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Voice Coaches Radio #462 – Ladies and Gentlemen… Laura Nelson!

Voice Coaches Radio. Everything voiceover. And welcome to this week's edition of Voice Coaches Radio. I am Josh Heller. Delighted to have you joining me as I always am here on Voice Coaches Radio. Coming to you from the mothership here at White Lake Music and Post in Colony, New York. And, uh, I have a special guest here with me.

We're talking about the one we're talking about the only Laura Nelson Laura. Thanks so much for well, first of all Thanks so much for coming in and uh, and thanks so much for for you know, being a part of the show. Thank you I am excited. This is a first for me So if you recognize that voice and you very well might it's probably because you've called Into voice coaches and if you do call into voice coaches you are out I'm unquestionably going to hear, uh, Laura's voice, because Laura is, uh, is always answering those phones, though not right at this moment in particular, but, um, you know, so if you've called in, you've definitely talked to Laura, and my apologies in advance for that.

Thank you. You're welcome. Thank you very much. You're welcome. But you know what I wanted to do, at least today, is I just kind of wanted to, uh, you know, to introduce you to, uh, you know, to our listeners, and so they kind of have an idea of, you know, of who you are, so, so I guess, you know, Laura, you've been here for...

God, has it been a year now? It has been a year. It has been a year, hasn't it? Well, time flies. Time flies. So it's been probably just over a year that, uh, that you have been with us, but your background is, is not in this in particular. In fact, you came from, from a very different background. You came from the financial background.

I did. I actually spent 27 years in the banking industry. Fun. Fun. I did everything... from I started as a file clerk back in the day, moved my way up to a loan officer. And then when I finally left the banking world, I was a branch manager. Um, and that was all in this area. No, actually. Um, I started my career, believe it or not, in.

Anchorage, Alaska. Oh, beautiful Anchorage, Alaska. Yes. I have been to Anchorage a couple times for uh, for hockey games. I know, I must have missed you. It's probably true. I was probably right across the street actually. Right across from Sullivan Arena. Exactly, that's where I was. That's where we were. So 2009, were you there in 2009?

Um, I think I moved back to New York in 2009. Oh, so this would have been June of 2009. I did. June of 2009. The South Carolina Stingray has raised the, uh, Kelly Cup on the ice at, uh, at Sullivan Arena. And, uh, that year. Yeah, it was pretty exciting. One of the things I always thought was really cool is right next to Sullivan Arena is a baseball diamond, and they have the, uh, the Midnight Sun game there.

Yes. Which is a baseball game that they play in the summer, and literally the game starts at midnight, and there are no lights. They don't need lights at midnight in the summer there. Nope. Super cool, super cool. Um, were the winters as bad as, as I think they would have been? You know, if you were up in Fairbanks, you could hit 40 below, and I do remember, you know, 25 below for two weeks in Anchorage.

Once it hits 5, it was like a heat wave. People were taking their jackets off. You know, at some point, though, I feel like, when you're at, like, 25 below versus, like, 40 below, can you tell the difference? Or is it 40 below. Thank God. Um... I feel like at some point, it's just, it's just cold. It's just super cold.

It's just cold. Super, super cold. So, Flora, what is your, your official... official position here. I mean, let's be honest, uh, everyone wears any number of hats here and, uh, and, and you are no exception to that. What, you know, what, what do you do here? I do a little bit of everything. That is a fact. My official title is Operations Manager.

It's a fancy title. So I try to keep you busy with your scheduling. Successful there. And pretty much tried to drive you crazy. Also successful there. Yep. I do everything from a little cleaning, a lot of scheduling, I help everybody with their billing questions or if payment arrangements, um, as you mentioned, I answer the phone.

Any questions at all, come through me and I'll help you. Which is great because you kind of have a pulse. on things of questions that people are running into, not just during their course, but also after. We always tell people, you can always reach back out to us at any point, and they, and people do. And so, you know, you know, the, the, the questions that come up on a fairly regular basis.

Um, we'll, we'll certainly, you know, as we go along, talk more about, about you and your responsibilities. Like I said, we're going to certainly talk about those, uh, those questions, uh, that, uh, that are asked. for fans. We're going to also talk about, uh, how to take care of fish, um, which is something else that you do, though some would say not very well.

That do. Um, hey, one lived, one didn't make it, but that wasn't my fault. I think right now, since you have taken over fish feeding duty, we are down two fish. Stop. One of them, definitely not your fault. One of them, I don't know, could have been, maybe, I don't know. Um, was not my fault. So says you . So says you

We'll, we'll let the public decide on that. But, uh, the one that survived is looking. He very well, he's looking fantastic right now. He's fantastic. So he's looking fantastic because I did not give up on him. That is true. You did save one's life. I will, I will say I, we'll, we'll, we'll certainly go into more detail on that.

Uh, that story, that was a, uh, that was a rough. That was a rough morning coming in to work with the fish tank malfunctioning, we'll say it like that. Yes. But we do have, we do still have fish surviving, which is good. But they're looking great. You know, again, I just kind of wanted to get a quick introduction with you so people know who they're going to be listening to on Voice Coaches Radio moving forward.

We're going to be having you on and, um. Having guests on as well, trying to get that, uh, you know, trying to get that up and running. So, uh, again, you can always reach out to us if there's any topic, anything in particular you want us to discuss. Uh, podcastedvoicecoaches. com is how to get in touch with me directly.

You can also call the front desk and bet dollars to donuts, it's probably going to be Laura answering. So, uh, so you'll be able to hear those dulcet tones on the phone as well. But Laura, like I said, thank you so much for, uh, for agreeing to do this or being coerced into doing this, whatever it was. Either way, we're happy about it.

We're happy about it. But, uh, but no, again, we, we, we were always sitting and chatting anyways, so might as well just turn some mics on and, uh, let the madness ensue. Let the madness ensue. And have fun. Awesome. Awesome. So you'll be hearing from us. Um, again, if you want to reach out to us, you can always do so podcastedvoicecoaches.

com or you can just give a call to the front office here and talk to Laura. We're looking forward to hearing from you and discussing topics that you want us to discuss as well. Because remember, it's not just our show. Alright, until next time though, so long everyone. Visit voicecoaches. com for more voiceover news and information.

If you’ve ever called Voice Coaches, you have no doubt talked with Laura. Whether it’s scheduling professional voice over and studio clients or assisting our coaching clients , Laura has garnered more “Thank You” mail and email than anyone on our team.  We sat down with Laura on Voice Coaches Radio this week to find out more about the friendly voice you hear on the phone!