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Voice Coaches Radio #531 – AI: We Come In Peace

Voice Coaches Radio. Everything voiceover. Hey there, welcome to Voice Coaches Radio. My name is Marissa. Here we go, and another week has gone by, so another episode is upon us, and here we are mid May already, which, I mean, my grandmother just celebrated her 90th birthday, which, I mean, we just had a big party and everything.

That was a ton of fun, and she was very surprised. You know, I, I had this opportunity. Where I reached out, I'm friends with this guy who used to be on American Idol, and she absolutely loves him. Like, we've hung out with him multiple times over the last few years, and he kinda looks at her like she's his grandmother in a lot of ways.

And, uh, you know, I remember the very first time that we met him, he looked right at her and he goes, Can I call you Nana? And it was probably the sweetest thing i've ever seen in my life, but she is just always says that he's her boyfriend so I was able to uh Get a little video from him to wish her happy birthday and she's been completely over the moon ever since so Yeah, I don't know if he even realizes the day that he made, but he totally did.

And if you want to look him up, by the way, his name is Trent Harmon. He is a sweetheart of a guy. He's incredibly talented, and I don't feel like he's been given the credit or the career that he deserves. His debut album is fantastic. So again, Trent Harmon, if you like country or country that's a little bit pop leaning, then you would definitely.

like his, his album. It's, it's so, so good. And he's just, yeah, he's just a really genuine, nice guy. But so that was what we did this past week, celebrated my Nana and, uh, and the big nine Oh, but whatever you're doing in your world, I hope everything is going great. And, uh, and you're not, you know, finding too much struggle when it comes to the world of voiceover.

I was listening to this podcast recently, this episode, and it was talking about the fact that. There's artificial intelligence making its way into the voiceover world and that can sound frightening You know that can that can sound like wait, are they gonna steal our jobs, too? Is this gonna be like Suri just taking over the world and remember Suri was a real person But still like in this case, this is basically a robot sounding so much like a human that they're able to do voiceover.

And here's the thing, what, what artificial intelligence really can't do that a human can is the emotion behind it, right? It's, it's the acting that goes into it. It's the feeling that goes into it that a true human needs to be able to present. And there's always that worry that As technology grows and gets better and better, you know, will robots, artificial intelligence, be able to do this kind of thing down the line?

And I mean, maybe. Like, listen, we never thought that we'd get to this point, right? I mean, if you think way back to, I mean, I wasn't alive when it happened, but, you know, like even in the fifties, computers probably seemed like, That's, that's, uh, you know, sci fi. That can't be real. We're not gonna have electric cars.

We're, we're not gonna have, you know, phones in our pockets. Like, that's, that's some James Bond kind of stuff. Like, that's not real. And then here we are. And, uh, we're able to, you know, scroll across the internet in the middle of a deserted highway. You know, it's, it's... It's crazy what technology has brought us, but it's also, it's also done a lot of really positive things, you know, so it's, it's this weird catch 22 to be in the middle of, you know, because it does do so many amazing things for us.

It's allowed the world of voiceover to be become a lot. easier of an industry to be a part of, you know, because you can really do it from anywhere and you can do it from the comfort of your home. If you get the studio space into the quality that you need to. And it's a lot easier, easier to even do that, you know, to make the studio space sound as professional as it can these days.

So it's definitely served us. in a lot of really positive ways over the last, you know, a couple decades, but could AI start to hinder that for us a little bit? Maybe. I think it's a ways off. I'll be honest. You know, I think that's, that's still a ways, ways off, but here's what I can compare it to just in my own And my own personal experience and my, my own career of, of radio and the fact that I've been doing that for so long now, when I broke into that back in 2004, when I first, you know, took that step in, that's when Sirius was starting to be a big thing.

You know, here we were with, um, you know, it was satellite radio. They thought that was going to kill terrestrial radio. And you know what? I gotta be honest. I don't think you heard it at all. In fact, how often do you see it where Sirius is like calling you up and trying to give you like, I don't know, six months for free or six months for three dollars and then you go to cancel and they're like, well, we'll give you another six months for just three bucks.

You know, it's because it's not doing what they thought it was. I don't care how many big name celebrities you get on a platform, it does not mean that people are going to only focus on that and only utilize that. You know, that's why terrestrial radio, as much as people don't want to deal with commercials, it's free and it's in your car and it's easily accessible.

And that's still where a lot of people get their new music on the regular. You know, if anything, what's hurt terrestrial radio over the years is just the fact that there are so many different types of platforms. And that again, that goes with technology growing. So, You know, now it's like you've got Spotify, and you've got Pandora, and you've got, um, just all these different avenues to stream different radio stations, uh, across the country, so it takes away from the local, you know.

So, that's where, that's a great example of how it can take away, potentially, from the initial monster. Uh, that, you know, was the only thing to where we are now. Uh, you know, but same thing can potentially happen with voiceover. Yes. I mean, right now it is all about the human, right? It is all about you and the talent that you bring, the skill that you bring and the emotion and the, you know, the, the charm and whatever else could technology grow eventually.

To take away from that maybe a little bit but you grow with that technology instead of feeling like oh god I'm, just gonna throw my hands up and give up i'm gonna go and do something else you grow with it You always want to keep Um, being like that chameleon that you can just kind of keep pivoting, you know, to, to be like, how can I, how can I utilize this to my advantage rather than how is this going to hurt me?

You know, like, uh, the example that was given in this podcast that I heard was actually a really good one. I mean, you think about it, like who says that you can't be the one that they utilize your voice for that AI, you know, maybe you go and you voice a whole bunch of different stuff. And now that's how they end up.

You know, busting out a whole bunch of different stuff, um, just like they have with Suri. You know, that, that woman went in one day and she just recorded a whole bunch of things that she didn't even know what they were being used for. And next thing you know, her voice is being used like, like it's real.

All over the place for things she never really recorded at first, you know, as a whole, but now it's got her saying sentences that, you know, or jokes or whatever that, that, uh, it was just little bits and pieces of what she had initially recorded. So it's like, who says that can't be you too? You just, you always have to pivot and you have to be that chameleon because, yeah, I mean, who's saying that this is completely going to take over in a negative way?

There could always be positives to the circumstances. It goes back to last episode, right? I don't want your glass to be half empty. I want that glass to be half full and you know people my friends have been like well You you can't always be the overly optimistic person. I'm like, well, why not? Why not? It served me well, you know, I'm not gonna say that it doesn't hurt me at some points but it's definitely the reason why I've I think been able to bounce back in all the ways that I usually do if I get knocked down, you know, always look outside the box.

Always think a little bit differently than the person next to you because it's only going to help you. It's only going to benefit you realizing how you can keep growing and you can fit with how technology changes things. It is always possible. So don't think that when a new piece of technology is introduced and there's that, that one person that's like that naysayer who's like, well, well, there goes the voiceover industry.

That's not necessarily the truth. You know, there's always ways to work around. You know what? I can give you the biggest example right now. As much as I don't like that live and local radio when it comes to terrestrial radio is very few and far between right now. I'm benefiting from that because I'm doing four different radio stations, um, potentially more than that right now based on, you know, how far in advance I'm actually recording this episode.

Uh, you know, I I'm, I'm able to benefit from the recording and the technology and getting my voice on a bunch of different radio stations across different states. And it's only because. of the technology that's involved, you know, and my skill is being utilized because I can make myself sound like I'm there.

It's all about immersing yourself in the local community. How did you do that? You do that in so many different ways. Maybe check out their local news. You check out all of the different sites locally for them, for whatever that community might be, and you can still sound like you're there even without being there.

So that is just one example of how sure, technology has changed things, and you know, it might take away from whatever the initial, uh, you know. technology was, you know, the, the initial way of radio was the initial way of voiceover being done, but you grow with it, you grow with it and you use it how you can, whatever benefits you in the long run, uh, because there's always ways to pivot and there's always ways to be a part of it.

So don't. Don't be the naysayer be the positive thinker and there's always ways to keep growing in this industry So we'll be tackling some more episodes coming up and of course your topics your questions Feel free to send them in at info at voice coaches calm. Another new episode is coming your way next week.

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This week on Voice Coaches Radio, Marissa chats about how AI voice over may be coming, but will it take over completely?