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Voice Coaches Radio #539 – Engagement 101

Voice coaches, radio, everything voiceover. Welcome to another episode of voice coaches, radio. My name is Marissa. We are a couple of weeks into July now and last episode, I did mention, you know, I had a couple emails kind of making fun of me, please, please don't make fun of my arthritis in my neck. Uh, I guess I should be okay with the fact, it's like if that's the one thing that I have to deal with from now on after getting hit in the head like I did, you know, it could be worse.

Um, I could not be here, so a little arthritis is okay. You know what I found that is absolutely amazing? If you have not tried CBD cream just yet, oh god, the creator is a god, I swear. I have to google who decided to, you know, put CBD into a cream because it is the most amazing invention. Like all of a sudden it's like you're in pain and then suddenly, eh.

Not so much. And, um, you know, there's probably at least one person who thinks that I'm getting high off of CBD cream. No, the THC is not in there, okay? I just want to clear that up real quick. Uh, though, though, that stuff is legal in New York, uh, medicinally. And, and otherwise, I think, but it's just not sold all over the place.

Not that I clearly have tried to investigate whatsoever. Ain't nothin like that been, uh, in my system. Uh, just, you know, CBD on the neck, because apparently I have problems these days. Uh, you know, one thing that I had brought up to me by a student, I just, you know, it was first class, it was like the first moments of interacting with her, and she instantly was like, You don't even have to tell me about you.

I love your energy. I love how excited you are. You're so engaging and that's really what I want to learn how to be better at is engagement. And I thought that would be a great topic for us to kind of just discuss a little bit because I think that is, that is a big challenge for a lot of people. And I think that is one of the, the big things that people notice about me right away is I talk differently than the average person that you kind of tune out.

And I think, you know, my radio career probably plays into that quite a bit, you know, because I've always had to kind of, you know, grab somebody's attention. And I've been in a room by myself always. Like, right now, I'm in a room by myself. Are you paying attention? Probably. Hopefully. Otherwise, what are we doing?

But, you know, my whole thing has always been... Well, I've got, I've got a little list, you know, I even wrote it out. I checked it twice. I'm like Santa here in the middle of July. Uh, but you know, for better engagement, I think things that you have to remember is, is your volume. Now listen, I'm not being super loud, but I'm also not like being really quiet.

Uh, you know, I'm not being really mild mannered and I'm not really holding back by any means. Um, you know, because when, When you start talking like this, it is soothing, sure, but it might actually put somebody to sleep. It's so soothing. And that might be usable in some cases. You know, if you're doing a meditation podcast or something, I'm not expecting you to necessarily sound like me.

That's okay. But I do, I do believe there is. There is that talking from your belly, right? That talking from your diaphragm that allows you to have that, um, That, oh God, you know what? Concussion brain. What is the word? That oomph, that gusto, you know? It allows you to, uh, like your voice to carry a little bit.

And you don't really need it to carry on a mic, but you do need to have That, um, that little bit of like crazy rollercoaster action, I feel like that happens when it's, you know, it's our, it's our volume, it's our pitch, it's those big peaks of change are what are pleasant to the ear in a lot of cases, um, you know, and it doesn't work for every type of voice, but when you want to have better engagement, maybe in a speaking engagement, when it comes to maybe being on stage, stage, or when it comes to speaking for a class or a presentation or those kinds of things, you know, you being a little bit more over the top, if you will, is, is usually kind of what does it that, I mean, listen to me, I'm ridiculous sometimes it's fine.

Uh, but it does come back to that. It comes back to the volume. It comes back to. So now holding back and allowing yourself to just be, uh, you know, and the next part about this is something that I was just hitting on and that's that roller coaster action. You know, a lot of us will not even pay attention to how we speak, right?

And I have students tell me they're, they'll, they'll be like, well, I, I don't think I do that. I don't think I do that with my, my pitch or I don't think that I am all over the place with my volume. And here's the thing. If you're not doing those things. Then, then, yeah, you are a big dull dud, you're probably pretty monotonous.

I mean, people that have no fluctuation, they sound like this, they sound like a robot, they just, they sound like they're unenthusiastic about anything in the world, and they, they, they, they don't have any emotion whatsoever. Um, you know, but... That's why, you know, when I start doing that to somebody, they're like, Oh, well, I don't sound like that.

It's like, no, no, you don't. I know that because I'm listening to you and I can hear the use of all of these things when somebody is speaking, but it's also because I know to pay attention for them now. And it's a lot easier for me to point it out and be like, well, listen, you know, the example I always give is me.

I'm the crazy wooden roller coaster in the back of six flags. You know, like I tend to have. crazy ups and downs. Um, you know, and that I think is what allows me to have that, that almost animated sound, but it's, it grabs you, you know, it grabs your attention. Some people, they do have this kind of pitch play and stuff, but it's at a much lower, smaller scale.

And I like to call that the little kitty wooden roller coaster in the front of the, you know, uh, amusement park. Well, it's not wooden probably. And it's, It's, you know, it's a lot smoother of a ride, uh, but you know, it's, it's less drastic. And listen, there is room for all of us, but if you want to be more engaging, I think you find that happy medium.

You allow yourself to step outside that comfort zone a little bit so you can have that comfortable medium. You know, you don't have to be as drastic as I am, but you'd also don't want to be super soft spoken because then what's going to happen is. You know, people are going to potentially tune you out, depending on what it is.

Um, now, the other thing that, I mean, it's so important, is, I mean, and I've been told this too, you always seem like you're having the best time. Yeah, it's probably because of the ridiculous smile that's on my face, almost always. You know, when I know that I am about to put on a show, if you will, oh, I can turn it on and off when I choose, and I turn it on and I put it up to ten, and that smile is big.

Uh, it's like always on my face. And it's really just because it's so required in the field that I've been in for so long that, you know, the more you do anything, the more natural it becomes. And in my case, it just takes over everything. So I could be mad at the world. You're never going to know. It's fine.

Uh, so get that big smile on because it does go a long way. Now, the other thing, the other thing, this is so important. Are you ready? This is the most important thing that you can do for yourself in, in your engagement. Be. B U. I'm sorry. Did you write that down? Did you get that? B U. And it's not like the letter B and the letter U.

I'm saying B E Y O U. Be yourself. Uh, you know, a lot of people, they try to be something else. They try to be as professional as possible, or they try to be proper and blah, blah, blah. And I mean, In some career, in some professions, maybe that's what's needed, but the moment you start to show a little personality is when all of a sudden people are like, Oh, wow, she's just like me, or he's just like me, um, you know, and you get to relate to that person, the relatability factor is so big, you know, when you get to, you know, be silly, you just even a little bit, it really does allow Oh.

You know, some brightness to what you're doing and maybe what you're doing is something that's a little bit on the serious side. You know how good it is to throw in something a little lighthearted and make that thing maybe not so intimidating? It is an amazing, uh, change, you know? So, again, these few things that I'm mentioning, it's your volume.

You know, it is the kind of... You know, musical rollercoaster ride that you're taking us on along the way with the volume and with your pitch play. It comes back to that big smile so you can be friendly and welcoming and you know a little bit Just a little bit more excitable. Um, and then you be you. I mean, be as you as you possibly can be.

Because when you bring it all together, is when, is when beautiful things really start to happen. I guess I should probably add in there, relax. I mean, you know, sometimes, if you're in front of a bunch of people, trying to perform something, it's like you get a little... little high anxiety and and that that in itself can make it so it's just tough overall to to boost yourself up you know just take some deep breaths do you know you best do you like if you got to meditate or something before you go ahead and you do some projects so you can relax and just be calm and and you um then then do that but i know that these are the things that i always do uh and and i get that Comment quite often, like, how can I have more engagement like you?

Uh, and it is probably one of the nicest compliments that somebody can give me, uh, just because I have worked so hard on my craft for so long. So hopefully these things will help you in your engagement as well. And we move right along. Happy 4th of July, by the way, a belated, I know that there were a lot of.

Fireworks and celebrations that happened over the last week. Hope that you had a great time and we're gonna have more topics to discuss coming up next week. [email protected] if you do have something that you would like, uh, discussed or, or talked about. And, uh, yeah, I look forward to tackling some more topics.

So let's do it. Have a great rest of your week and keep being safe.

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This week on Voice Coaches Radio, Marissa talks about something she’s had brought up quite a bit: “How can I be as engaging as you are?” Well, there are a few things on the list that can help!