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Voice Coaches Radio #537 – Hey Shawty, It’s My Birthday

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Welcome to a brand new episode of Voice Coaches Radio. My name is Marissa. Today is kind of a special day. And I mean, maybe it is for you too. I don't know, whatever you're doing here on a, on a random Friday, uh, wherever you might be. Uh, but for me. Today's my birthday, uh, and, I don't know, I feel like there's always something special that happens on everybody's birthday when, when they work here at Voice Coaches, and I just, uh, I don't know, I wanted to start it off, you know, strong, so I went and I actually stopped and got cupcakes this morning, so, I don't know, you know, I feel like it's a day full of surprises.

Sweets a day full of surprises, and I'm just kind of I'm excited to see what happens and obviously birthday weekend. Hello You know, I'm gonna be partying all dang weekend because I can So, you know, I wanted to try to dive into some student questions today and just kind of see you know What maybe has been bouncing around in your head when it comes to voiceover?

So let's go ahead and let's just see what the doors opening. Hold on Will, what, uh, what brings you into the studio today? This is not normal. Hey, Marissa. Yeah, super swamped, but I heard there were some cupcakes here. Uh, I might just grab one and go real quick. Is that, is that cool? I mean, you're not busy.

You got nothing. No, I got, I mean, it's just the podcast. It's fine. Uh, but you brought Marcy in. I mean, Marcy's been on the podcast accidentally a few times. Oh, she, she's a rising star. She loves to share her voice. I have never seen her this lethargic before. It's usually full of pep and there she is. When she actually gets in the studio, she's quiet as a mouse.

Which is amazing to me. So before you hop on out of here, tell me, uh, let, let's let the podcast listeners know, what does Will do here at Voice Coach? I mostly specialize in client services, which just means making sure everything from, uh, The beginning of your first class to the end goes smoothly for students.

Uh, I help book a lot of the introductory classes for all of our students. So I'm probably, uh, hopefully one of the reasons why you're pursuing a voiceover career today. Yeah, we do have a lot of people that I know that when I all of a sudden pop up on Zoom doing a class, they're like talking to me for a few minutes and then it all clicks and they're like, Wait a minute.

Your voice does sound familiar. Um, so it is it is uh kind of funny and you know what i'm sure that you've you've helped plenty Uh in their beginnings and you're the guy with all the answers So I I wouldn't call myself a guy with all the answers. I just have enough answers to enough random things Okay.

Well, you know it works it works. Okay. Well, I guess um Go get your free cupcake. Yeah, thanks. No, you're super welcome. I'm just really busy and, uh, you know, we just got to keep working today. It's one of those days. It's a Friday. I know. Exactly. You got to wrap it up before the weekend. Just a typical Friday.

So you know how it goes. No, you're right. It's just, uh, it's just another typical Friday. You're right. Nothing else is going on. Okay. He's gone. So where were we? We were going to talk about, uh, student questions. And I do have one that is from Tony, and he is, what, the door is opening again. Laura, Laura Nelson, what are you doing?

How's your Friday going? I might as well ask. It feels like a Monday. Pull out some vodka or something? Yeah, that'd be great. You know, normally people don't just keep walking in while I'm doing the podcast, but, uh, what, what brought you to the studio today? Um, I saw you walk in with cupcakes, and I was just wondering what was going on, you know.

We like our sweets around here, so. No, um. I mean, I, I guess I, I just, I wanted to fill everybody's sweet tooth craving. There you go. Yeah, no, that was, that was definitely all that's going on today. Uh, all right. Well, I mean, while I got you here, tell, tell anybody that might be listening, like, what do you do here at Voice Coaches?

I am the administrative director. What, what does that fancy title mean? I do scheduling and... Billing, and I work with studios all over the country. I work with all of our instructors here. I'm just like, shooting your random text message at 8 o'clock like, Hey, you know, I'm not sure if this student is gonna show.

We'll track him down. Ha ha ha ha! Uh, well, thank you for all you do, Laura. Cause I, I know that you have like a lot of stuff that you juggle. And it's a, it's like you, you deal with everybody's stuff. Schedules and it is a giant puzzle to put together and it's not always easy. I do call it the puzzle. So, so I guess, you know, my, my thank you is, is, are the cupcakes that I brought in today.

Thank you. It's the only reason that the cupcakes came in. Have a nice day. Yeah. Oh gosh. Okay. I'm starting to feel like everybody may have forgotten. Is that, is that weird to think that? I mean, usually they have it right on the calendar or something, but, uh, I'm not going to let this distract me. We're going to just keep moseying along with the podcast and the door is opening again.

Jordan. Jordan. Yeah. Let me guess, Cupcake Warrior? It's not anybody's birthday or anything. Yeah, I was actually wondering if they might have been for me, because mine's actually on the 22nd, so... Oh, your birthday's the 22nd? Yeah! Um, then, uh, yeah, sure. Yeah, no, I brought them in for you, it's fine, yeah. Is it your birthday?

Fine, I mean, I'll, I'll let the cat out of the bag. Uh, but yeah, no, today is mine, yeah. So look at us, we're like... Cancerians, uh, or whatever the heck we would call that. I think that's what it is, yeah. Astrology stuff. I mean, don't, don't feel like you have to spread the word in the office. The day does not have to be all about me, it is fine.

Um, it can actually, it should be all about you. You know, you're, you're our like I don't know, my ego's not that big. Well, yeah, but you're like our photographer extraordinaire, I mean I just take photos, I'm in the background. Yeah, like, fill us in on exactly what Jordan does every day. You'll come in, like, during the demo sessions when we have students, like, in person, um, you know, who usually, they're standing where you are right now, and, uh, I'm like, alright, hold up, uh, we gotta, we gotta make you a celebrity real quick, and I'm like, our, our amazing gentleman Jordan is going to take pictures of you.

Yeah, it's gotta, just thinking about it like that, it's just, it's interesting actually being in the booth. Like, I've been in here once before. I know, you're on the opposite side now. How does that feel? Uh, a little different, because you know, I'm usually standing like in front of them, like, taking photos.

So it's like usually like just one or two because like I kind of know exactly what I'm looking for. I kind of have it so like there's a little bit of a expression in the hands and then they kind of make it look like engaging for the social media post. But I also do like video and I do like websites. I do a lot of graphics for the Well, the bands that we have on the label and then I do a lot of, like, VoiceCoach's stuff.

Sometimes I'm helping, like, manage ads with, uh, Wilhan. I feel like, uh, anybody that has, like, seen, you know, our, any, any kind of, like, ad for us that maybe pops up on Instagram or Facebook, um, it's really just because Jordan has gotten into your brain and has realized that you have such a love for voiceover that it has to come up on your feed right now.

Yeah. That, I mean, you're, you're just messing with the algorithm for the moment. Yeah, we do a lot of like A B testing. There's probably a lot of students that are coming in recently, started by finding one of the ads that we had online. Yeah, and, and you just, you, again, you got right in their brain. Yep.

What am I thinking right now, Jordan? Cupcakes. Oh, that's creepy, man. But all right, go ahead. Go enjoy your Friday. Go enjoy your birthday. Have a great birthday weekend. Yeah, you as well It's so great that we both have it on the same time. I know And would you look at that as Jordan is leaving somebody somebody is creeping back into Laura Graver I'm sensing you're sensing things.

Yeah What do you sense? I don't know some sort of bakery baked goods something. Oh, yeah, that's it. Okay. Oh, oh, are those like They actually are mermaid cupcakes. I thought, you know, let's be fancy on a Friday. I mean, I love me a fancy Friday. Okay, well, you definitely can have a cupcake. Don't, funny, because like usually I do the podcast by myself and all of a sudden, you know, literally every single human that works in this building is coming out of every nook and cranny.

Uh, it turns out for cupcakes has nothing to do with me. Uh, but I know what you do here. But tell the listening folk what, what you do at voice coaches. So I do a lot of different things, um, besides eating the cupcakes. Mm. Um, you know, I do some of our outreach program. I teach some of our introductory workshops.

I also am a coach here. Yeah. You and I are like the fe, I don't know if I should say this on the ba, on the podcast, but you we're like the female. Badass coaches here. We kind of are though, so... I'm gonna put an explicitary situation on the title of a, uh, you know, uh, warning. Warning. Parental advisory.

Parental advisory. There we go. Parental advisory, yeah. We are a little badass. I own that. I own that. I will own that title until I die. I'm just saying. What's your favorite part of working here? You know what? I kind of love our, I mean... I love my students. I love talking about voiceover. I love teaching them about voiceover.

I love honing the technique and working with them and seeing them develop. But I also kind of adore our team. I think we have a pretty, and I'm going to say it again, we're going to, you know, more explicit stuff. Parental advisory. We got a kind of badass team. Yes, we are the badass female producers, but we got kind of a kick ass team.

I will say this too, like, I, I feel like this, you don't see it often in offices, but it is very female heavy in here. I'm about it though. A lot of estrogen, but a lot of like cool, like, you know, strong women. I'm all about that environment. I got to say, I mean, Uh, everyone who, everyone at the office knows how much I love my gym, so a shout out to my gym power, um, and we're very female heavy.

I'm about it. I'm like female energy, you know, who runs the world, you know, girls, girls, hashtag Beyonce. All right, well, thanks for stopping in. And I'm gonna run in and just just grab a cup was not just the cupcakes. I came in to say hi. Sure. I totally 100% believe you. Yes. Yes. Well, cool. Well, uh, you enjoy your fri yay.

Yeah, it is very much a fri yay. I will, I will agree with that. Okay. All right. Bye, Graver. Okay. What a day, man. I, you know, uh, I, I don't think I'm getting to any student questions today. I mean, based on the time we're already here in the podcast and Wait a minute! What, what's going on? Marissa! Yeah. It's your birthday.

I mean, I just looked at the schedule. I thought maybe Facebook told you. It didn't blow my cover? I haven't looked at that yet. Happy birthday. Thank you. I should have brought you cupcakes. Listen, I just, I thought I'd bring in cupcakes to celebrate and I thought, you know, maybe, maybe somebody like tips somebody else off and.

And then it just seemed like everybody forgot there for a while, so. Well, it's early yet. I would have figured it out sooner. I think everybody had to have their coffee first, you know? That's true. Well, thank you for running in and remembering, because I truly thought that everybody just kind of forgot, so.

You're welcome. And you know what? I'm just gonna go celebrate now, so that will do it today for the podcast. Even though there really wasn't, sorry, I'm just going to apologize, but it's my birthday. So you're just going to have to deal with it. A new episode of voice coaches radio coming at you next week.

You got anything that you want us to discuss? I promise I will keep talking about actual things. Info at voicecoaches. com. Have a fantastic weekend. Keep being safe. I'll talk to you soon. Visit voicecoaches. com for more voiceover news and information.

This week on Voice Coaches Radio, Marissa is celebrating her birthday and attempting to dive into a student/listener question…but, something keeps happening.