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Voice Coaches Radio #511 – The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Voice Coaches Radio. Everything voiceover. And welcome to this week's Holly Jolly edition of Voice Coaches Radio. Are you going to add in some jingle bells? Uh, I don't have... Aw, come on! You're so unprepared. So here's the thing. I used to do, um, I did choirs and stuff when I was in high school. cool guy.

Don't worry about it. And, uh, and I still remember like a lot of, we used to, we used to go when I was in high school and we, we'd walk around right before Christmas and like walk around the school and sing Christmas carols. And then we'd go to like the elementary schools and, and do that as well, man, you were a cool guy.

Jingle, tingle, jingle, tingle, jingle. It's getting real here. What was the other one? Um, um, there's one called ding dong Merrily on high, the Christmas bells are ringing. And then it went into, um, I went into, Good King Wenceslaus, look down on the feast of Steve. I'm Jewish by the way. Um, and I grew up in a, I just, for the record, I grew up in a very predominantly Jewish town, but we sang Christmas carols because the songs are better.

They just are. Well, there aren't many Jewish, like Hanukkah songs. No, we had a couple. We got a few. Dreidel, dreidel, dreidel. Yep, we got that one. We got that one. Um, the Adam Sandler song. We got that one. That's two. That's two. And um, Is there more? Um, yes. Hanukkah, oh Hanukkah. Okay. Come light the menorah.

Let's have a party. We'll all dance the hora. Hey, that sounds like a party. We'll give you a treat. The tradles to play with and latkes to eat. I'm sorry, you know all of the other songs so much better than the Hanukkah songs. The candles are burning bright. Oh my goodness. You know what? When you tuned into the podcast this week, you never thought that you were going to get serenaded.

We've been waiting for months for this. Months. Okay, it's not even Hanukkah. Hanukkah's passed. Uh, a few weeks ago at this point. But you know what? But, you know, I'm bringing them, keeping the spirit alive. You know, we, at the one radio station I used to work at to culminate all of the holidays, we called it Chris McWanzica.

It's fair. It's fair. So happy Chris McWanzica. Uh, and to you as well. Yeah. And to you as well. And to you. Um, so, we have, uh, we've talked that we were going to do this, and I actually, uh, Did it. Surprising. I know. I'm so impressed. Yeah. And it's funny 'cause I, I, I texted you last night, I was like, Hey, getting a gift ready.

'cause I was like, we're doing it this, are we doing this this week? Yeah, no, I'm pretty sure that, that was my alert of like, Hey, you did get me a gift. Right? Well that was, well you had told me you already had, but that was just my, Hey, don't forget to bring it in. Type of type of deal. But yeah, that was actually, and funny fact, uh, that picture I took of you, of the gift bag, it was empty at the time.

It was totally, I mean, I had the stop, but it was totally empty. Well, I sent you a text message. Yes. And it's actually a video. Oh dear. And here's the thing, is that I ordered something for you at the end of November, right? And that thing has traveled so far and back again, it's traveled more than I have in the last five years.

And it never got to me. So, like, what I originally bought you, it's just, I don't know, it's somewhere, it's somewhere in the post universe. It is, you know where it is, it's probably on a boat. Uh, outside of California right now. I don't know, man. Like, seriously, open up your text message and look at what it says.

My, my, my wife ordered some, um, advent calendars. Some fidget advent calendars for, um, uh, for our neighbors. And, uh, we, we finally did get them, but she was tracking them. It went from somewhere in China to somewhere else in China to, um, Where the heck did it go after that? It went somewhere and then it went to Germany and was like in Germany for a while We're like, what is happening?

I don't know I feel like mine's living the van life and it's just going all across the states package left to carry in Billings, Montana Billings, Montana Albany, New York, right Southern Cali Southern Connecticut. Southern Connecticut. It literally went from like here to there to back again. Like four times.

I have no idea. So like when I checked Amazon they're like, Yeah, your package might be lost. Like it literally says that at the top of the page. And I'm like, cool. Alright, nice story. You don't say, Amazon. Thanks, Amazon. But how can it get lost if it literally says Albany, like four different times? Why doesn't it then just go, oh, I should probably deliver it to Waterford, New York?

I mean, that would stand to reason. Or at the very worst, be like, listen, you know what? At the risk of, you should just tell them like, next time it gets to Albany, just leave it there. Just leave it there. I'll come, I will drive there and pick it up. It's not far. I will come get it. Right. I will do your job for you.

It is fine. Rather than sending it to my resume. Yeah, just, uh, just take a walk, take a walk. You can be an Amazon delivery person for an hour. Um, well, that's, that is quite all right. I won't even charge a fee. So your gift is, it's a bunch of different things. Um, but it is a care package. I need to turn my mic so I can see you.

Well, but you've never done that before. I've never done that before? I didn't even know I could. Uh, oh, that's nice. Um, hi there. Hey! Um, so yeah, for those of you who've never been in this studio, the way the desk is set up is, Is such that like you can't see the person, which is not I ideal. I literally see Josh's bald spot the entire time.

Hurtful. Hurtful. True. Probably, but also hurtful. No, you don't have one. I do. It's a little, it's actually not bad up there. I don't really see it. It's, uh, no, my, my, I'm getting the, the front is, is migrating to the back and I don't five head That fact. Uh, yeah. I could do without that. But the, the, the top is Okay.

Um. That's why I wear a hat. It's stupid. Um, anyway, but you've seen me with a shaved head. It's not a great look for me. It's not a great look like a really

intimidating guy, and let's be totally honest, I'm not. No. Like, I'm not at all. Um, although I do have stitches in my arm right now with blood on me. No, you look real thug right now. I do. Like, real manly. So here's the thing. So for those of you who don't know, I had to get, uh, A mole biopsy. They didn't like what they saw, so they took an extension of it.

But, like, it's a big, like, there's like ten stitches in there. You look like the Punisher over there. It's crazy. Well, and the funny thing is, I need to think of a better story. Yeah. As opposed to like, oh, they took a mole out. I was walking in a dark alley in downtown Albany in the middle of the night, and I just, I held my own.

I was thinking knife fight, but then I was like, you know what, no, bear fight. Oh, bear fight. Fought a bear. Or. Fought a bear. Vampires. Oh, could have been a vampire, but then I would be a vampire at this point. No, no, no. That you would have had to suck their blood. Oh. Didn't happen. They got you, but you fought.

Oh, okay. Cool, cool, cool. And then you staked that sucker. Oh, yeah. Yeah, I did. Yeah, I did. And they just went poof. Yeah. And then the sun came up and they, and they mel mel melted. They. No, you staked it. It was gone before the song came out. Oh, I staked it, guys. It was awesome. You were already in sleep in bed.

No, but I'm going with bear fight. And I was saying this to someone, uh, when I was at the gym. And they were like, bear fight? And I was like, yeah, that's how I got this. And they were like, okay, I know that's not true, but like with the beard. I I I I kind of could be and I was like, that's all I need. I just need that slight bit of doubt, like, there's no way he fought a bear.

Well, but, I could have and that's all I need. That's all I need, is this, you know. He should be like, I was going to get my, my Chris Mekwanzika tree out of the woods and and this, this grizzly came out. No, see, see, I don't wanna, I don't wanna, I don't wanna be sensational. It wasn't a grizzly, it was just a black bear.

Okay, fine. It was a grizzly bear. I come out and I couldn't take a grizzly bear, but a black bear, yeah, I could hold my own against a bear cub. It was a cub. It was a baby. Yeah, it was a baby. He came up to me and was asking for help. And I, uh, I kicked it. I kicked it very hard. And it scratched me. And it hurt very much.

No, uh, I just got that taken out. But it, it does, I do look tougher than I actually am. Yeah. I am. Soft. Oh, no, you not you might be soft. But yeah when somebody just passes you at the mall later or something They're really whoa. Here's and here's the thing that everyone really should know right now is The the the stitches the actual wound itself.

I don't care about that. That's fine The real pain is the skin irritation that I have from the bandages and this shows you how soft it really is So and if you really look at it, you can see So, uh, I like, the outlines of the bandages where my skin is all red and bruised from tape. From tape, yeah. Uh, so the knife was fine.

I didn't care about that. The tape, that's what's hurting me. That's what literally, and that's why it's open right now, because I literally cannot put another bandage on it without crying. And I feel like that's the definition of Josh. Yeah, that sounds about right. That sounds about right. If I don't open my mouth, they're like, hmm, you might be a tough guy.

Tough guy. But then I do open my mouth and they're like, I'm itchy and I don't like it. It is so itchy. It is so ungodly itchy right now. I want to scratch it so badly. Um, but that would probably be a bad thing. Stitches are coming out on Monday. It'll be fine. It'll be fine. I'm gonna have a scar though.

Yeah, I am. Yeah, you are. Don't worry about it. Manly scar. Oh yeah. Oh yeah. So your gift. Uh, the reason it is, so like I said, it is a care package of many different things that I personally would and have used to Help my voice when it's rough on a Friday morning! Yeah, nothing can really help my voice on a Friday morning, but I'm glad that you're going to try to help me.

So, so check it out. There's all sorts of different, uh, different things. Can we also just, I want to like, preface something here. I've been sick all week. I mean... So, like... But I sound like I normally do. And that's the thing, you don't sound, you sound a little bit more congested as a touch. But actually My lungs don't feel like they normally do.

But I sound like I normally do. And that's the bar awful low. My nebulizer has been like overused. I did see that you put a story on Facebook or Instagram and I was like, you don't have lung problems, please don't get them. Because they're not fun. I saw you like, like puffin from a big ol tube and I was like, It's like the worst.

I was like, is she, is she gettin high right now? Right, everybody's like, man, that must feel great. I'm like, the jitters after are not pleasant. Okay, they're awful. Um, and I was like, teaching, shaking. Cause like, you know. Cause I'm like, I, I don't want to sound like a mess, but I also don't want to look like I'm high as hell either, so.

I mean, it's, it's, it's, listen, listen. Both can be true at the same time. It's, it's fine. So again, there's just a, a various accoutrement. Okay, so I should open this? Yeah, please, by all means. By all means. There are layers. There are layers to it. Okay. Um, and it's a gift bag with, with stuff because I am too lazy to wrap things.

So, what do we got? Alright, alright, so we've got this, uh, organic throat coat. You know, I've actually looked for this and couldn't find it. Oh, it's awesome. I got that at, uh, Price Shopper. Oh, really? It's, uh, it's awesome. Now, the taste is, uh, Um, but I actually find it really helpful. I really do. Listen, if I can, if I can suffer through elderberry, I can probably handle this.

How dare you? I love elderberry. Oh, it's gross. Yeah. I got this nice lemon. There's a lemon there. That's for the tea. That's for the tea. That's to help cut the tea. Also with the tea. Oh, you've actually, I've, I've gotten some of these from you. Yeah. These intense cooling hauls. Super, super strong cocktails.

Be careful. They will dry your voice out eventually because of the menthol. But. I have been using this. This week, my sore throat, chloroseptics gray. Again, be careful with that. It'll numb you out a little bit, but it's always helpful. Oh, but it's a good feeling though, right? It's so good. I'm there. Singers, honey, you know what?

I looked for this too. Couldn't find it when I wanted it. Singers Saving Grace. I had to order that on Amazon. Yeah. I haven't used that in years, but I used to when I broadcasted. Look at you, man. Some water and some... I mean, you got everything I needed to make the tea. Oh, yeah. So we got water in there. I believe there's some, uh, there's some honey.

Yeah, it's a bear. It's the bear honey. And then finally, there was a, uh, there was a broadcaster who I used to work with. His name was Grady Wittenberg, used to broadcast for a team in Binghamton. And whenever he would, uh, yeah, whenever he would have a bad throat, he would have a little brown bag that he would sip from and I'd be like, what are you drinking?

And it was blackberry brandy. Do I open this now? You can if you want to. No, no, I have to, I have to direct a demo after this. I'm gonna throw this at you. It's disgusting. Alright, listen. Alright? So this is what I want you to do. It's disgusting. But he used, he swore by it. He swore. He would just take little sips.

I like that it's Mr. Boston too. Yeah, Mr. Boston. Cause that's, you know, you and it's also, I mean, that's pretty fancy. I think we both know. It is fancy. And it's a plastic bottle. Sure. Yeah. Super fancy. And so that is, uh, that is, uh. your, your care package. Well, thank you. Um, for, uh, for, for Chris Mahanakwanzaka.

Thank you. Chris Mahanakwanzaka. Thank you. That. Um, and so, you know, because I want to, you know, I want you to take care of your voice. Thank you. Those are, those are all things that I use. Oh man, I try. I try so hard. I do. I do. I do so much voice work all week and it's tough. Seriously, that throat coat stuff, I do like that.

I do like that a lot. I use it, again, it's, it, it, it's licorice and, um, slippery elm. Oh, licorice is an acquired taste. It is. And so you may want to use the honey and the, and the lemon just to kind of cut that. I don't anymore, unless I really need it, but it's, look, it's not the most delightful taste in the world, but it, it does, it does a nice job of kind of, I actually started, I first used that when I was in a cappella group, uh, in college, someone, someone gave some to me and I was, it was very helpful.

Well, thank you very much. And for those of you listening at home, those are some remedies for ya. The, the, the brandy, not so much. That was just for fun. That was just for funsies. Uh, I'm gonna have to see what I can mix that with. It's gonna be a fancy weekend, I think, you know. Nah, you take that thing straight.

Take it straight. You just throw that down. Fun fact, uh, that was not the most expensive thing in there by a long shot. No, I believe it based on the plastic bottle, to be honest. That was 6. Like I went, I went to the liquor store and I was like, I don't get that, it's not gonna be too much. What, like 10, 15 bucks?

I'm like, it's 6. like, oh, and they were like, you can't use a credit card unless you have 10. So I had to buy other booze to pay for that. Cause I didn't have any cash. Yeah, pull your arm, right? And the other booze I did not include in your gift bag. For me, personally, for me. Um, oh, now I want to open mine.

Yeah, open yours. So, wait, so are we going to let the cat out of the bag? Uh, we can. We, we, we, we certainly can. I think it's necessary because of what I have in that bag. Yeah, well, and so that kind of leads me to my other gift to you, which is this podcast. I hate you. I'm gifting you this. This podcast. No, because we've already talked about this.

You're going to stay on in some kind of way. I'm going to try to. I'm going to try to. I have to get you on the phone and put you up to the microphone. I mean, I have done podcasts with you over the, uh, over the computer, so it is possible. I know. Um, I actually am, uh, I, I, I am, uh, going to be leaving the organization.

Yeah. At the, uh, beginning of January. This was like the worst news ever. Like. Yeah. The, the subject of the email was bad news dot, dot, dot. Josh is leaving. Who wrote that email? Josh. Sank. It was Anna. Oh, . Oh, I'll tell you what, so, so . So I, I told them on Monday was when I finally got the, uh, got the word and it was awful.

Yeah. I was terrified. Terrified. Um, did she drop the phone? Like I figured phone? Oh, no. I did it in person. I came in, I I was not gonna do phone. Okay. Did phone, did you make sure nine one one was on speed dial? Well, so I, like I told you, I got the, um, I got my booster on on. Sunday. Yeah, and the first thing that kind of happened.

I forgot my second shot was I was sort of a little light headed Just a little you know felt off and I'm driving here to tell them on Monday And I'm like getting a little light headed. I'm like, is it the shot? No, it's panic attack. Yeah, right. Definitely panic attack. Yeah, definitely just having panic and Yeah, I was I believe I a David and Anna were both in in their office and we were just chatting for a sec And and I was like, but actually that's that's not why I came in and literally all she goes is No.

And I was like, yeah, yeah, uh, yeah, so I got a, uh, I'll be working for the state of New York. Yeah. Uh, as a public information specialist. Yeah. I mean, I, I have my masters in, in communications and public relations and, um, to be fair, I was not looking for a new job at all. Um, but, when I was unemployed four years ago, before I started working here, I took the civil service exams, because you, you can for free when you're on unemployment.

Um, and I took it for public information specialist, because again, that's a background that I have. And, in that time, in four years, I have had two interviews. Like, I would get canvas letters every now and again. I've had two interviews, and this was the second one. Um, So it's not as if it's something that like, was like they were beating down my door for it.

But, uh, but what did I say to you before we started this podcast? You keep saying to me, so when are you leaving me? I know. So when are you leaving me? So when are you leaving me? And I'm like, I am not, and saying, going anywhere things, not knowing that I was going to be doing that. Um, but, uh, but yeah, my, uh, my last day will be January 5th and, uh, and, and I, I very likely or possibly will be, will be, you know, Helping out and filling in and doing some part-time work where I can.

And if that includes some podcast time, that's okay. That's okay by me. But who's gonna be running the ship? Who's gonna be driving this vehicle? This fancy luxury vehicle? That is Voice Coaches Radio. That's you, voice Coaches Radio. Yeah. And so I need you, well, we need to work on your, um, on, on your intro, like, um, so stretch the and out.

Right. And No, no, it's not me. And welcome into this edition of Voice Coaches Radio. Welcome back, everybody! Is that good? Whammy in the butt! We'll be right back! So, uh, yeah, so that is happening. Such a bummer. So, you're gonna love what I got you. So, initially, I'm actually kind of glad what I originally bought you did not show up, because now it almost doesn't make sense, but it was a t shirt And it said voice actor, and it had a really funny definition on it.

Um, and it made a lot of sense about a week ago. I'm still going to be doing voiceover work, just for the record. I know, I know, but like you literally could have wore it here. Uh, now, can't wear it to the state, because they're going to be like, Oh, well, um, I'm sorry, you need to be professional. Uh, you don't work at a recording studio anymore.

Um, you know, but the rest of this still makes sense, so it's all good. Is there any order in particular I need to do this in? Um, the smaller thing. The smaller, heavier thing. It is smaller and heavier. And this... This is very exciting radio right here, guys. Yeah, this is very exciting. I mean, open it. Make the noise.

So... There we go. We all got it. You were always... Every time I see you going and making a new cup of coffee, That's true. Um, and what does it say on there? It says, speak up! Right, so, you know, I'm sure this is meant for like, advocating for what you believe in, Uh, but in our case, it means voiceover. Just louder.

Yeah, just be, just be louder. Um, you know, so, I mean, while you're directing a demo, in a little while. Uh, yeah, I was gonna say, in like 15 minutes, I'm going to make a cup of coffee and I'm gonna use that. Right. It made a lot of sense. You know, and this, this is my favorite. So, yep, you gotta. Theater of the Mind.

Oh, here we go. Yeah. Here we go. Everyday Adulting. Yeah, so this is a little framed award that is a whiteboard that you can dry erase and you can put something new on it every day, so please read what it says right now. Uh, so it says, Everyday Adulting, given on this date, December 2021, to Josh Heller, that's me, for getting a state job and leaving Marissa, in parentheses, my amazing work wife.

Um, Achievement Award. And then in the bottom left hand corner, there's a little, a little, looks like a, a little, uh, A little gold sticker. Yeah, that says, you're doing great, but then there's a little addendum to that that says, but you also suck. Yeah, true. But there is a smiley face, so I know it was meant to ingest.

No, it's totally, it's totally meant with love. Uh, but you can put that at your new desk, and every single day, I expect a picture that is saying what you've done well. Um, even if it's just that you didn't do anything throughout the day because you now work for the state. Oof, oof. Yeah. Oof. Yeah. No, I'm going to be working super hard, doing lots of important work that you are going to be paying me for.

No, I'm not paying you, Jack. But, you know, on the plus side, I will be working for the State Liquor Authority, so... Well, then you can pay me and Jack. How about that? Well played. Well played. No, uh, and obviously, I mean, this is not my final episode here on Voice Coaches Radio. I am, I'm gonna be around for another month or so.

Um, so, you haven't heard the last of me, folks. Folks. Um, but, um... Folk? I mean, how many fans do we have? Do we know? A couple, maybe. No, we have peoples, we have peoples. Um, I did have someone yesterday being like, Um, hey, so I saw you guys have a podcast. Is that even worth listening to? Oh my goodness, no. It was their first class and I was like, I mean, it really depends.

What do I think so? What's your definition of that? Um, so, uh, so yeah. So thank you for that. But like I said, this is not my final episode by any means. In fact, we have a New Year's episode. coming up next week that, uh, we're going to have all your goals for the year that to voice coaches. I mean, listen, it's, I was told I certainly was welcome.

I was told I was welcome. I was also told that they were going to try to sabotage my chances, uh, over the next couple of weeks. No, that job. I mean, you think it's happening, but hey, you know what? It was worth a try. It was worth the trial. Um, no. And again, I mean, it's not that I'm unhappy here by any means.

It's. That's really what it comes down to. One big word comes to mind, and that word is pension. That word means that I might, might be able to retire at some point before I die, which is not something I thought I'd be able to do, uh, ever. So, that'd be exciting. It'd be exciting at some point. I mean, I got a 401k, I just haven't put anything in in a whirly long time.

Whatever. Whatever. Who needs it? Who needs it? I mean, you know, like I said, it's only necessary if you are going to retire, which I don't think you are. Oh, thanks. You're welcome. No, I appreciate that. You're welcome. No, my asthma will take me out long before that's possible. It's fine. But this, the CTE that you have in your brain is probably, your eyeball's gonna pop out at some point.

Right, I know. Yeah, between, between the eye issue that I have right now and the asthma and the fact that I got hit in the head at the beginning of the year that never got really fully checked out. Yeah, no, I'm a goner. I've got, I got more lives than a cat, brother. I was gonna say, your, your, your New Year's resolution is just to make it to next year.

Yeah, no, it really is. To make it to next year without any other, I don't know. Horrific things happening. We'll see. It's been a challenging year. Yeah, it's been a fruitful yet challenging here. Yeah So well, thank you for your for your thoughtful gifts I very much appreciate them very very much and I appreciate all you guys listening in tuning in not really voice Over related episode, just kind of a fun, uh, fun, fun one, if, if, uh, if you really want to, and I wouldn't recommend it, you can go back to last year's where I sang, uh, The Twelve Days of Christmas.

Uh, I was by myself, I didn't have a co host at the time, things were were getting rough. Yeah, when I was starting and they were like, yeah, you're gonna be part of the podcast, you can go back and listen, that was one of the episodes that I listened to. Oh god, and you were like, deuces. I was like, how am I gonna work with this guy?

Yeah, that's a good question, I was, I, I hate to say it, I was. So proud when I wrote those 12, those 12 days of voice overing. No, it was good. I was so proud of myself. It was good. I had no idea. Um, and, uh, I was very excited I did it. So you can go back and listen to that if you want. Or not. That's fine too.

Turns out, back in like 2006 or 2007, apparently, uh, they did that earlier also. Oh, really? Yeah. Uh, I didn't realize that until I went through the archives. So, uh, apparently it wasn't a unique idea. But I'm gonna say mine was better. It's fine. It was lots of years in between. Yeah, and mine was definitely better.

Um, anywho, um, so thank you so much and, uh, and hoping everybody listening in has a very happy and healthy and safe holidays. We'll be back next week to chat about, uh, about New Year's and looking forward to, uh, to next year and talking about, uh, and maybe I'll revisit my, uh, Uh, my, what, New Year's resolutions from last year that maybe I kept, maybe I didn't, we'll see.

Uh, I don't remember, um, which is not a good sign. We can talk about what my mental state was last year. Hey, listen, I mean, from where you were last year to here, I mean, you are, you're killing it. And, and almost got killed, so we're good. It's, it's fantastic. It all comes with the territory. Yep. But, um, yeah, so that is, so that is it.

So thanks so much for tuning in, JoshAtVoiceCoaches. com, that is still my email for now, uh, so feel free to reach on out. I might just take that over when everything is said and done. you can, just, you know, you can be me, it's fine, I'm gonna be honest, it's not that great a gig to be me, but hey, if you want to, um, but, uh, that's how you can get in touch with me, JoshAtVoiceCoaches.

com, love to hear from ya, and, uh, thanks for tuning in, again, very happy, healthy, safe holidays, very happy holidays to you. You too, Marissa. Merry Wan. Thank you so much indeed, indeed. And, um, we'll be back next week to, uh, ring in the new year 20 22, 3. And, um, yeah. And, uh, and that's, uh, that's about it. So thanks again for tuning in.

We're back next week. Until then, Marissa, as always, hey, hey, till next time so long, everyone. Visit voice for more voiceover news and information.

‘Twas the night before Christmas…and Voice Coaches Radio is ready to exchange gifts! Josh and Marissa exchange presents on Christmas Eve and include a big surprise announcement from Josh.