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Voice Coaches Radio #431a – July Extreme VO is Next Week!

Voice Coaches Radio. Everything voiceover. And welcome into this special edition of Voice Coaches Radio. I am Josh, he is Sam, and it's a breaking alert, not really, but uh, we're certainly glad to have you here on uh, midweek. Sam, how we doing? Doing great, Josh. Super excited again to be back to talk to you.

Well, as we, uh, as you all know by now, uh, you know, extreme voiceover is, uh, is a program that we, that we do, um, to kind of, uh, help voice actors, uh, continue their education, continue to learn, continue to grow and continue to improve, uh, a couple of different classes that we have on that one is, is specifically on copy, on breaking it down, on going through it, on learning it, on discussing it.

Uh, and the other is on marketing, which is probably the, uh, uh, the biggest question that we get from people is, uh, How do I, how do I get, how do I get jobs? How do I, how do I get work? Uh, and so we have classes on both of those in this Extreme Voice Over Sessions. And, uh, we'd love to have you sit on in for them.

And, uh, and we do have a couple coming up, uh, here this month. Right, in July, yeah. We have a couple coming up. The Copy Workshop this month is going to be, uh, Wednesday, July 24th. The Marketing Workshop will be on Thursday, July 25th. And my birthday is July 29th. Oh, nice, really? Oh, I'll have to remember that.

Just throwing that out. We'll get everyone to send you, send you things. All of the attendees will thrown it out there, thrown it out there. So you have the opportunity of, uh, of doing this copy workshop on the 24th. That's marketing workshop on the 25th and then celebrating my birthday on the 29th. So it's a big event in July as a Big week guys.

That's a big month. That's awesome. Big week guys. Yeah. July is a busy month is a is a busy month for for birthday is a the July 21st is my grandmother. I'm sorry. July 21st is my mother. July 23rd is my grandmother. July 29th is me. August 2nd is my aunt. August 8th is both my dad and my sister. Uh and then August 29th is my wife and I can't forget that one.

Oh wow. Yeah. That's a lot. That's a heavy summer. It's expensive time. It's expensive time. It's basically like like It was summer Christmas. Totally. Totally. Well, please join us. We'd love to have you. They're all at six. They're both at 630 p. m. Eastern Standard Time. It's a teleconference limited to ten people who sign up.

The first ten only. We have to keep it small because I need everybody to have the opportunity to work on the microphone, to work over the phone, to practice, and also hear other people work as well. So these are designed to help you level up, to tell better stories, to bring yourself to the table more freely.

fully authentically and uniquely to be more engaging and dynamic. That's the goal. That's what this whole program came out of. And in the near future, we're going to be adding more to the mix. We keep, we look forward to developing it. So if you want to tell us, Hey, we'd like to learn more about this. What is this?

Tell us, email me, Sam at voice coaches. com. I'd love to hear from you and I'd love to have you with us. Uh, what else can I tell you? There's a new website. Oh, yes, thank you. ExtremeVO. voicecoaches. com. Uh, it's been up for about a month or so. ExtremeVO. voicecoaches. com. You can find out more information about these classes, about when they are, about what they are, and about how you can sign up.

In fact, you can sign up right online, right? ExtremeVO. voicecoaches. com. You don't even have to call and talk to anybody, so that's exciting. Um, and, uh, and again, as we mentioned, if you sign up for one of the classes this month, you get the second per 50 percent off. What? Half off. It's a BOGO. It's a BOGO.

Buy one, get one half off. So again, if you sign up for that copy workshop, you can get half off the marketing workshop that following day. Or if you sign up for the marketing workshop, you can get half off the copy workshop the day before. Totally. We don't, we don't discriminate either way. Either way is fine.

Either way, you'll get a code to do that. So yeah. Yeah, this is our own version of continued education. You came to the, you got into the whole program through a continued education class. You went to a class to learn more, and now this is a way to keep growing and to keep learning. Because you're never done.

There's always more to learn. I have more to learn. Josh has more to learn. Well, maybe not Josh. I have more to learn. I'm done. I've learned everything I need to learn. I'm done. I'm tapped out, guys. I'm done. That's it. I'm done. Unless you're Josh, you might have more to learn. I feel like I'm Homer Simpson, right?

Every time I learn something new, something old falls out my ear. It's tough. It's tough. I only got so much room, guys. I only got so much room up there. And it is full of junk. Full of ra As those of you who listen to Voice Coaches Radio know, my brain is full of randomness and, and, and, and such. A lot of it about, uh, a lot of it about, uh, butterflies.

Yeah, and NASA. Butterflies and NASA. Space rocks. Space rocks. Well, I mean, people can hear the conversations, Sam, that you and I have prior to, I mean, you may think that prior, I mean, we're talking about, about things, books that we're reading and, uh, and I've been reading some, some interesting yet slightly disturbing books.

And uh, and now I know a lot more about things like. The creation of the Oxford English Dictionary. Yeah, it's amazing. Who wouldn't want to know about that? I know more things about, uh, Joseph Lister and the creation of, uh, of clean surgery, right? So these are things that are Like Listerine. Exactly. These are things that, that I do know that I don't need to know, but these voiceover classes, these are things you need to know.

You gotta know and you can learn at these extreme voiceover courses and classes. ExtremeVO. VoiceCoaches. com is where to find out more and sign up. Yeah, and the strategies that I've developed for these classes are things that I have used myself and I continue to use and this is how I think about marketing.

This is how I work as a voice actor. Really. This is coming out of my pedagogy of doing this for 10 years. Great. I love that word, isn't it? But it really is. This is my, this is my philosophy around being a voice actor. It's what, what is this? And I can tell you from the get go again, we've talked about it before here on the podcast, but we really dive deep and how to do it, whether it's marketing, whether it's copy, whether it's bringing stories to life or whether it's putting yourself out there.

Yeah. I need you to start thinking of yourself like a superhero. You are an everyday superhero and all is you're doing. The only thing you're doing is saving the day. That's it. But how do we do that? How do we do that? And step up and stand out? Well, that's what these workshops are designed to help us with.

So find out more again, Wednesday, July 24th, Thursday, July 25th are the, uh, the courses this month, uh, that we'll be scheduling in August as well. And as, as we schedule forward, we'll keep you posted on that here on voice coaches radio. But again, you can find out all you need to know. ExtremeVO.

VoiceCoaches. com Find out the information. You can sign up there as well. And, uh, and, and again, sign up for one and you get 50 percent off the next one. So it's a, it's a good deal to, uh, to kind of have those. And I, and I kind of like how they're so close together, right? You kind of have all of this information coming at once.

And, um, You really kind of immerse yourself in it for a couple days, which is, which is kind of a nice way to do it. Totally. Absolutely. Awesome. So we hope to see you at one of those classes, one of those courses, uh, one of those, uh, sessions, uh, sooner rather than later. But, uh, we will be back this week, this, uh, this upcoming Monday with our next episode here of Voice Coaches Radio.

We've got some great stuff on tap. So we hope to have you there. And again, July 29th is my birthday. Don't forget. So, uh, Sam, anything else to add? That's. Perfect. All right. Thanks for tuning in. We'll talk to you all soon. Until then, so long. Visit voicecoaches. com for more voiceover news and information.

In a special mid-week episode of Voice Coaches Radio, team members Josh and Sam talk about July Extreme Voice Over, a Voice Coaches lifelong learning event.