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Voice Coaches Radio #540 – Finding YOU

Voice Coaches Radio. Everything voiceover. Welcome to a brand new episode of Voice Coaches Radio. My name is Marissa, hoping this is finding you well as we are definitely moving along through the summer. I, you know, hopefully you're staying cool. I know some parts of the country have been like brutally hot.

Uh, I know that more so because I'm on so many radio stations across so many different states right now that. I know more about the temperatures around the country than I even do around here, I think. It's kind of weird, but still, that's just, uh, the way I'm living these days. But, uh, you know, what was kind of fun recently, and you might get a kick out of this too, uh, you might get a little satisfaction just vicariously living through me, uh, but I took a little road trip.

I went back to Boston for just, uh, just, you know, a weekend, whatnot, and I was on my way back. And you know, I'm moving fast. You're going down 90 on the pike and like trying to get back towards Albany. And listen, I don't, I don't go the 65 mile an hour speed limit. That's just. That's just like posted just cuz you know, uh, I always go that, you know, five ten over like most people But I was probably going like a good 75 almost 80 and this person comes flying up, right?

And before you even say it, no, it was not a mass hole. Okay, I will just say that right now But they came flying up behind me scooted right around me, right? And like cut me off completely where I'm like, really? Really? Did that really just need to happen? Because like, there's so many open lanes right now.

I don't know why that just happened. A few minutes later, still driving down the pike. And uh, what do I see? But a cop has pulled this jerk over. I was like sweet jesus. It finally happened I got to witness somebody be such a jerk And then karma come back to bite them. So so quickly Oh god, you never get to witness that right the person who Totally gets right on your butt or the person who does cut you off or the one that's weaving in and out of traffic, being a complete jerk to everybody.

You never get to see the repercussion and then all of a sudden I got to see the repercussions and it was a beautiful, amazing, glorious thing that I will probably never ever witness again in my lifetime and I realized that. If anything, I'm going to be the one that gets pulled over for, I don't know, going too slow at some point because that's just how the world works.

But, um, but yeah, so that was. That was one of those moments where I almost wish I could get a trophy or like a little badge that said you witnessed this, you know, just so I could show off to my friends. Uh, but listen, when it comes to the world of voiceover, I, I mean, I don't have anything new really to report for myself other than, wow, I'm busy.

Uh, but you know, that's a good place to be, right? Like I've been doing a ton, ton of radio fill in, uh, when it comes to summertime. Cause you know, what people don't understand about radio. Is, you know, behind the scenes, we are told very specific things. When you are a full time radio employee, you are in that studio every single day and, and what not.

Um, you can only take vacation time certain times of the year. You know, that's why for years I was so limited. And, um, my, my friends would never really understand that. And I'm like, no, you're trying to book a trip in May. I, I can't. Like, we're in the middle of the Springs writing book. Or, no, I, I can't in October because...

You know, I would love to go to that Yankee or Red Sox game, but I can't take time off right now We are in the middle of our fall book, um, you know, it comes down to there are two major major ratings periods for radio and If if you're traveling chances are So are we because that is most likely not going to be Uh, one of those major rating periods but you know summertime around Christmastime, you know, that is when typically, you know, a radio personality is able to actually go ahead and try to enjoy themselves a little bit.

Uh, it does, you know, cause some issues too. It's like, hello, we get sick. Uh, but it's also been an industry of, I, I don't care what is happening with you. If you could open your mouth and make sense, then you are going to be the one that's coming in. So that, I mean, that's just the way I lived for so long, but, uh, obviously COVID has changed some of that.

Uh, but you know, for a lot of people right now, they are going on those summer vacations. And, uh, I am just kind of reaping the reward of getting some extra work for the summer. And man, I look at my calendar some days and I'm just like, wow, okay. Uh, that is. A lot of radio stations to be on in one day, but I am going to make it happen.

So, so hopefully you've got some work coming on in. You know, I have been also obviously coaching these classes here for voice coaches. And the thing is, is, you know, when you're new to the industry and you haven't really done anything like a lot of the same questions do tend to pop up, but I've gotten one recently.

And I guess it's kind of shocking to me that it, that it pops up because I'll be honest. Like, I mean, I'm, I would think that. You know, why would this even be a question? Like when it comes to scripts, you get in that studio, you get a script in front of you and you don't necessarily like how it's written.

Can you change it? I mean, the short answer. Nah, like, no, you're not the copywriter. Um, you know, you're, you're just the talent. You're like dance monkey dance. Um, you know, you're not there to rewrite, uh, what they have produced for you. Um, but you know, I will tell you, I think at the end of the day, it is a project by project basis.

You know, there's a lot of different. circumstances, especially with what I do, uh, in a lot of ways, because I, I do do commercial work for a station locally here in Albany. And in those cases, you know, when it is the radio station writing those commercials for maybe a local business or whatever the case might be.

You know, I got my guy who will send me something and I just record it on my free time. And there's been many, many, many, many, many times. I mean, I can't even tell you how many times that he has sent me something and it was supposed to be like 15 seconds or it's supposed to be 30 seconds. And I'm like.

Paul, this is, this is definitely not 30 seconds. This is definitely going to be 60. Like I can just tell by looking at it because I've been doing this so long. And, uh, you know, he'll just be like, Oh, just go ahead, Marcia. Just do, do it. Do your best with it. And I'm like, okay, fun. All right. Yeah. Uh, Let, let's see what I can do.

Let's see how fast I can do this and will it still sound okay? Oh, but you know, I, I remember very much So that one time where that definitely happened and my next thing was I sent him in the audio and the email back goes He's like, oh, you're right. They weren't six or they weren't thirties were they? I was like, oh my god, really hand palm, you know forehead, um, you know, but he said to me Feel free to edit what I send you.

I trust you. And first of all, thank you, sir. Thank you for trusting me. But I don't want to also be responsible for the, you know, the copy that's airing on your station because, you know, there's a lot of factors that go involved in that. I don't know what you promised the client. I have nothing that the client has given you, just what you've sent me, um, and I don't know what the most important parts of this truly are unless you tell me or the client tells me, and guess what?

I don't got time for that. Like you hired me to be the voice. So I don't want to edit your commercials. I just want you to send me stuff so I can be that monkey that'll dance. And maybe that's just me. Uh, but, or, you know, maybe you'll realize that as you go on. Uh, but, you know, I did have a student bring it up to me, and, I mean, it was just really funny, because we're on Zoom, and she's, you know, talking to me, but she's not looking at me right away, and I'm just over there shaking my head.

Nope, nope, you cannot edit that copy. Because think about it. I mean, that was somebody's job to write that script, most likely. For whatever you were hired, there was somebody's job that, that was to write The script that is in front of you. If it's a very big company, if it's a national brand, if it is a major market, chances are what you don't realize, even though you've gotten a copy of that script, maybe three days in advance, just because, you know, they wanted to have an opportunity to look at it, guess what?

They were still editing that. Long after they sent it to you and chances are you're gonna walk into that studio And they're gonna give you a fresh copy Because they have been editing and they have been nitpicking and they have decided these are the words That are gonna get their point across in the best of ways.

So can you edit a script? No, um, you know, there's different things that will pop up, like maybe during the session they realize like, man, you know what? It's not flowing like I thought it was going to, uh, even when I'm giving you some demonstrative direction, like it's still not, it's not flowing the way I envisioned this.

So let's go ahead. Let's try this out. Like they might start tweaking things, you know, in the session, or there might be a typo that they didn't pick up. Uh, for whatever reason. Um, you know, and they realize that in the session. So then, of course, they'll tweak that. But it's really not up to you. I mean, you really, at the end of the day, you are the talent.

You are not the copywriter. So, always, always, always remember that. You know, because the last thing that you want to do is step on anybody's toes. Right? Because you want to go in and give your best and you do your best with what is given and what is provided to you. So you can go ahead and continue to work with those people.

Um, you know, even if they continue to give you really poorly written scripts, they are still paying you. So take the money, deal with it, and run. Uh, but do not... that you're going to go in there and start rewriting copy for whoever hired you. Cause that is just, that is not going to go over very well. So listen, if you've got any other questions that you want us to dive into here on the voice coaches radio podcast, you just got to hit us up info at voicecoaches.

com. Um, you know what I'm realizing? I am like. to the world today and I hope that it was not incredibly noticeable today. So I apologize if I sound snotty. Uh, it's not intentional. I promise. But, uh, listen, enjoy the rest of your week. Keep enjoying the summer. Keep being safe. Keep staying cool. And I'll talk to you next week.

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