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Voice Coaches Radio #503 – Pickles!

Voice Coaches Radio. Everything voiceover. And welcome to this week's edition of Voice Coaches Radio. I am Josh, she is Marissa, we are I'm with some Marisha. I've been called worse. Oh, we're off to just a flying start here today. This is Voice Coaches Radio. Thanks for tuning in this week and each and every week.

Marissa, how we doing? I'm okay. Have you ever been called a different name that's not your name? Uh, yes, I have. What, what names? Um, on purpose or accidentally? Um, I mean like accidentally, maybe somebody misheard you. Um, my dad would call me Jake. Okay. Well that's your dad though. That seems I know. And I think it's like maybe he should go to the doctor.

I think that's like a, a, a, like a name. I don't know. He used to call me Bob, Bob Balinski. So, okay. I call my son that too sometimes. Um, no, Josh is pretty, is pretty standard. Um, I do have people who used to think it annoyed me if they called me Joshua, which it doesn't. I don't care. Um, although there was a brief moment in time where there were a few people who used to watch Friends a lot and would call me Joshua because that's what Rachel used to do.

Um, and that I could have done without. I won't lie to you. That, that I could have done. What if Jennifer Aniston said that to you? That's aight. That's aight. I would have people call the radio station and think that I said Martha. I don't know why. That's like when you go to Starbucks and like that whole, you know, thing where like, What do I, what's your name?

And they just write. They write whatever they want on your cup, yeah. And then, how about the fact that I was on the radio station here for almost ten years, number one rated in the afternoon, and I still had people on my Facebook. Like, they would find me on Facebook and then they would message me, Hi Melissa!

And I'm like, how did you find me? That's really close. though. That's like really close. It's not close enough where it's like you literally found me because you must have searched Marissa and then you messaged me and said, Hey, Melissa. That's okay. I will give him that. If they just like called up and were like, Hi, is Melissa there?

Like that? Okay. That's one thing. Sure. You misheard. That's okay. The thing that I get a lot when I do classes is John. Because A, because of John. Because of John Gologly. Um, not that we look. Anything alike. I have hair. He does not. Uh, I have a big beard. He does not. Um, but aside from that, we're basically the same person.

Love you, Joan. Well, yes. Um, but, uh, so I do get that and sometimes I'll correct him and sometimes I just won't. It's just not worth the effort. It's just not worth the effort. Um, So, what I've done now, and the nice thing that we do the classes over Zoom now, is usually my name is there. Yeah, it pops up in the bottom corner.

So you can't miss it, which is great. Can I tell you though, I've leaned on that too, too heavily, I think, to know people's names throughout class. And sometimes they have it listed as something else there. And I'm like, oh my god, what is their name? Oh my god, oh my god, what is it? Now, have I told you my, my JD story?

So when I, when I graduated college, the day after I graduated college, uh, it was Cinco de Mayo, in case you were curious, back in 2007. Uh, and uh, so the next day I flew down to, uh, so from Boston, I flew down to Pensacola, Florida, to work for a minor league baseball team. Uh, I was the, uh, As an intern, technically, as the number two broadcaster.

Now, when I moved down there, I did not know anybody. I knew nobody. Um, and I decided that, so my middle name is Dale. And, uh, I decided that I was going to go by J. D. Because nobody knew me. I could do whatever I wanted. Nobody knew who I was. So I was just going to introduce myself as J. D. Heller. And that was going to be my...

professional broadcast name. And I did that for a couple days. And then one day I was sitting in the office and someone was like, JD and I didn't respond because that's not my name. And uh, they were like, hello. And I was like, oh yeah, no, this isn't going to work. And uh, that was the end of the short lived JD Heller experience.

I'm going to start calling you JD. I mean, it's fine. I'm probably not going to respond. Apparently I don't. I thought it'd be super cool. I thought it'd be like, that'd be a cool guy name, right? Like JD Heller. Yeah. Coulda been, shoulda been, woulda been, uh oh. Just Joshua. Just Joshua. Joshua. That's me. That's me.

Uh, yeah, so, so that, that was my, my short live on. So hey, we um. A little, a little insight here, uh, which will lead us into, uh, into today's topic, but, uh, I, I, I got here yesterday, I had a demo yesterday that I was doing, uh, for a student named Sarah, and, uh, when I got here, I made myself a cup of coffee, because obviously.

Duh. And, uh, they, ha, ha, there's a new creamer in the fridge. Now, I use creamer in my coffee because, uh, black coffee, uh, eventually, too much black coffee makes my stomach go a little, a little wild. So, I, I, Use the creamer in there, but the only we have two creamers in there right now. One of them is expired I should probably throw that out.

Yeah, the other one is pumpkin pie spice And, so here's the thing about pumpkin pie. Uh, when I was a kid, Oh, I know this story. Yeah, my sister ate too much pumpkin pie, got sick, threw up, I don't eat pumpkin pie. Until last year. Until last year, I had pumpkin pie, and I was like, actually, this is delightful.

And so I was like, cool, I can eat pumpkin pie now, that's fantastic. In moderation, in moderation. Well, there was no other creamer, so I was like, you know what, I liked pumpkin pie last year. I think I can do that. No, it was vile, it was revolting, I don't like it. It almost made me nauseous. But. As this was happening, there's a reason why I'm telling this story, and it's not just to rail on pumpkin pie spice.

Whatever. But it's awful. Um, but it was not, it was not delightful. I brought in Creamer from home. It's in a little Tupperware. Oh my god. You're so funny. Because I, I, listen. You know what? I, I, so I, I, when I realized this. Do you, Boo. Do you. Thank you. I have, I'm very, I have weird, weird things. And I realized this yesterday when I was talking to, uh, to, to my students, to Sarah, because I was mentioning that and I mentioned my pumpkin pie story and I was like, there's a lot of things like that for me.

Like bananas. I love bananas. I eat them all the time. Not all the time. That sounds aggressive. I eat them often. They're delightful. They're wonderful. Except when there's pump, when there's banana flavor in things. No disgusting. Oh yeah, you told me that too. Yeah. Can't handle it. Also, I am one of those weird guys.

I like my bananas. A little green. I like 'em a little green. Right? So a little un ripened. Yes, yes. Yeah, weirdo. And, and, and, and here's the thing. And, and, and so I mentioned that and, and my student was like, oh, is it because like the tartness? And I was like, no, it's texture thing. I don't like the smooshy stuff.

Oh, well that's just when they're too ripe. I like my bananas a little bit more firm. Okay. And yes, you can take that clip and take it whenever you want. Don't take it out of context please, but I like a firm banana. Don't judge me, I like a firm banana. Which is interesting because I have a banana right here, and it is very speckled, and brown, and I'm a little, all of them were at my house.

I'm a little, uh, 50 50 chance that's going to be disgusting. My wife also makes banana bread, which is amazing. But what she'll do is she'll take the bananas that are too far gone and use those because that's what you're supposed to do, but that also means is that if you go in my fridge at any particular point there could be two to three bananas that are just brown.

We're talking like nasty, like ew. Anyway. So I was talking about all these weird parent, you know, food things I have, which I didn't realize until I said them all out loud, and um, And so I was like, do you have any weird food things? And she did. Uh, and I was glad that I was not the only weirdo in the room at the time.

Which is usually the case, actually it's not usually the case because I'm usually in the room with you. But anyway, yeah, I did it. I did it. Um, anyway. Gosh, you're hilarious. So one of the things she said was, Hold on, I gotta recover. Hold on. It's alright, it was a good burn. It was a good burn. Alright. No, go ahead as you were.

One of the things I, uh, that she mentioned, and I hope I'm not, uh, you know, uh, embarrassing her, but it's all right. Nobody knows who she is. Uh, turkey. She can't have turkey. Turkey makes her sick. And she said it started not all that long ago. She can't have any kind of turkey. Like sandwich turkey, regular turkey, rotisserie, it doesn't matter.

She can't have turkey. like, that sounds awful because turkey is great. I have a turkey sandwich literally for lunch today. Um, and I love Thanksgiving. It's the best. Uh, so there was that. And then she mentioned this. She loves pickles. But not like, oh, I love pickles. Yeah, pickles are good. No, like she likes pickles on everything.

Interesting. And I was like, like, define everything. And she's like, if you can put a pickle on it, probably gonna do it. She goes, but But, I don't just mean pickled cucumbers, which is what, you know, we think of when we think of pickles. She's like, I like pickled onions, I like pickled radishes, and pickled beets, and I don't know.

So many things you can do with shrimp, right? That's what it's bringing me back to. But it's just like, everything but pickled eggs. She's like, I don't like pickled eggs, which reminded me of a story where I had a pickled quail egg when I was in Biloxi, Mississippi. It was weird. Um, this is the South. Just let it happen.

Just let it happen. Anyway, so I was like, so you, you just, but you. Pickle everything. Pickle anything. It's like, it's like frying things down south again, right? Just fry everything. What is that? Twinkie? Fry it. Sure. What is it? It's a piece of, you know, pig fat? Fry it. It'll be fine. Because what does it taste like?

Fried. Speaking of which, fried pickles. Delightful. And so she mentioned, she's like, yeah, I like, I love that stuff. And I was like, you know what? We have a piece of copy in our copy library all about pickling. I don't know if you know this. I don't think I knew that. I've been through the copy library a few too many times.

We have a piece in our biographical historical educational section that is about pickling, um, and it's about all the different types of Things, the different ways you can pickle, right? The dry salting, the brining, the, the chemical, there's different types of pickling. I mean, you're educating me right now.

I literally, um, saw the piece yesterday. Um, so yes, so there are different ways to pickle things in case you were curious. They do, I don't, I don't know, doesn't matter. Doesn't matter. Anywho. So I was like, we have a piece on pickling in our copy library. Have you ever seen it? And she was like, no. And I pulled it up and printed it out on the spot.

And I was like, cool, heads up, we're doing this piece. Um. And we did. And, I'm gonna give you, uh, one guess as to whether or not it was amazing. Yeah, well of course it was amazing. It was amazing. Because she connected to it immediately. Immediately. Like, literally, her first read, having never read it before.

There were a couple, you know, missteps in there, no big deal. But she was like, I love pickles! The energy. The, the, the, you know, enthusiasm. The passion. It was there. The word, pickle. Right? It was the pickle passion. Yes. The pickle passion was there. Right? And so. I was like, yeah, we're, and we are 100% going to do that piece on her demo.

Like I'm absolutely, we recorded it for a demo. It's going to be used on her demo. I, it's going to be her probably first piece on the demo. Like, that's what happened. And, and I was like, you know, I wish I had known about your, your. Pickle passion previously Say that three times fast fun, this is fun But I wish I had known that you know before when we were choosing pieces I would have recommended that piece but I did not know because why would I know that about someone as it happens?

I like to chat with students, you know before they're damaged to kind of calm them down a little bit get them You know ready to go and just kind of you know, just you know Chew the fat a little bit. Chew the pickle, you could say. And so it just kind of randomly came up. But what it showed me, and I think it should show everyone, is when you're choosing pieces, right, if there are any students listening, when you're choosing pieces for your demo, choose pieces about things you care about.

About things you're interested in. When you get out in the real world, quote unquote, um, you don't have that luxury. Let's be honest. I'm sure, I guarantee, that... Melissa, you have done things that you know, you don't care all that much about, that you're not all that passionate about. It's true, John, you did it because, you know, thank you, um, because it's jd, how dare you?

But you do it because, because why? Because they're paying you to do it. It's a, it's a job and I'm sure you do a great job faking that enthusiasm, which you have to do. But when you don't have to do it, it's a heck of a lot easier and a lot more fun. So, You know we talk about about students choosing pieces choose things that you're you know passionate about even if it is pickles Whatever it is.

I don't care fun fun side story that I told her as well We had a hockey player when I was with the Devils names Blake Coleman I think he just signed with Calgary But he spent a couple years in Tampa with a couple Stanley Cuffs. No big deal super nice kid from Miami of Ohio And he used to drink pickle juice on the bench.

Because it's, uh, a really, because of the saltiness of it, it's really good electrolytes. And I was like, you do know we have Gatorade, bud? And he was like, yeah, I like, so we would have, honestly, in the fridge, in the locker room, would just be empty jars with, I mean, there'd be pickles in them, but no, no brine.

And it was like, you want a pickle? Take a pickle. We got lots of pickles. You would just literally drink the, and we wouldn't even put it, like, you didn't even put it in, like, a bottle, you just drank it out of the jar. Oh, God, that, like, turns my stomach just thinking about that. It's, it's good for, for, like, cramping type stuff.

Sure. Um, so, when I did, um, Uh, I should have done this when I did the marathon, because I cramped up, but I, I didn't. When I did the, the Spartan Beast years ago, Um, you know, people have, like, salt tabs and things like that to help with cramping. You know what a lot of people would do? They would, get ready, they would drink mustard.

Ew. Yeah. What is wrong with people? They would drink mustard. Ugh. Or they would have, you'd see little mustard packets on the ground that people would use because of the, the, the saltiness, the acidity, the turmeric, uh, it was good for, for cramping stuff. Uh, anyway, so that's just a fun little pickle story that Blake Coleman drinks pickle juice, so now you know.

Um, but anyway, pickles, right? They're fun. It's good. Um, pick things you care about, things you're passionate about. Whatever they are. You're trying to think of another P word, I can feel it. Shut up. Um, you know, but that's I think that that's a great illustration of that, and like I said, it happened yesterday, and when it happened I was like, oh yeah.

Like, it didn't even, I didn't even give it a second thought. I was like, you know, we have a piece about pickles. And she's like, really? I didn't know that. And I was like, yeah, we're going to do it. Okay. Period. End of story. Like, and it was awesome and it was awesome. So remember that find things that you're passionate about topics.

You're passionate about right places. You want to go places that you you've been and you loved people that you're you're interested in, right? Find those things, because they're going to sound different right off the bat. That doesn't mean you can't manufacture that, and in your career, you will. Yeah, that's the acting that's involved.

A hundred percent. But if you don't have to? Don't. Makes it a heck of a lot easier. And a heck of a lot more fun. A heck of a lot more fun, too. Right? And so I, I, I, that's, that's kind of what I wanted to get across. That was a long winded story. Yeah, but it was filled with all of the Ps. It was. It was.

Passionate, peculiar, popular. It was popular. It will be popular once this, uh, once this hits the airwaves. Of course. Um, yes. Once this podcast episode hits. Pugnacious. Petty. I don't know. I'm running out of P words. Yeah, I'm out. Tapping out. It's fair. It's fair. Um, so, uh, so that is my, uh, that is my parable for today.

Oh, look at you, look at you. Yes, he did. Oh, oh, wear the sound effect. Come on. Now, if, uh, if you have anything you want us to discuss, uh, or want to drop some P words, or tell us what your... Passionate about, um, let us know. Or if you enjoy drinking pickle juice, please keep them PG . Oh man. I'm just, gosh, I, we, we need crazy sound effects in here, right?

Um, your, your morning show is leaking out. I, I've never done a morning show. Really? Never. Oh, interesting. I'm not good for morning. That's okay. That's a fair point. I guess sleep. No, that's fair. That's fair. Um, yeah, that, that's, that is awful, awful early. I did overnights once that was, Not easy. Well, I've done overnights and I've done nights, and I've done afternoons and middays, but over overnights are fair.

I've filled in for mornings, but like, let's just face it, I'm half asleep until about 10 15. That's fair. Luckily, most of the listeners probably are too. Yeah. So you got that going for you. But hopefully our listeners are wide awake and, uh, and enjoying today's program. Um, so, uh, yeah. So that's it. That's all I got for you today.

Um, thanks so much for tuning in. Got something you want us to talk about? A topic, a discussion, a peculiar. Food item? We're happy to do it. I guess. Um, so uh, let us know at joshatvoicecoaches. com, that's the quickest and easiest way to get in touch with us. joshatvoicecoaches. com. And, uh, we'd love to hear from ya.

Regardless. As long as it's nice. Um, nah, we'll take constructive criticism also. I'll get that to Marissa. Um, so, uh, thanks so much for tuning in, Marissa. Thanks so much for joining us again. Of course. And, uh, yeah, until next time. So long, everyone. Visit voicecoaches. com for more voiceover news and information.

Josh and Marissa discuss why it’s a good idea to choose topics you enjoy when creating a demo. Including a real example from a Voice Coaches student whose affinity for pickles turned into a great demo piece.