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Voice Coaches Radio #498 – An Update From South Africa

Voice Coaches Radio. Everything voiceover. And welcome to this week's edition of Voice Coaches Radio. I am Josh Heller. Delighted to have you joining me here this week. And I kind of teased this a little bit at the end of last week's episode, but I've got a very special episode for you guys today. So, if you'll remember, a couple years ago, we had a, uh, a listener Right into us from South Africa.

Her name was Gail Gosselin and, uh, she had been someone who was looking into getting into voiceover and wasn't really sure where to start and started searching for podcasts and happened upon ours and, uh, she reached out to myself and to Sam, uh, who were hosting the podcast at the time to, uh, to let us know that she had been listening in and, um, we had a chance to, uh, uh, to, to You know, she actually sent us a, uh, I believe she called it an, an, an audio letter, uh, where she, uh, she recorded some for us and, uh, and we played a good bunch of that on one of the episodes.

The episode was actually 428. So it's Voice Coaches Radio 428, uh, was recorded back on June 24th of. 2019. So a little over two years ago now, uh, that we last heard from Gail. And again, she was someone who was interested in pursuing this, was interested in getting into this, was, was committed to it, wanted to give it a go.

And, uh, it's been a little over two years and we had just heard back from her. We just heard back from her just this week. Uh, Gail was, uh, was going through her old emails and, and happened upon the email exchanges that she had with, uh, with myself and Sam and, and reached on out to, uh, to give us an update.

On how she is doing in South Africa, and I gotta tell you guys, it's good news. It's good news, Gayle's been doing some great things, uh, out in South Africa in her voice acting career. So we always love to, uh, to hear from listeners, always love to hear about, uh, about their successes and, uh, and about their triumphs.

And, uh, and certainly this is no exception. So, uh, uh, why don't we go ahead and take a listen to, uh, to a little of, of Gayle's audio letter that she sent us. Uh, talking about what she's been up to and, uh, in the past two years and, and how she's been dealing with, you know, the, the, the lockdowns and the COVID situation going on.

Uh, but, uh, but still able to, to continue to pursue her dream of voiceovers. Let's take a listen to that. Hey Josh. Remember me? It's Gail Gosselin. I sent you a voice letter about two years ago, letting you know that you were my inspiration, VoiceCoach's radio podcast, to get started in the art of voiceovers.

And Well, that was quite a while ago, so I thought I'd update you on my progress. So I'd just got started, and I was doing quite well on the platforms, and auditioning every day, and getting some jobs, and working in the evening. And lockdown happened. I'm sure you experienced it as well. And that's when my neighbour's kids were home all the time.

I just, I thought, great, I'm at home, I'm gonna be able to do lots of voiceovers. But no, that did not happen, because there were kids running around and screaming right outside my window. So, what did I do? I got myself a recording booth, and boy was that the best thing I ever did. I can now lock myself away.

And nobody can bother me while I am recording my voice. I've been doing so well that I quit my 9 to 5 job last year and went full time in voiceover. And then, as if that wasn't enough, in January this year I started a podcast YouTube channel called Talking Voiceovers for the South African people because I found that a lot of the podcasts out there are usually USA and UK, maybe Canada.

So I thought, well, hey! I'm in South Africa, and I don't really know much about the local industry, so let me try something here. And that would be a really great way to meet people here. And that's exactly what happened. So it's been six months, I think we're on 28 episodes now, and going strong. So I thought I'd share it with you.

Because you were my first inspiration after all. You can either listen as a podcast anywhere on all your favorite podcast platforms or you can find it on YouTube. It's called Talking Voiceovers. So far the feedback I've had is that it's been quite inspiring for the South African voiceover talents here and I'm actually going to be expanding to interview Other people on the continent, so not just South Africa, the whole of Africa, and who knows?

Maybe I'll take over the world. Mwahahaha. So that's me, still a big fan of your podcast and looking forward to every single episode that you put out there. So if you ever come to South Africa, you know who to call. Over and out from me, Gail Gosselin. Outstanding, outstanding. So that was Gail Gosselin and, uh, and Gail reached back out to us.

So again, she, uh, she reached out to us a couple of years ago, uh, talking about how, uh, she was interested in getting into voiceover and happened upon our podcast and, uh, and reached out to myself and to Sam and, uh, and just to, to let us know that, that she was listening and, uh, and was going to, to give this a go.

And, um. You know, obviously all credit in the world to Gail. That's just, uh, that's just tremendous. So, so Gail, first of all, if you are listening and I imagine you are, congratulations, that is amazing. That's absolutely amazing that you've been able to pursue this, able to go and good for you, right? You know, just, uh, deciding, looking up podcasts.

listening, taking in all that information and really doing something with it. That's absolutely unbelievable. Uh, doing that voice of work, how having your own studio at home to continue doing that, being able to quit your job, quit your day job to, uh, to do this full time. That's unbelievable. That's absolutely unbelievable.

So congratulations on that. And I look forward to listening into your podcast. Uh, that is talking voiceovers. So if you want to take a listen to Gail's podcast, it's called talking voiceovers. It is about, uh, uh, the voiceover field in South Africa, but, uh, it sounds like it's going to be expanding from there as well with guests.

So then it's talking voiceovers. So definitely take a list of that. I know I certainly will. And Gail, I'll definitely. Let you know my, uh, my thoughts on it, but looking forward to take a listen to that, but, but overall, Gail, just really, really exciting to hear from you and, uh, and thank you so much for, for thinking of us and reaching back out to, to let us know how you are doing and, uh, and it's so great to hear how good things are going for you and, uh, and I'm really happy for you and wish you continued success and if voice coaches radio can be a small part of that, well then you know what?

That's, uh, that's why we do this. That's literally why we, I mean, it's fun. We do for that too. Cool. Be honest, I have a good time doing it, clearly, uh, but, uh, the main reason why we, we do this is, uh, is to help those who, who want to do this, who want to pursue this, who want to chase this dream, and, and Gail, you certainly have, uh, have run with that, and, uh, and tremendous results, tremendous respect for you, and, uh, and, and best wishes moving forward and taking over the world, which I have zero doubt that you will be able to do, and just remember when you do that, You know, forget about the little people.

That's all. Don't forget about. No, uh, but, uh, but again, congratulations, continue success to you, Gail. And, uh, we're going to have to, uh, we're going to have to stay in touch. We're going to have to stay in touch. I'll, uh, again, I'm definitely going to take a listen to that talking voiceovers podcast, and you can take a listen to that as well, but thanks so much Gail for reaching out to us.

If you are interested or moving into the voiceover industry, you have questions, you want to let us know what's going on success stories. God knows we love to hear those. Right. Love to hear those. Obviously, we'll take your questions and concerns and try to answer as best we can, but love success stories makes me feel makes me feel good inside.

All right. And, uh, and gives, you know, hope to everybody else to that, that this is something that, uh, you know, with, uh, with a little hard work they can do as well. So. So, uh, definitely reach on out. Let us know. Josh at VoiceCoaches. com. That's the quickest and easiest way to do that, Josh at VoiceCoaches.

com. Uh, and, uh, and like I said, let us know, always, always, always happy to, uh, to hear from, from listeners and, uh, and see what's going on with them and their voice acting career. So again, thanks so much to Gail Cosslin for, uh, reaching back out to us and, uh, and letting us know all the great things that are going on for her in her voice acting career.

And Gail, we look forward to hearing more about. All your successes, uh, as you continue to, uh, dominate. Well, we we've gone through South Africa. Now we're doing the continent of Africa. And like you said, the world is next, the world is next. So thanks so much to Gail, uh, for, uh, for again, for tuning in each and every week and, uh, and for letting us know her story.

And as I said, if you want to, uh, to reach out, we'd love to hear, uh, hear your stories as well. Hear your, uh, your trials and tribulations as well as your victories. So Josh and voice coaches. com. Josh at voicecoaches. com. That's the quickest and easiest way to reach out to me. So thanks again to Gail and thanks to each and every one of you for tuning in and listening each and every week, especially this week as well.

And until next time, so long everyone. Visit voicecoaches. com for more voiceover news and information.

This week, we hear from an old-friend-of-the-pod, Gaelle Gosselin. Gaelle was first a part of the podcast over two years ago. She reached out to us to let us know that she was serious about getting into the voice over field, and that Voice Coaches Radio was helping her do that. She has reached back out to update us all on her journey!