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Voice Coaches Radio #490 – The New Kid(s) in Town…Part 3

Voice Coaches Radio. Everything voiceover. And welcome to this week's edition of Voice Coaches Radio. I am Josh Heller. Delighted to have you joining me as we are each and every week here in All in New York at White Lake Music and Post, the mothership. And as we've been doing for the past few weeks on and off, we have been introducing our listeners to some of the newer members of the Voice Coaches team.

team. And, uh, and this week we are joined by Jordan Neumann. Jordan, first of all, thanks so much for, for taking some time and, uh, and sitting down with us. Thank you for having me, Josh. Cool. So Jordan, tell us officially, what is your, your actual, uh, official title here? And then we'll get into all the other stuff that, you know, you probably end up doing, but what is your official title here at, uh, at the company?

So my official title is, uh, visual media strategist. It sounds fancy, it sounds fancy. And what does a visual media strategist do? So basically, I do all of the graphics for voice coaches, my, I basically like, kind of come up, like, we talk with the squad, we've decided to call ourselves, the three of us, me, Will, and Katie, who you recently just had on the podcast, uh, we kind of all brainstorm and try and come up with ways and methods to, uh, increase engagement with our And social media platforms and also develop more effective ways to have our clients engage with the website and engage with the ticketing platform.

And I have seen on, um, on, on the Facebook that, uh, you know. Things are changing, right? There's, there's new banners, there's new pictures. I know you've been walking around, you were in the studio with me yesterday taking some, uh, taking some, some pictures, some live shots for, uh, for that. So just trying to, uh, to give people a peek in as well behind the scenes here, too.

Yeah, no, that was awesome. It was really cool to see that yesterday. Especially since, like, I haven't actually seen any of the demos in pro like, in progress. Uh, just to kind of see, like, the whole process, the way everything really goes down. It was really interesting to see. Oh, very cool. Very cool. So, um, so what's your what's your background?

So, I have been... I've been interested in graphic design for a very long time, not, let's just say art in general, so like I've been drawing since I was a kid, and I've had access to like the entire Adobe suite for years and years because my dad was an architect, and um, after, like once I got out of high school, I kind of already knew what I wanted to do, and not a lot of people can say that, and I'm very grateful for the fact that I have, that I had that passion, and um, I immediately went into, uh, digital media in Hudson Valley Community College, you know, to save money.

It was way cheaper to go there than it was to go to a four year school. And uh, after I finished that, then I went to the four year school, I ended up going to SUNY New Paltz and went for graphic design there, graduated with a BFA, and now I'm at Voice Coaches. Even though COVID kind of messed up, you know, the whole Yeah, exactly.

I kind of had Life, life in general? Yeah, it really, it really did. Because I was, uh My original plan out of college because I was applying beforehand to a lot of jobs in the area in the Albany area Because I knew I would be stationed there for a bit to pay off the loans and like get myself more grounded and not be in debt so I, uh, actually got a job at KeyBank, and I also had a job at LifeTouch taking pictures for, uh, schools.

And uh, that was at the, that was in the midst, that was like the whole height of COVID too, so everybody was like super freaky, and like we had all the, the hand sanitizer everywhere. People were spread out, uh, managing the lines, people had like dots that they had to stand on. It was very interesting, especially seeing how the schools handled it.

I remember, I remember LifeTouch, like, it, I always wanted the laser background. I never got. Laser background, you have to pay extra for it. You see, I don't have any say in that. It's all in the package. I know, I'm just saying, I always wanted that and I never got it. I never got it and I'm still apparently bitter about it.

Didn't realize that until now. Um, so very cool. So, um, it's funny you mentioned knowing exactly what you wanted to do. I went to college as a physics major. So my life took a hard left turn. Wow. I wanted to go into astrophysics and astronomy. And I found out pretty quickly, oddly enough, that I am not smart enough?

Uh, I still find it interesting. Like the whole idea of like, like space and whatnot I found super interesting. But, uh, you know, I, I don't, I don't know how to do that. Um, so you know, I just look at the stars. That's pretty much what it comes down to. Pretty much what it comes down to. Now, are you from the area originally?

Yeah, I actually, I've lived in Troy for my entire life, uh, originally I lived in, I lived more in Brunswick originally, like my mom and dad built the house themselves, which was really cool. Like, they did that entire thing, like I said, my dad was an architect, so it was cool to like see that process, um, and then we ended up like, then like some family things happened and then we ended up moving into, uh, An apartment that's actually right behind the Walmart on Hoosick Street.

That one, um, like that, I actually really like it there. So, like, it's kind of giving me more of, like, a feel of, like, what I, where I'd want to kind of, like, start off apartment wise once I'm actually more situated. Because right now I'm still currently living with my mom and my brother until I can actually pay off my debt.

Which I've been doing, actually, I'm doing really well on. I'm almost, I'm, like, halfway done with it. Ah, student loans. Yep. I, I, I don't have any left. Oh, that's awesome. That took some, that took some time. I've also been out of college for a while. A good, a good, a good while at this point. Because I'm old. But, um, so, so tell us, tell us something interesting, something that, that our listeners wouldn't know about you, that, uh, you know, just, uh, just something, maybe it's, uh, you know, something that you, you like to do, a hobby that you have, or, or just something, something fun.

So, when I was away at college, one thing that I really got into, and never really expected myself to, because I have a huge fear of heights, was rock climbing. Um, I ended up doing a lot of, not like the top roping, I did top roping, top roping's fun, but I got into like bouldering, and bouldering is more like, uh, there's no harness, you go up only like 12 feet maximum, uh, and it's more about solving the problem than it is about just.

So I've always been like, I always, I've always been very technical and I like, uh, solving like just any problem in general. I've taken apart my Xboxes and my PCs and I've built my own PC and all that stuff. So that's always been, uh, a huge part of my personality. Now, do you, do you boulder, do you actually do this out?

in, uh, in, in, in nature, or do you do this at, uh, at climbing rock? Because I've done, I've done bouldering at, uh, at like climbing gyms. Yeah. Yep. Uh, if you know about, um. Not well. Yeah. If you know about, uh, the one in Clifton Park is, uh, the Half Moon Climbing Gym. Have you been there? Mm hmm. I have, in fact. I have.

Yeah. Awesome. Yeah. They, uh. They're great. They're actually, they're a really solid gym compared to a lot of the ones that I've been to, but, uh, When I start, like, I have done outside, and, uh, I did, I climbed mostly in the gunks in SUNY New Paltz. They have really good routes. Uh, I've done, like, uh, I've done camping trips over, actually during COVID, I did some camping trips with my friends.

And, uh, in the Adirondacks, and we climbed there. That was, like, that was amazing. I've never seen the Milky Way. That was the first time I did, and that was incredible. Ah, see? Okay, we're gonna get you into, uh, into astronomy now. I gotcha. See, it all comes around. And now, I, I will, I would like to point out, I'm terrible at bouldering, by the way.

I'm terrible at climbing. Um, but, you, you, you, wait, what? a hundred pounds soaking wet. So, you know, it's probably easier to, to, to pull yourself up there. But the one thing that, that I did find fascinating about, about that bouldering is, you know, trying to, to follow the, the, the paths and figuring out where to go.

Um, it's interesting that you put that as like a puzzle. It really kind of is right. Obviously there's the physical aspect of it, but that's not really the big part of it. No, it really isn't. Like a lot, like I was saying, like a lot of it's just like being able to, I like things that where, where you're like challenging yourself and it's like a personal battle.

Like, I like competition, but I like, I like the slow incremental improvement. It's very interesting to me, uh, especially like, like sports like bowling, golf, things that are like more personal. And uh, they're really good social events too, which is great. That helped me make like a ton of friends when I was away at college and just in general.

So uh. Yeah, like, definitely. Uh, and like, uh, there was a actually, I would like to, uh, talk about this one place because I really want people to go to it. Uh, there's a small little climbing gym. It's called the BC's, uh, New Paltz Climbing Gym. It is a very small gym. It's very cute. It's got, like, uh, it's got, like, a garage door open, and it's, like, in a, like, uh, the back of, uh, It's right behind a Rite Aid, it's right next to New Paltz, you'd never know it's there.

It's so good, the owner's great. I would really, like, I'm gonna do like a small plug for him, cause I honestly would love more people to support him. Very cool, man, very cool. Well, uh, if our listeners are in the, uh, are heading to the New Paltz area, should check it out, should check it out. Um, yeah, I'm, I'm with you, I'm afraid of heights, um, pretty badly.

Yes. And so, uh, so the bouldering I'm okay with, for the most part. It takes me a few minutes to get... used to it. But once I do, I'm okay. The, the, the top rope stuff, that is not really my speed. I get it. Cause I panic. I panic. I do like at the gym, I do rope climbing and, and I don't love that either. Um, it's funny.

We do, we do 15 foot and 20 foot. And the difference between 15 and 20 foot, which is to the ceiling is like, It might as well be a mile. Like it might as well be a mile. It's literally like, it's barely, it's five feet and it feels like an eternity. And the worst thing is when you get up to really near the top, there's a walkway up there.

And the first time I went up there, someone walked across the walkway as I was up there and I absolutely just panicked, just. Freaked out and I was like, okay. Well, this is this is a nightmare So yeah, so I I I'm not a fan of heights, but no I think bouldering is a ton of fun It is an absolute ton of fun I think I haven't done it in a couple years now But I used to I used to do it every now and again and you know Just get nice and sore and beat up a little bit and have some fun have some fun.

Well, that's really interesting man That's really interesting. So so anything else any any other any other passion projects you have passion projects? Storing you're right on the spot right now Um, I mean, I've been for a while, like I've been working on like, like, I don't want to say too much about it, but like, I've been working on like, like when it comes to personal projects, I do like this app with my friend, and it's coming along really well.

And we actually. It's, it's something that we've, like, had an idea for for a while, and it kind of feels like it'll really come together eventually. We want to end up presenting it to some, uh, to, like, some UX designers, because, like, I can do that, but not to the extent that somebody that's very experienced can do it.

Sure. Sure. Well, I mean, we'll, uh. You'll have to keep us keep us posted on that. Yeah, and we'll have to keep uh, keep the listeners posted on that when uh, Whenever whenever that happens, but hey, we'll keep it hush hush. We'll keep it hush hush. It's all right. Nobody listens. Anyways, i'm just kidding My dad does um So awesome.

Well, hey jordan, man I appreciate you uh, you taking some time to uh to sit down with us today and uh and and chat with us and you know introduce, uh, uh, the uh, the listeners to uh to you and uh, and you know Welcome aboard. I know you've been here for a little bit already, but, uh, but we'll definitely have you back on and, uh, and catch back up again.

All right. Awesome. That'd be great. Awesome. So if you have any questions for Jordan, anything you want to throw his way, you can certainly email me. Jordan, do you have an email here? I do. I use the design at voice coaches. com. There you go. Design at voice coaches. com or you can email me josh at voice coaches.

com and I can pass something along to Jordan for sure. But Jordan, thanks again, man, for, uh, for taking some time. Welcome aboard. Welcome, uh, welcome to the team and, uh, welcome to voice coaches radio and, uh, and we appreciate you taking some time. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. This was cool. Awesome, man. So, uh, thanks everyone for listening here this week as we've been introducing you over the past few weeks to, uh, to some new members here.

And, uh, some exciting things happening here, uh, at Voice Coaches and here at Voice Coaches Radio. So, thanks again for tuning in. We'll be back next week, same bat time, same bat channel, so be sure to tune on in if you wanna reach out to me, [email protected]. The best way to do that, that's [email protected].

Questions, comments, concerns, whatever you got, lemme know. Otherwise, enjoy the rest. If you're listening on the weekend, this is a Friday show. So, uh, enjoy the weekend and we will be talking with you next week. And until then, so long everyone. Visit voicecoaches. com for more voiceover news and information.

Concluding our series of interviews with the freshest faces at Voice Coaches, Josh welcomes in Jordan Newman. Jordan serves as the Visual Media Strategist for the team, but not only enjoys graphic design…but also rock climbing!