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Voice Coaches Radio #530 – 5 Things You Must Do

Voice coaches, radio, everything voiceover. Welcome to a brand new episode of voice coaches radio. My name is Marissa and a happy Cinco de Mayo to you, or at least, you know, the day after, or, you know, we've talked about this before. You could be listening in the middle of July and I'm still going to tell you to celebrate Cinco de Mayo because I mean, duh.

Really? Who doesn't want to have margaritas all the time? Or, or tacos? You know, some people limit tacos to just Tuesdays, and those people I don't understand. It's kind of like when people don't like dogs. Those are the people you shouldn't trust. Yeah, the people who limit tacos to Tuesdays. I'm just saying.

But hopefully this is finding you well, and you are celebrating in the best of ways regardless. It is five o'clock somewhere, and it is Cinco de Mayo somewhere too, um, but because it is Cinco de Mayo, I thought we'd break things down a little bit today when we start talking about voiceover, and like, the five things you must do.

Of course, these are the five things that Marissa thinks you must do as I speak in the third person here, because I can, uh, but, uh, you know, a lot of people that get into this and, you know, they kind of feel like they get It's kind of like when you're working out and like you've been doing so well and you hit these weight loss goals, but then all of a sudden it kind of plateaus and you're really just, you're stuck.

You don't know how to keep going and how to keep progressing and how to keep moving forward. But you know, really it does come down to these same five things. Uh, again, we're not talking about working out anymore. We're talking about voiceover because these aren't going to help you gain, you know, get your gains.

Uh, these are going to help you get your gains in one field. And that is why we're all here and what we all love. And that is the field of voiceover. So, you know, when I was looking at it, uh, and just looking at my own career and things that I've done, right, it really comes down to, are you ready to make your list?

Well, we're going to start at one by one. I don't want to like give you all of it at once here, but the first thing, is you must tell everyone. And I know that there's times where you kind of think like, I don't want to be that person. I don't want to push my, my thing on anybody else. And, um, I don't, I don't know if it makes sense to bring up to this person.

Like they don't have anything to do with that, but. You just really never know, let's face it. I mean, I always tell people, you know, when, when they're wrapping things up for a demo or, you know, they're getting ready to venture out into the field, it's like, you might tell somebody just a random friend, like, Oh my God, I'm so excited.

I like, you can't even believe what I'm about to do and what I, you know, just did. I was just in this recording studio and they might just be like. Oh. My. God. Like, I didn't realize this was something that you do. Like, you know what, I've got a friend, he's got this business, he might be able to use you. Can I pass along your info?

Listen, you're never going to say no to that, right? I mean, even if you're just cutting a commercial for them, or, you know, maybe it's a little bit... Bigger of a company. They need training videos done or Maybe there's some kind of display in their store that requires voice like there's so many different Opportunities that people don't really think of especially when you're new in this industry.

Let's face it. I mean we aren't Maybe well suited to know where voices really are because today they're everywhere. It could be anything like just that example I gave you. It's like it could be a commercial. It could be a training video. Heck, it could be just, you know, something displayed in their store.

It could be their voicemail. It could be something for their website. Like look at all the opportunity that could be there with just one person. That is why it is so incredibly important to go and tell. Everyone, because it's like, you know, you have your inner circle, of course, to start, but then you've got their inner circle.

And who knows who's in their inner circle? I always like to say, you know, there's, there is that six degrees of separation, right? Everybody knows everybody. And that sounds silly and it sounds like that can't be true. There's like 8 billion people on the planet, but like, I'm one person away from Ryan Seacrest.

That sounds ridiculous, but it is very much true because of just the radio industry and how immersed I've been within it for the last almost 20 years. You know, I know somebody who knows him, you know, and I know somebody who's worked with him or for him. Uh, you know, it's. It's, it's such a small world and we really all do end up kind of being able to be able to help each other as we go through this process.

So first and foremost is you want to tell everybody and anybody. Now the second part of this. In our, in our five piece little series here, uh, is, is research locally. You know, a lot of people, they get into this and they immediately will be like, well, should I get an agent? No, I've been doing this forever.

And I don't even have an agent. There's only one time. that I thought maybe I should, and it was when I was about to get into contract renegotiation when I was in Boston. And that's a major market, right? Like that is a different animal that I just felt like, you know, maybe now is the time. And then, and then I was a budget kid anyway, so it didn't matter.

I didn't have to navigate that, but that's the wild world of radio, so don't worry about that. That's not happening to you. But, you know, a lot of people will think, you know, do I need to get an agent? And you know, the reality is no, I mean, the best thing that you can really do for yourself is build these relationships on your own, because if you have that relationship with somebody right there in your local community.

Guess what? They don't want to go searching for somebody else. If they like the product you delivered, they're probably going to stick with you. And, you know, people, too, they don't like change, so they're also not going to want to find somebody else just because of that. Uh, you know, so if they're, if they're satisfied enough with the product that you're delivering, that could be a very long lasting relationship.

That is why it is so important to research locally. And you know what I had to say? Student recently mentioned to me, somebody that's already kind of gone through the voice coaches program. And, you know, they've been kind of almost stalling in, in their research because they were worried, Hey, we've been in a pandemic.

These businesses have been suffering. You know, I don't want to take their hard earned money. And it's like, Whoa, Whoa, Whoa, wait a minute. Wait a minute. You're, you got to think outside the box here. Okay? You're not taking their money. You're enhancing their business. To, to then allow them to potentially make more money.

And get their name out there to more people who may be Didn't hear about them because they weren't doing much during the pandemic, but now they are. You've got to think about how you can help somebody rather than hinder them. And you know what, they're going to be helping you at the same time, you know, so don't think that you're hurting anybody.

You know, you are bringing a quality service to their business that can then help elevate them. Always, always think about the positive. And don't think about that glass being half empty. Okay. So you want to research locally. That is the second part. Now the third, You ready you writing this down? All right, cool.

Uh, so the the next part of this is you want to reach out And you want to follow up, you know, you are going to go ahead and you're going to do your research locally, and you're going to then be trying to get your name out there and, and, um, you know, build these relationships with these local business owners or just local community people.

And the best thing that you can do is you can reach out, you can introduce yourself, you can send along some information and you know what, if they don't get back to you right away, that's okay. You know, first of all, we're all super busy, um, you know, and, and life is just, it's a little nutty sometimes and some people are not as organized as, as say I am, uh, or you are.

So what you might want to do is you reach out and then like a month later, just follow up. You know, uh, but if you don't follow up, that might be the end of it. So you want to make sure that you reach out, you follow up, and just keep on going. You know, go and find the next person to reach out to. But you just never know, again, who's going to be able to utilize you.

And you never want to think that you're going to take away from whatever they're doing. You're enhancing it. So reach on out. And let them know how you can help them and, uh, you know, just tell them a little bit about you, build that personal relationship so it can turn professional. Now, the fourth thing here is, is auditioning.

You're going to want to audition and it's whatever, and wherever and however you feel ready and comfortable. You know, there are a lot of different ways to, to go about finding different work. Um, and I always feel like, you know, if you can find some stuff with some reputable sites online, it's not the worst thing in the world because If anything, it's a learning experience.

You know, every single audition is a learning experience. If you don't get the job, it doesn't matter. I mean, yes, sure. You want to get the job, you want to get paid, but. It's allowing you to grow at the same time. So if you're, you've got to always look at it. See what I'm doing here? I'm not looking at the negative where it's like, Oh, well, I didn't get the job, man, I'm feeling so down about myself.

I'm looking at it in the way of, I just learned a little bit more. I learned a little bit more about myself. I learned about. Maybe some strengths and weaknesses by doing this audition and now how I can try to grow within that You know and sometimes we don't get audition. Uh, we don't get the the job because They just already found what they were looking for.

You know, I'll give you a perfect example a few weeks ago I auditioned for three books in one day. I heard back. No from two of them right away You know what that means? I don't even think they had time to listen to that audition. Based on the, the turnaround time. I think they already found what they wanted, and they just denied every single other human that went on audition for it.

So it had nothing to do with me. And you know what? Even if it does have something to do with you, They, they might, you know, just be allowing you to realize, okay, well, I'm not ready for this project. That's okay. I'll keep growing. Or maybe, maybe they liked your audition. Maybe they're holding onto you for something else down the line.

You have no idea what's happening on that other end. So just keep auditioning and keep going. Now the fifth part about this. Repeat, repeat everything that I just said. Uh, you're going to want to tell everybody, you know, if you already feel like you told everybody, do it again. Let everybody know what you're doing, what your progress has been, you know, what you're doing to continue to grow.

And, and then, you know, get back to part two, start researching again, locally, maybe there's some new businesses that popped up. Maybe there's people that you overlooked the first time, you know, but reach out locally, research, um, research locally. And then the next part about that is, you know, just my misspeak there, it is reaching out, reach out, follow up, audition.

And repeat. This is the process that you want to keep doing. These are the five must do things, because if you don't, if you stop, guess what, your progress stops. So keep following the five and keep going and keep growing. It's, you know, the jobs will come. The jobs will come. Everything in between is just learning and growing.

That's all it is. So happy Cinco de Mayo. Happy, um, Cinco de Julio. I don't know whenever you're listening. All right. But enjoy, uh, enjoy the rest of your week, the rest of your weekend, whatever might be to come. And we're going to have more episodes of voice coaches radio on the way. If you've got a topic you want me to tackle, please, please reach out info at voice coaches.

com. And, uh, yeah, we'll have more episodes coming at you next week. Have a great rest of your week, guys. Stay safe, and I'll talk to you next week. Visit voicecoaches. com for more voiceover news and information.

This week on Voice Coaches Radio, Marissa tackles the 5 things you must always do to stay in ahead of the game…