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Voice Coaches Radio #524 – Women’s History Month

 Voice coaches, radio, everything voiceover. Welcome to a brand new episode of voice coaches radio. My name is Marissa hoping this is finding you well, uh, you know, wrapping up another week here in, in March of 2022. I mean, I feel like, first of all, the year is flying by it's. It's kind of frightening in a lot of ways, uh, but, you know, as we get a little bit closer to April, I mean, first of all, it's officially spring.

That doesn't necessarily feel it, but it's going to start feeling like it so much more. And this is going to make me such a, like a happier individual, you know, cause I just, I don't like being cold and I'm going to be honest, it could be 80 degrees outside and I end up in the shade and guess what? I'm shivering cause I got problems, you know, I don't, I don't know why, uh, but it's.

It's one of those things, uh, you know, as they say, Jay Z's got 99 problems, uh, but with inflation, it's like 112. 67. Have you seen that meme? It gets me every time. Uh, but, uh, hopefully you are having a decent time getting ready to do some fun stuff, maybe going on vacations and whatnot. I know the gas prices have been out of control, so hopefully you stocked up a little bit.

Maybe you were smart when, you know, gas prices got to about three bucks. You're like, I'm just going to go ahead and fill a whole bunch of cans in here and see Stacking them in my garage, probably not the safest situation, but I feel like we all need to prepare in different ways this, these, you know, days because we've been like living in an apocalypse.

So, you know, what would they have done on the walking dead, uh, if they had known a little bit in advance that things were going to be going down? I feel like we've gotten that advanced knowledge that we just need to be doing some weird things these days. But what I'll tell you, as we are getting closer to, uh, the spring is.

You know, one of these things that has made me feel super old, maybe you've done this too, throughout the cold weather months, if you are living in a cold area, like we are here in, in the lovely igloo of Albany, New York. Uh, but I started sleeping with my heating pad, really because I feel like it's safer because it has an automatic timer.

It turns off after a bit. Some people are like, why wouldn't you just get an electric blanket, Marissa? And because I, I don't know, they frighten me. Electric heating pad, totally different, but still I've been falling asleep with these on and um, yeah, I've been like warm and nestled in my bed and it's felt nice.

Oh, it's felt so nice But it's gonna feel so much nicer when I don't have to do that anymore So I think the days are coming and it's gonna feel just fan freaking tastic Uh, but yeah, we're getting a little bit closer to spring. So hopefully you're feeling good about it I feel like it energizes us a little bit differently, right like all of a sudden We're getting a little bit more vitamin D, and we can feel like our serotonin levels are going up, and all the things, and it's just, oh, it's a beautiful feeling.

Uh, but you know, what March has also been, that I just want to point out, because I feel like, well, I am one, so it's important. It is Women's History Month, and um, you know, it's, It's something that should be celebrated because, let's face it, like, the voiceover industry for a very, very, very long time has been so male dominated.

No offense, guys. I mean, y'all are great. Uh, but for a while there, I feel like you were kind of like purposely trying to shut us out doing that big, booming announcer voice because y'all know we can't do that and that's just degrading. Uh, I'm just gonna throw it out there. Uh, but, you know, it's... It was something that, you know, a lot of women just could not do and it just made it so there weren't as many opportunities for us.

And I'm glad now with technology that it requires us to just be us these days because that is exactly why I've been able to do this. That's, you know, why I've been able to be successful and silly and have a bunch of fun yet also have a serious side to me. I can be serious. I promise. Uh, but. When I was looking back into the history of women in voiceover, you know, what it came back to was the world of animation.

You know, because at some point, guys realized like, well, we gotta have female characters in our cartoons. Otherwise, this is gonna be a very unrealistic situation. You know, Popeye needs a girl. Uh, he needs a lady to love. Um, but when I was looking back, it looks like way back in 1930 is when, who do you think is the very first female cartoon that required a voice?

I'm just going to throw it out there. We'll do a little trivia right now. Have you done enough research? Have you done your quick Google search? It was actually Betty Boop. So she was the one who made her very first appearance in the cartoon Dizzy Dishes. It came out in August. of 1930 and it did it required a female voice actress and I mean, I wonder what that audition process was like, you know, it had to be so intimidating because You know, you're, you know, surrounded by these, you know, gentlemen who are, you know, it's a male dominated industry.

It just, it had to be super nerve wracking to try to all of a sudden be itsy bitsy Betty Boop voice, you know, and be silly and allow yourself to be silly and just like kind of relax in, in that environment. But who did it? Margie Hines did it. She was the, uh, woman who was the, uh, original Betty Boop voice.

And you know what, that was what opened a lot of doors for her, uh, and, and she just, she, she crushed it, uh, ended up actually being the voice of Popeye's gal, Olive Oil, and, you know, just is a living legend. Well, she's probably not living anymore, huh? Uh, but still, you know what I mean, uh, but seriously, like, it took one person, one woman, to start that chain reaction so many, many other doors can be opened for many other women.

Uh, and you know, when you think of animation, I'm sure, I mean, you go right back to Disney, right? Like, there were so many Disney princesses over the years. But here, we'll do another little bits of trivia here. Who was the first Disney princess of sorts that needed a voice? Go ahead, I'll give you a second.

Do do do do do. I do the Jeopardy music, but I might get in trouble. Uh, we don't need a lawsuit here. Uh, but I do love me some Alex Trebek. May he rest in peace. What do you think? First Disney princess? Snow White. Do we consider her a princess? I mean, she was fancy. She ended up marrying a prince, right? So, I don't remember.

It's been a very long time since I watched, you know, The Seven Dwarves and all. But, Snow White was the first Disney character that required a female voice, and that went to Adriana Coseletti. I might be pronouncing that horribly. I may have butchered that. But, uh, you're a legend. Thank you for doing your things.

Um, she ended up, you know, going and, you know, being that voice of Snow White. And you know what's really cool? Is, it took a bit, but in 1994, Snow White and the Seven Doors became a Disney legend film. And it made Adriana Coseletti the first female to achieve this feat. Um, so, super cool, but listen, ladies, make your mark on this industry.

Because this is a time especially where we can do whatever we choose. I love that the doors have opened with all this as much as technology can really just overtake everything and it's made a lot of things weird in the world. It's also opened so many doors for us these days and we've got to go ahead and we've got to slay, we've got to take advantage and we've got to allow ourselves the fun opportunities that we so, so, So very much deserve.

So get to auditioning ladies, guys, listen, I know this was a very female heavy podcast, but I'm just saying we love you too, but I want these ladies to slay. Okay. So I just, y'all do your thing. Uh, but if you got something we want to have tackled here on voice coaches radio, just send it an email info at voice coaches.

com. A brand new pod ep is coming your way coming up next week. Stay safe guys. Visit voice coaches. com for more voiceover news and information.

This week on Voice Coaches Radio, Marissa chats about Women’s History Month and the beginnings of Women breaking into the Voice Over industry.