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Voice Coaches Radio #475 – Updating Your Resume, er, Demo

Voice Coaches Radio. Everything voiceover. And welcome to this week's edition of Voice Coaches Radio. I am Josh. She is Marissa. We are delighted to have you joining us today. Marissa, how are ya? Uh, I'm good. I'm recovering from Vax number 2. Ooh, how'd that go? So if you would have been like, wow, you look...

Awesome. Oh wow. It was really bad. Cause Vax number one kind of hit you pretty hard. Yeah, Vax number two, even harder. Uh, so yeah, it just didn't last as long, I guess. That's good. That's good. But it was really intense for a good like 40 hours. Well, it's funny because I remember after Vax one, like you're, you had that kind of like huskier nish.

Yeah. To your voice. Your voice sounds totally normal. Yeah. Right now. So it's, it hasn't, uh, it hasn't, Because that was, that was kind of a kind of a problem. That was a bummer there for a minute, yeah. No, but I mean if you had talked to me, like I kept apologizing to students on Tuesday because, you know, I got the shot like late Monday afternoon.

Within 30 minutes I had chills. So I'm like, awesome, nice. And then I woke up in the middle of the night, the intense body aches, which, by the way, like anybody who compares this to the flu, oh, joke's on you, bruh. Like, for real, like, it is not the flu at all. I am somebody who has been I was so super sick many, many times.

I had swine flu. I would actually equate this to how I felt with swine flu because I was like near death then. Those pains for the body aches here were just like really, really awful. Well, and what they say is you really shouldn't be taking much medication because they want your body to fight it off.

Right, so I didn't. I mean, I took some Tylenol, but that was about it. Oh, good. Well, awesome. Mine, I have my second coming up on the 1st of May, so. Something to look forward to. Yay. Well, I will say this. What I've heard is that it hits women, younger women, differently than it hits anybody else. So it could be like an estrogen level thing.

So you might be okay. It's strange. It has been younger people, though, who've been getting it worse than than older people. My folks, my, uh, My mom and Nana were fine. Fine. Totally fine. Like, I think my dad was like, Yeah, I may have had a slight fever that night, but I didn't really notice. And I'm like, Oh, cool.

That's great. So I didn't know what to expect. Right? Like I was like, Oh, maybe it's genetic. Maybe I'll be fine. No, not at all. Did you get the Pfizer? Or did you get the Pfizer? What I had? Yeah. I feel like that's going to be like a thing in the future. Like, Hey, my name is Josh. I'm a Moderna. That's actually how I have my, um, my, my Facebook profile picture right now.

It's listed Marissa Pfizer. How are you? Yeah. Right. Okay. That's fair. Yeah. That's. That's going to be a thing now. That's going to be a thing. And then it's going to be like, Hi, my name's David and I have a Johnson Johnson. Like, get out of here. Whoa, get away from me. Get out of here. You're not welcome here.

Um, yeah, that's it. Well, I'm glad you're, uh, you're, you're on the other end of it and hey, congratulations antibodies. Yeah. So you got two weeks until you're, uh, you're free to do whatever you want, just run around licking people and you know, I probably won't be doing that, but I might high five from now on.

Oh yeah. It's coming back. Coming back. Well, awesome. Well, good for you. Yeah. I'm glad that's it. That's. That's really good. That's really good. And, um, and I'm glad you're feeling better from that. That's awesome. Yeah, I agree. I agree. So, uh, so cool. So, hey, here's a fun fact. It's snowing outside. Oh, God. You know what?

I kind of blame myself. I bought a patio umbrella yesterday and some grass. and then all of a sudden the snow came this morning. So it probably is my fault. I'll take the blame. It's funny because, you know, maybe like a month ago, not even a month ago, it was like 70 degrees outside and I was like, oh, I think we got it.

And then it snowed like, uh, on April 1st. Yeah. And I was like, okay. Chokes on us. Yeah, I was like, that's my fault. I, you know, I shouldn't have, I should have known better. It's still March. Sure, it's not, we're not through it. And then, you know, after that, an unfortunate encounter. It was like 80 degrees last weekend.

Yeah, I know. But it is like, we're upstate New York in New England. Like, this is very, like, expect the unexpected, you know? We're kind of like an episode of The Walking Dead at all times. Like, you just never know. 35 degrees right now. It is raining, snowing, crapping outside. It's just nasty. It's just nasty, and I don't like it.

I don't like it, and my opinion on that means nothing, but I want to pass it along, because I don't like it. Um, so yeah, so that's awful, um, because it legitimately, like I, if we could, there are no windows in here, but if there were, it's legit snowing outside, so for all of you who are listening down in the southern states, you know what, eh.

And it was sticking, so. Oh yeah, I had to, I had to sweep off my car. Oh, I didn't do that, I was that jerk, I didn't do that today. Oh, you're the one who's getting it from driving behind you, must have been a delight. Use the rear defrost, it's fine. It just takes a minute. The rear defrost doesn't help for the roof.

Well, yeah, but there really wasn't anything there. Apparently that's illegal, actually, to not, I mean, I'm sure today no one cares. Not for like, a third of an inch. No, but you've been on the highway and you've seen the people that have like two feet of snow on the yeah. so don't, uh, don't be that guy. Or lady.

Or pal. Um, so anyway, what are we gonna talk about today? Voice over stuff? Yeah, so, um... Oh, so you had mentioned to me, uh, a question. We know what we're doing here, guys. We are super proud. Don't we, too. Uh, it's Friday. It's snowing outside. All right, things are a mess. Um, my, my kid's home from school right now because of whatever.

So it, my life is a little bit scatterbrained and so am I, uh, more so than usual. But, uh, you were talking about, about demos, and people have been asking about, uh, you know, about demos, and, and when, you know, a demo should be revisited, as in when it should be redone, um, and we kinda, I kinda touched upon this a little while ago, um, you know, with, with someone who had asked a question about, um, you know, getting back into this after a period of time.

And, and, you know, this kind of, uh, kind of equates to, uh, to that. That was a question that Mario had had because he had had a demo from a few years ago. And, you know, one of the things we discussed is, you know, is that demo still good? And so that, that's the question, right? If you, if you have a demo, how long is that demo good for?

Um, And that's a question that has many, many answers. Um, no one specific one. And I think it's important to know that. There's no one specific time period. Like, after one year, your demo becomes null and void. It doesn't work that way. Um, but there certainly is a time and place where a demo should be updated.

And I, I, I would posit that. You know, the first demo that you do, say you do a demo with us, that first demo probably is going to have a shorter shelf life, um, you know, because ideally it's not going to be you at your best for much longer. You're going to be growing and growing and growing. Ideally, right?

Yeah. I mean, hopefully. If not, then you probably don't need to do another demo because you probably aren't doing this. But that's it, right? Because your demo is supposed to be an accurate representation of you at your absolute best. And, and, you know, ideally it is. on that day. But if you're working on this, if you're practicing this, if you're getting jobs, then that's not going to be for, for all that much longer.

And, and that's important to kind of self reflect on that. Does that still represent, uh, represent you? Um, I don't know why I couldn't say that word, but, but does it, does it still accurately represent you at your best or have you improved to such a degree that it's, you know, going to be worthwhile to, you know, to, to update that or to change it or spruce it up, whatever you'd like to do.

I also feel like when it comes to, you know, people who have worked with us, you know, you're, you're starting with something that is, is you, but is also slightly unrealistic at the, at that point, just because it's not real work, right? Like, it's the stuff that we have mock scripts for and whatever. If you start getting work and you're working consistently, like, Use it.

Yeah, utilize that stuff, because that is showcasing you now in an even better light. Like, sure, we know the skills you have based on this original demo, but you've taken this giant step and now you're working. Well, and one of the things we say is, you know, one of the reasons why we don't recommend using national copy on a demo is because it's possible that a producer listening to that is going to assume that you've done that.

Yep. And if you haven't, that's... Could be problematic, but if you have actually done that, and you put it on your demo, that's fine, because you've actually done that. And then, if the producer assumes you have, they will be correct. And, uh, and so yeah, so you can absolutely do that. And, and one of the things that we talked about, when you do a job, ask for a copy of it.

Ask for, for a copy of it, which, uh, 99% of the time you'll get. You'll get for your, you know, for your, your, your files, right? To, to use that and to stitch those together to create a, a cohesive demo. That doesn't mean people don't come in and do, you know, updated demos with, um, you know, pieces that aren't, um, you know, national copy or aren't real copy.

It certainly is something to be done to show those. You know, those strides that you've made, but, but I, I'm with you there. If, if you can use, use the real stuff, use the real stuff. Don't just say, you know, on your, say your, your website or your webpage. I've, you know, done work for this company. Cool. Let's hear it.

Let's hear it.

You still there? Oh, I'm here. Oh, did I lose you? Yeah. No, I'm here. I just didn't know if you were talking to me or not, or if you were just having a grand old conversation with everybody listening. It's hard to say sometimes. I fade in and out. I fade in and out. I will say, don't do what I've done, because I got very comfortable, I mean, radio's a different animal, but I got very comfortable in the job that I had because I really didn't want another one.

So, I did not save anything for a very long time, I didn't have a fresh demo, and then all of a sudden I was a budget cut and I was like, oh, oh dear, uh, now what? Like how do I showcase myself with things that I don't have? So, make sure you are always staying up to date with, The, the works that the work that you are doing, like, make sure you do get that audio.

Don't slack on that because that, that is your portfolio. That is your resume. That is what you can use to now sell yourself. Yeah. And even if it's, you know, you know, maybe, maybe you don't end up using it at any point. That's fine. At least you have it. Yeah. At least you have it and you can use it if, if called upon.

If you know, say someone hears your demo and they're like, Hey, do you have any other audio that I can listen to. Well, yes, it just so happens that I do. Let me send it to you. Right. Do you have a read that shows us, you know, this type of style? Like, you know, this tone? You know, that's what we're going for in this.

We want to see if you're able to, you know, come have that come across. Like you can, maybe, maybe that's not in the demo, but you have something to showcase that. Yeah. And that's perfect. And that's always a good thing. I mean, again, it's just having that kind of, uh, you know, having the ability to do that if necessary.

Will you ever need it? Who knows? Maybe yes, maybe no, but you know, it doesn't hurt to have it. Uh, and then you can just go back and listen to it from time to time and be like, ah, right? Sometimes like, or play it for friends and family. I do that too. I'm like, hey, hey, listen what I just did because I'm, you know, I need, sometimes I need a little bit of a, of an ego boost.

It happens to all of us, to all of us. So, you know, you can definitely, uh, you can definitely do that too, but yeah, always ask for that. So as far as how long a demo should be good for, it depends. It depends on. How much you've been working? It depends on how much you've been practicing. And like I said, for a first demo, probably not as long, maybe a year and a half, two years, somewhere in that vicinity, because, you know, the strides you are ultimately going to make are probably going to be fairly significant.

As opposed to 10, 20 years down the road, are you going to improve? Absolutely, we're always improving, or at least trying to, but it's going to be more incremental. It's going to be, you know, smaller, uh, smaller strides at that point, because there won't be as much ground to make up. So, you know, it may not quite need to be updated quite as often.

Um, But, you know, that's, uh, that always depends, but, you know, and the thing is also, feel free to, you know, add things to it, even if you like part of it, or you think part of it is still worthwhile, I mean, that's the beauty of, of, you know, of what we do, of, of, of audio, of producing, we can splice things in, we can pull things out, we can add things, it doesn't have to be a completely, you know, we don't have to blow the whole thing up and start from scratch, We can, but you don't have to.

And so, I mean, I think that's important to, you know, tinker. Tinker with it. Have you ever had it where you all of a sudden did a commercial and you were like, OK, yep, this needs to be added right now, right this second. You get so excited that you have to like pull it up right then and there and fix the demo because I've done that.

I have, uh, I've never done that with voiceover. I have done that with my broadcast demo. I'm like, knock it out of the park! Let's get this! And that's the thing, like, when I used to do play by play, every now and again I'd have a call and I'd be like, that needs to be my real, uh, now. Like, yesterday. Like, this needs to happen.

And then, yes. That, it hasn't happened for voiceover. I've been like, that, that job was so great. Like, uh, usually, cause usually I'm still, I'm still fairly new in this. Right, I've only been doing this for, for two plus years and so I'm still a little, I still have a little bit of uh, of imposter syndrome going on where I'm like, yeah, that wasn't that great, but they seemed to like it, so that's good, so I'm going to pretend that I liked it.

Gotta start playing that demo for everybody so you can grow that ego, man. I mean, that's true. We were just talking about that. That's very true. That's 100% true. Blow up that ego. Let it fill the room. Yeah. And so, yes, that's just what you need. Just me. Sorry, I couldn't do the, the podcast today. Couldn't fit inside the, uh, the booth.

Couldn't walk through the door. Um. Josh's head was... was too large. Um, but no, I mean, it's, yeah, that's, that's, uh, you know, that happens, that happens. And if that happens, add it immediately, toss it in there, whatever, even if it's just kind of a separate track, man, like, look at this. So like, when I did my first audio book, I immediately took a clip from that and.

Just dropped it in there as a separate track. Just to be like, hey, uh, just listen to this. It's like four minutes. Just so they can. Just so they can. Um, so again, there's no one set time period that a demo is good or not good for. It's going to depend, but the more you're working, the more you're practicing, the more you're improving, the sooner you're going to have to update your demo so that it remains something that is an accurate representation of you at your best.

And something that you're proud of. And something that you're proud of. I think that's important too. 100%. Awesome. Well, um, if you have any other questions on demos or anything else, do not hesitate to reach on out to us. Uh, Josh at voicecoaches. com, that's the quickest way to do it. You can reach out to myself, or Marissa, or Sam, or anyone else here.

Uh, but if you have questions, comments, concerns, if you have anything you want us to, uh, is not just our show, it's yours as well. So please do that. Marissa, thank you so much. Uh, glad you're feeling better, glad, uh, you were able to swing on by and grace us with your presence. Oh, I'm so glad. And, uh, we will, uh, we will chat with you, uh, next week.

All right? Sounds good. Awesome. Thanks so much for listening, everyone. And until then, so long. Visit voicecoaches. com for more voiceover news and information.

Josh and Marissa discuss how to know when your demo needs to be updated. As well as how best to go about updating it. They also discuss the weather as snow is falling on April 16!