's really like where I'm kind of looking to, to go with it. So I've started planting the seeds. Hoping that, you know, something sprouts. I know it's going to take time, you know, everything takes time. Yeah, but you plant the seeds and you water them, you know, you keep going back and you, you know, you update somebody or it's like, maybe you reached out and you didn't hear anything, but it's like, Hey, I just wanted to follow up and I did get my official demo.

So I wanted to make sure that you had it I send them to send it your way. So if you have a moment to listen, I'd love to hear your feedback like. I've been doing that from the jump, like, I mean, I'm still in school doing that kind of stuff, you know, and it's like, because of that, that's why I'm doing all the work that I am now.

I mean, a lot of that didn't, that didn't take hard work to get. It was like, somebody thought of me, and like, hey, send me a text, or they sent me an email, or all of a sudden they popped up on LinkedIn, or slipped into my DMs on Facebook, or, you know, something, and all of a sudden, it's like, that, that, That person has thought of me, the quality of product that I delivered.

Boom. You know, there's an opportunity. So like you made that happen though, you know, like you can't just sit back, you know, you have to get past the fear. Like, is someone going to say no, like, sure, sure. Someone's going to say no, but. That can't be the thing that makes you stop trying. I mean, if that's the case.

Well, I'll tell you this, like, when I had the last budget cut that I had was back in the fall of 19 and the moment that happened, like, I had come back home for a little while and, you know, every morning I would, I would take some time and I would send out a bunch of emails and it was just, I had a demo. I went to this database of radio programmers, which now is completely outdated because of COVID because so many people got fired.

Um, but you know, I went through this database and, and any city that I thought, you know what? Yeah, I would like to be there. I wouldn't mind living there. You know, I just sent out my stuff, sent out an email and what was actually kind of nice was. And what, what's really nice to hear is when people would take the time to listen and then they would reply and they'd say, listen, I don't have anything for you right now.

But I mean, you sound great. Like, you know, and they give me that feedback and like, whatever. And like, if I hear of anything, I'll let you know. And it's like, that's why you do it. You're getting the no. Right. But you're also. Getting some feedback and now that person has you in their mind if they hear anything, you know, so it's like, all right, cool.

Like, I don't mind that. That. No, sometimes it can hurt. It can suck. Especially if you've heard a million of them, but just the nature of it all. But it's not like a no, it's like a, not really. It can be, for sure. For sure. Yeah. And sometimes it leads to a yes and then you say no. I had that happen, I had an offer in Pittsburgh and I got to Pittsburgh and I was like, I don't know if I like it here.

It was a little too far away and it was a little... I'm not going to get any further than that, just in case somebody heard this thing and they're like, a jerk. But listen, I feel the same way about going down to Troy or something here in New York. Like, it's not exactly the most pleasant place. Uh, but, I want to ask, like, how old are your kids now?

So, I have three, um, they are seven, six, and four and a half. Do they have any idea or understanding of what mommy's been doing? Yeah, they do. Um, they do. It's, it's funny, because they're like, What's your job now? What are you doing now? Um, Wow, because you're actually four and a half years old. Oh, yeah. Well, you know, I mean, they are like me.

So, it's really interesting to have to deal with Oh, Jersey's in them too. Cool. But like, you know, so what was really sweet the other day, um, my husband did a lot of research on like at home studios and like what mics would be best and what would work with like the kind of, you know, tech that I have now.

And so this box comes, um, and there's like, Condenser microphones and he got me like a little like board, you know, so I have all this stuff and my kids are like, what is that? And I'm like, don't touch it. So, um, and I showed them that, you know, you took like two really cool pictures of me. Um, that like I love.

Um, and so I was, you know, I showed them cause they're like, mom, where are you going? And I'm almost like, I have work. Mommy has work. Mommy has work. And they're like, what's your work? I thought you were a teacher, you know, and I'm like. Well, I still do that, right? Like I do educational coaching and consulting.

So like, I, I do that still, uh, I'm a real estate agent. I do that. And I'm like, mommy's. Mommy is a voice actor. I'm saying that that's what I am. Cause that's what I am. Oh. And so it's, it's fun, but they asked me like, why do you, why did you change? And I'm like, you know what? Life is really short and you need to do the thing that makes you happy.

And I'm hoping that they see, you know, it doesn't matter how old you are. You cannot listen to what other people say people are going to try and get up in your ear and and really like poison the dream. Well, and don't let them do it, you know, and I I want to like lead by example, you know, I I left a job that was a stable.

Really great paying job, right? I knew your city board of education. It was fantastic. Um, but I, you know, I, I couldn't be here for my kids when I needed to be here. And I just, I needed that joy and I need them to know you, you have to feel. You have to feel the joy. You have to, have to, have to. It's, it is, it is key.

It's key. And, and it's up to you. You know, I've stated this over and over and over again, that you want to do this for fun. You want the money to be what, what just happens to be the benefit here. Um, the fun is what it needs to be. First and foremost, because then you put too much pressure on yourself as well.

You know, like, the thing is, too, is like, all of this is, is dependent on on you at the end of the day, too. It's like, if you get so frustrated, because you've heard no 6 times and you throw your hands up in the air, and then you just say, fine, I'm done. Okay, well, then you're stopping yourself from that potential career to begin.

I could have done that back in the 2020, in the fall of 2020. I could have been like, fine, I almost did. Uh, but Look what, look what I could have missed out on. I would have missed out on missing you or meeting you. That would have been terrible. And honestly, I know I said this so many, like you are, you are so like, just like a cool person, you know, and I, your direction was so clear, you helped me.

So much, I mean, and I just, I'm so appreciative that like you were my person in this experience because I, I, I can't imagine it having gone another way, you know, so I'm glad that you, that you did it, you know, on yourself because I'm learning so much from you. Well, I'm glad. I'm glad. I'll, I'll, I'll let that, like that compliment get me through the rest of my day.

Uh, but seriously, I mean, you know, it's like, you're the one who can stunt your own growth. You're the one who can stop something from happening. And I think that's what you're trying to instill in your, in your kids too, which is really important because life is short. And we didn't learn that in the last couple of years.

I don't know what the heck we did now, but we'll listen, Christina, you know, already it's like, whatever we can do to help you, you always reach out. Um, cause we're going to make sure that we can guide you and make you feel as comfortable as you can. You're never on the Island by yourself. Like I told you at the end of that demo, um, you know, we're always in your back pocket.

Um, same goes for anybody that's listening to the podcast. And if you got something that you want discussed info at voicecoaches. com. So you can send that our way and a brand new episode of voice coaches radio is coming next week. Stay safe.

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This week on Voice Coaches Radio, Marissa welcomes former student, Cristina Zawacki on to talk about putting her dreams and happiness first for the first time, in a long time!