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Voice Coaches Radio #437 – The End of the Road

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This is the end, beautiful friend.

This is the end, my only friend. The end of our dear love. And welcome into this week's edition of Voice Coaches Radio. It is a somber Voice Coaches Radio here today. I am Josh. He is Sam. And we're happy to have you joining us. Bittersweet, bittersweet episode of Voice Coaches Radio. Sam, how are you, my friend?

I'm doing, I'm doing well, Josh. I'm doing well.

I'm not doing so well, Sam. No, I'm sorry. I'm not doing so well. And do you know why I'm not doing so well? I do know why, Josh. I imagine you do know why. You're the reason why. It's my fault. Uh, so, Sam, tell the, tell, tell, tell the people.

Well, long story short, this will be my last episode of Voice Coaches Radio.

Josh has asked me to politely leave, never, never to return. That's exactly how it went down. He was like, get out! Get out!

No, I have, uh, I will be leaving Voice Coaches. This is actually my last day as we're recording this, so I've accepted a position to produce another podcast, of all things, for another company, and I will be moving on to that.

So I'm very excited about this opportunity, but...

So you found a better podcast to work with. I see how it is.

But I won't be voicing, and it will be a far cry from what we're doing here. And I won't have any co host that could ever live up... To that of baby

probably for the best. It's honestly probably for the best.

I have a little baby bear nook here. Thanks to you I have I have an actual baby bear that a student gave me that is hanging from the wall Um, not in a creepy way, but uh, and then I have the book The book. Oh, I don't think we ever told people about the book god the book that's called Where is Baby Bear?

It's like a kid's book. And I want to read it to my son, but I'm afraid to.

Yeah, I don't know if it's any good. There's a kiosk by my house that has like a book, a free library where you can donate books, you can take books, put books in there. And we found this the other day and uh, Jocelyn was like, we've gotta, you've gotta give that to Josh.

You've gotta give this to Josh. So we do, and it's been sitting on his desk ever since.

Peter opened a word window. Guess what he saw? What the heck is a word window? It's opening a book. Yeah, it's weird. They call books word windows? I don't know. Already I'm done. Some animals playing in the woods. Will you play with me?

Peter asked. Yes, said Duck, Bunny, Raccoon, and Baby Bear. We will play hide and seek with you. We will hide first. Close your eyes. Do not peek. And away they ran. Uh, it is apparently, according to its title, Where is Baby Bear? A book about animal homes. Oh, I'm sorry, let me rephrase that. A word window about animal homes.

I'm gonna call books word windows from now on. That is amazing.

Are you reading any good word windows right now? I'm in the middle of this great word window.

It's an amazing word window. I looked through the other day.

Sometimes when it feels musty, I like to open up my word window just to let some fresh air in.

Let some air in, man. Let some air in. Don't let the heat out though. Don't let the heat out. Only in the summer. That's expensive. Only in the summer. Expensive, man. Yeah. Word window. So, um, so again, um, you know, obviously we, we make jokes. We have fun, but, uh, but I, I, I do think that, uh, that Sam, since you've joined Voice Coaches Radio, uh, ignominiously.

While back forced my way into this, but no, I, I think since you joined the, the show has been elevated or, or, or not. I don't know, but no, I think elevated. I was trying to think of the opposite of elevated, like just descended. I don't know. Um, but no, I, the show is, has certainly been a lot more fun. I will say that question.

And I think been a lot more enjoyable for our listeners to listen to. Um, you know, it's, and you saw a couple of weeks ago, it's doing it by yourself is, uh, It's doable. It's, uh, totally doable. You get the topics out there, right, and, uh, you know, you make it fun, but... It's not as fun. It's not. It's not. It's not as fun.

It's certainly not as fun to do. Yeah. And I imagine it's not as much fun to listen to because when we talk to people or people let us know that they actually do listen to this and they do and they do, uh, they, they talk about the, the banter, the back and forth. Yeah. Um, so, um, Yeah, so that, that, uh, that, that is going to be sorely missed.

Well, Josh, I'm going to miss working with you. It's been such a pleasure and such an honor to be on this show. I've learned so much from you. I know I give you a hard time most of the time. Almost everything that I say is a hard time that I give, give to you. Even when it was just me. If you ever go back and listen to it, maybe don't.

I was going to say it's coming out. There's one coming out on Monday that I have not heard yet. And I'm like, Oh, I just let it be. Uh, I don't know if I want to. Yeah, just let that one be. Let's just pretend it never happened. But it's been a great pleasure. I've learned so much from working with you. This has been super helpful for me.

It's been such a pleasure. I think, honestly, of everything I get to do at Voice Coaches, this is by far my favorite. You're going to make me cry. It is

such a pleasure. I'm just cutting onions in here, man. It's uh, it's uh. Ooh, is it dusty? It is. It is. Oh, it's

Wait, wait. When I, um, told the I need a lighter right now.

When I, uh, told Josh the news, well, actually Josh found out before I could tell him when I going to tell him the news. I walk into his, his studio and all of a sudden, boy, men is blaring as I walk in that it's the end of the road. Yep.

Yep. It's so hard to say goodbye to yesterday

Oh wow, that was great. I remember

That was stuck in my head for at least a week. Yes!

You're welcome for that. I loved it. It's funny because we were having a little, uh, it was just a producer's meeting. And so, so you came in, heard the song, were like, Oh, this is amazing. Then Tom came in, who's Tom's, uh, he's, he's a little bit older than we are.

And he's like, Oh God, what is this? And then Ashley came in and she's younger. And she's like, what are you listening to? And I was like, you guys don't get it. You missed it. You have any idea how many middle school dances I rocked in this song too?

Oh my God. Here they come. To the end of the

road. Oh my god, That was, that was literally horrific!

We tried, we tried.

I was like, I'm gonna harmonize and that, I did not do that. I don't, whoo!

I might have set you up poorly for that too. Oh, that was rough! Hey, we tried it.

We did. We did. I'm alright with it. I'm alright with it. That would be great. Maybe if we were doing more of these Voice Coaches Radio, we could do a whole episode that would just be us recreating a Boyz II Men song.

Oh my god.

It would be awful. Just R& B rockin it. It would be amazing. Oh, so good. And I'm trapped in the closet. I'm trapped in the closet. Something about a closet. Like just some, there's some good, good tunes back in the, uh, back in the old, the old nine O's back in the early nineties, early O's. Yeah. I'll tell you what, back in the early nineties, uh, with my shaved head, rat tail and earring, um, and my, my rip off JNCO jeans.

It's just that picture alone. Oh my God. Just let it happen. Just think about that for a moment. Uh, for those of you who've never seen me, uh, I want you to think of me like that. And that's how I want you to think of me. That is basically how Josh looks now. That's how I want you to think of me. Um, always, always and forever.

Um, when you, when you think of Josh and Voice Coaches Radio, I want you to think about that, uh, that seven year old idiot kid. Uh, now I'm just a 34 year old idiot kid. Yeah. Um. Some things don't change. It's all right. But you know, no, the, the, the truth is that, that Sam, you've been here for, what, a little over a year?

Yeah. Yeah. And, uh. Just about a, just a year. It is unequivocally made voice coaches better. Forget about the podcast because podcast was, I mean, it was pretty good beforehand, but it's, it has gotten better. I agree, but no, but the entire organization has, uh, has definitely leveled up as you like to say, Oh, thank you.

Since your, your, your brief appearance here and, uh, and, and, and, and I thank you for that. And, and, and the truth of the matter is, you know, you and, and, and your fiancee, Jocelyn, like, I consider you guys friends. Absolutely. I do. And, uh, Likewise. And, you know, uh, uh, as things progress with, with you and your career, as you move on to bitter and bigger and better things.

And better things. No, that's me. I'm the better one. You're going on to bigger and better things, including bigger and better. podcast. If there is such a thing, not possible. Um, but, uh, but no, uh, you know, we'll, we'll keep the, uh, we'll keep people up to date cause I, I know they're going to, uh, to want to know what's going on.

Our, our far reaching podcast all over the globe is going to want to know what's, uh, what's going

on. I'd love to come back anytime we can jump in and talk about stuff.

That'd be great. Yeah, no, I can be a special guest. Yeah. When you get settled and you know, You know, things are, 'cause you're gonna, you're not leaving the area?

No, I'm, I'm working remotely. It's, yeah, so the company's on the West coast, but I'm actually working here.

Yeah. When you, when you get settled. We'll, we'll definitely have you back in to do a little, uh, a little, little Sam and Josh, you know, reunion, part two electric, electric boogaloo type of, I can't wait, type of deal.

Um, so, we'll, we'll, we'll definitely, uh, we'll definitely have you back on. This is not the last. of Sam Buti.

This is

not the end. The booty will be back. Booty is back. Get the booty back. Back to the booty. Boof. Talk about 80s reference. That's 80s.

There are so many booty jokes we can make. I know.

So many. I know.

That, you know, I've always. It's a booty trap. I've always wanted to be taken very seriously. Yes, how's that working out for you? I was given this name and I'm like, well, there we are. That's what it is. That's fair, that's fair. Hi, I'm Mr. Booty. Yes, that's my name.

That's Dr. Booty to you, sir. I didn't go to four years of booty med school to be called Mr.

That's a great idea. I'm gonna make an institution where I teach the booty method. Oh, yeah.

There it is. You need to get your doctorate. Like, I don't care what it is. It could be in like, you know, communications. Who cares? Just so you can call yourself Dr. Booty. Basket weaving. Dr. Booty. Right.

The doctor is in.

Caning. Caning chairs.

Who cares, man? Who cares? Yeah, that'd be amazing. Uh, this is, uh, and you could have your own podcast. This is, uh, yeah, you've reached Dr. Booty. And all I can think of is, um, is, uh, oh God, I can't think of his name with, uh, the ladies man. Oh, um, uh, Tim Meadows. Tim Meadows, yeah. That's disgusting.

I to love that sketch. That's, that's all I can think of is, is your version, Dr. Booty. You're gonna have a, you know, a sniffer of bourbon. A a sniffer of cognac and, uh, you know, just, yeah, cigar and just talking about, uh, talking about love about, that's basically boot talking about Dr. Booty.

That's what I do right now in this podcast.

It's all, it's all love. Love. It's all love. It's all love. Um, so I, you know, look, you know, we, uh, I'll give you the floor. If you, you know, have anything you want to, uh, want to say, you want to tell the people,

you're like a closing remark from speech, speech,

speech, speech, speech.

Well, okay. Well, thank you so much for listening to us.

This has been. It's such a pleasure to do. For those of you who have got to work with, it's been great. For those of you I haven't got to work with, who've been listening, thank you so much for going on this journey with us, because it has been a joy for us. Like, Josh always says, it's not just our show, it's yours.

I do say that. It has very much been a great show for us, too, because I have learned so much. This has forced me to articulate things that I do naturally or have been, like, working on that I didn't even know that I did or thought about things certain ways. It's really helped me grow by forcing me to say it out loud.

So that's the beauty of being a voice actor as well, is you're saying these things out loud. So I would encourage anyone listening to keep going, keep working, keep putting yourself out there. I, again, the episode that I didn't have Josh on, it's something I've come to believe very firmly in the practice.

is the most important thing. Like, it's not about doing the actual gig. It's not the job. It is the doing the same thing over and over and over again. And we've got to keep putting ourselves out there. It's Josh. It's Josh's experience with running. That's the idea. So keep putting yourself out there. You got to do it on the marketing front and you've got to do it on the skill front.

It's both of those things together. So thank you so much. It's been such a pleasure. And yeah, I'll keep everyone posted. And hopefully I can come back and share what I'm doing. I won't get to have the luxury of being on the microphone in my new venture, at least not in the immediate, immediate term. I'll be on behind the scenes producing the thing, but this has been instrumental in me getting, getting to the next step.

So thank you.

And thank you. My pleasure. Um, and Josh, thank you.

Teach me how to flow. You know what? When I first started, I was like, Uh,

it was a little choppy,

a little choppy, uh, yeah, and I still, I'm, I'm a babbler. I know we're all talkers in this organization, but that's why we do. That's very much why we do what we do.

It has gotten so much better though. I feel so much more confident doing this. And again, I've done maybe 50 episodes with you. It's like we're in the 40s. Yeah, we actually started last December, I think, or maybe November or October when I started working on the podcast. So almost a year on the podcast, but not quite.

So it's really helped. And it's that it's not just doing it once, like you're not, you don't get strong by lifting one weight. You get strong by lifting weights over time. I pick

things up and put them down. Unless you're josh, who's just naturally big things. Oh, yeah, it's the beard. That's right. That's where it is much You're not wrong.

It's my samson beard. It's my samson beard, but uh, no and in all in all seriousness Sam, it's it has been a ton of the podcast has been a ton of fun working with you. It's been a blast I have learned so so much You know, from you and from your experiences that you've had and your, your professionalism that, uh, that you brought.

And, you know, when I, when I say you've elevated the organization and you have, you've also elevated my game as well. Um, sometimes it's, it's just the motivation. Sometimes it's just, uh, the gentle reminder. And, and, you know, sometimes it's, uh, it's, it's just asking for advice or, you know, just, uh, whatever it might be, but, uh, I am definitely a better voice actor and a better man from having, from having spent time with you.

So, so I mean that, so I love you, buddy. Love you too. Thanks so much. So, uh, Sam, you wanna, you wanna close us out today? Oh, to end the show?

Yeah! Oh, wow. I don't see if I can do this. Close it on out, my friend. Close it on out.

Oh, right. Remember, this is Voice Coaches Radio. You've been listening to Josh. I am Sam.

And if you remember, this is not just our show. It's yours. So long, folks.

I thought we'd get to see forever, but forever's gone away. It's so hard to say goodbye to yesterday. Visit voice for more voiceover news and information.

Josh says goodbye to our producer Sam, who is leaving the podcast.