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Voice Coaches Radio #445 – An Interview with Dayci

Voice coaches, radio, everything voiceover and welcome into this week's edition of voice coaches radio. I am Josh Heller as always delighted to have you joining me here talking everything voice over. We'll even do it recently and we'll continue to do as we begin the 2020 edition of voice coaches. Radio was taking a look back, a look back at the over 10 plus years of voice coaches radio voice coaches.

Radio has been going on since 2008. So really we're in iteration number 12, but dating back to 2010, I wanna play back an interview with some voice actors and, uh, had a chance to, to go back through the archives. And obviously there's quite a bit there, but there's a lot of really good stuff and I don't expect that, you know, people are gonna have time to go through and kind of comb through those archives.

So that's what I'm doing for you and that's what we've been doing for a little bit. So, uh, what we're gonna do today is we're gonna take a look. Back 2010 when Warren Garling and Mike Spring, uh, had an interview with a voice actor by the name of Dayci Brookshire. Now Dayci, uh, she's probably best known for her, her voiceover work in the Epic Tales of Captain Underpants, which was a, uh, uh, a TV series.

She also was a voice in Super Smash Brothers Ultimate, uh, now at the time in 2010, she actually got a bit of a name for herself as a voiceover artist in a commercial. for Geico. It was a, uh, it was a TV commercial where she played A, uh, a very southern, somewhat sassy, you might say, uh, uh, pothole. Uh, I'm not sure how many of you remember this commercial or actually hear the commercial itself.

Or hear the audio from the commercial so you can, uh, you can hear that. But, uh, uh, it, uh, it basically is Dayci as a pothole. Pothole that just, uh, messed with someone's card. It's actually very good. What did, uh, the conversation that, uh, that both Warren and Mike have with her, talking about her, her getting started in the industry, where she began, how she got where she is.

Very interesting stuff. So take a listen. I think you'll enjoy. This is Warren Garling and Mike spring back from 2010 voice coaches, radio talking to voice actor, Dayci Brookshire.

Your tires all flattened. Here, let me get my cellular out. Call your record. Oh, shoot. I got no phone because I'm a pothole. Sooo... K, bye!

Accidents are bad. But Geico's good, with emergency road service.

Daisy, welcome to our podcast today. Thank you to have you. How long have you been a voice actor, and what grew you to it in the first


Uh, I actually started as a voice actor when I was pre teen, teenage years, and then really missed...

So the, uh, the education, is that in a different area than voice acting? Oh, cool.


then when you decided to get back into voice acting after school, you did go for some professional voice



Now, what were some of the challenges that you faced when you first started getting back into it after school?

Well, there

you go. Now that's what leads me right into my next question, because we learned about you by reading Parade Magazine a couple of weeks ago. There was just a little question about, you know, who's that talking pothole on the Geico commercial? And, uh, in your response you had mentioned that you've done, uh, you know, the voice of a five year old boy, you've done a British character, and now you're a...

A talking, a talking pothole, if you will. What, will you take on any challenge? Is that

how you look at it?

Do you have some, uh, favorite work that you've done? Or is this new Geico thing kind of your favorite piece at the moment?

There you go. And, and so you must do mostly studio work? You don't have a home studio? Or how does that work? Um, I

Tell us a little bit

about some of the other projects you've worked on.

Recently, I got to do, um,

Oh, sure. Actually, they had

Uh huh. And I've always loved that since I was younger, so When they asked me for it, because I didn't know I was going to get to do it, I was jumping up and down pretty hard. I was like, you don't understand, this just made my career. I love, I love to jingle. That's terrific. Well, you know, I just keep going.

I mean, I've got

You're right. There's, there's, there's always the opportunity out there, and if you don't give up, uh, you can make it


Right, and you go. Well, Darce Uh, I'm sorry.

That's okay. Story of my life. Okay.

Well, it's interesting how you spell it, too. It's D A Y C I, right? Yeah. That's it. That's great. You're unique.

Yeah. It's unique.

It's fun. Well, I promise I'll remember you as Daisy. Thank you very much for your time today and continued success. We hope to hear your voice in many more places. I really

appreciate it. And good luck to

all. So that was Daisy Brookshire. An interview with Daisy Brookshire back from 2010 with Warren Garling and Mike Spring here on Voice Coaches Radio.

We're going to continue to look. back, especially at some of the interviews, uh, with, with prominent voice actors, uh, you know, that have happened, uh, in, in recent years in, uh, in the archives of Voice Coaches Radio and, uh, and, and certainly play those back for you. But if you have anything you want to discuss, you want me to discuss or chat about here on Voice Coaches Radio.

Please do let us know. Podcast at voicecoaches. com is the best way to get in touch with us. Podcast at voicecoaches. com. Look them right to me. Happy to, uh, uh, you know, to, to discuss anything. Cause again, as we always say, this is not just your show or it's not just my show rather. It's just a, it's your show too.

All right. So, uh, so definitely do reach out to us if there's anything you want us to discuss any topics you want to go over, any questions you might have, uh, or any guests you'd like us to have. All right. So podcast at voice coaches. com is the best way to do that. Thank you so much again for listening in this week.

Again, we'll take a look back next week with, uh, with some more actors who have done some voice acting as well for now, though, enjoy the rest of your week and until next time. So long everyone.

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In a recap episode, team members Mike and Warren interview actress and voice over industry professional Dayci about her career success in the voice over industry.