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Voice Coaches Radio #430 – Make Your Own V.O.

Voice Coach's Radio. Everything voiceover. And welcome to this week's edition of Voice Coach's Radio. I am Josh, he is Sam, we are delighted to have you joining us. Sam, how are you doing, my friend? I am doing so well, thank you for asking, Josh. I'm super excited, we have so much, we have so much fun stuff to dig into today.

I'm really pumped for this. Yeah, it's, you know, there's been, uh, exciting things happening and, uh, in, in, in the world of Voice Coaches Radio and the powers that be. Uh, and, uh, and yeah, I'm definitely, uh, definitely excited to, uh, to chat about, to chat about some of those because I think there are things that, uh, our listeners could, uh, could use.

Take and apply to their own life right away. I think it's super, super exciting. And what's even more exciting for me is that this information involves a Some of the people in the room, there's only two people in this right. This is, well, yeah, there also is a, there's a massive house fly that's been around here.

Oh yeah. Like massive. And I've tried to exterminate it a few times and I have failed pretty miserably. Yes. Today on voice coaches radio, we are going to interview a fly and that's how he gets right. Like, well, the thing is like the flies by my ear and it just buzzes in my ear drives me crazy. And it gets up near the lights and the shadow goes on the wall and it looks enormous.

And this like massive blob shadow flies by and frightens me and I'm like, just, just, just, just go, just go away. Like, I don't want to, actually, I had a, I had a, I had a student last night and, and she goes, what you should do is, is you should, uh, don't cup your hand, but actually have your hand flat and then try to grab it in your hands and shake it.

Shake it in your hands, and that will knock it unconscious. That way, you can bring it outside, and when it wakes back up, it will be able to fly away. And I was like, I was literally taking my, my binder and trying to smash it into smithereens, and literally obliterate it. And she's like, no, no, no, no, no, no, you gotta, you gotta, you gotta knock it unconscious, and then release it into the wild.

And I was like, I'm not gonna do that. That's a hyper humanitarian approach to flies. Like, I That is amazing. She's a better person than I am. I'm not gonna, she's a much better person than I am. Hands down. Which by the way, that bar is crazy low. Right. Crazy low. But that being said, like, no, I was, I was, I had every intention of just smashing that fly.

Yeah. And then potentially hitting it a few more times just for me. Come here. Come here. Just, just, you know, for I don't know. Posterity. Just to feel like, yeah, how do you like that fly? Right. Yeah. I'm the big man. What are you going to do? Get up and fly? No. Cause I, yeah. Yeah. That's healthy. Yeah. Yeah. I thought so.

I have some issues. Who doesn't? Who does not at all? We could go into anger issues all day. Oh my God. So we shouldn't be talking about the, uh, the fly. Murdering flies. Nope. That's it. That's uh, that's for a different, that's for a different podcast, honestly, we would talk about that. It's for a different day.

Let's put it that way. It's for a different day. But, uh, but yeah, so we know we, we talk a lot about, um, you know, ways to get yourself out there, trying to get your name out there, trying to get your, you know, your, your material out there to get, uh, to get work and, and, and a lot of it is, um, circumstance, a lot of it's luck, certainly, um, right place, right time, whatever you want to call it.

Um, but. We can make our own successes. We can, we can really, um, you know, if we get creative, we can really kind of, uh, make this luck for ourselves. We can make things out of nothing. We can create jobs that maybe weren't there, right? Someone who wasn't even looking, wasn't even thinking about it. Can turn into an opportunity for them and more importantly an opportunity for us if that makes any sense It makes perfect sense.

And I think what you're saying is make your own luck. How do we do that? That's the question and you actually have you've done something recently Josh, right? You have some news to share with with me with everyone listening. What have you done recently? What's going on? Tell me about so as many of you know, I I, I dabble in the, uh, athletic world.

Uh, I do, I pick things up, I put them down, I pick things up and put them down. I do, that's my personal view. I pick things up. I put it down. Uh, I have, uh, I've done CrossFit for CrossFit off and on for about five years. Do you like scream at every time you see like, is it like you pound, pound your chest, hashtag CrossFit there?

It's there. It's um, and, uh, and recently I, uh, I went through a certification process and now I'm an assistant coach at, uh, at, at the gym. I work at, at at Albany CrossFit here. And, uh, it was great. But, uh, you know, I was, uh, it's funny because it was After one of my first sessions as an assistant coach, I was talking with one of the head coaches and we were just kind of, kind of chatting, he was asking how things went, and I basically said, you know what, I'm having a little bit of this imposter syndrome, where I'm thinking to myself, why the heck should these people be listening to me, right?

I'm thinking, who, who, who am I? Like, why, why, why, why no? And, you know, his first thought was, whoa, did someone say something? Or is anyone like, you know, not listening to you? And I was like, no, everyone's been great. I think it's just in my head that I'm like, you know, what the heck should I do this for? And, and, you know, he said, that's, that's very normal.

And then what he said was, you know, I've, I've had a chance, you know, I've, I've been part of writing a few books, but I would never feel comfortable calling myself an author. You know, saying I'm a writer and I'm like, yeah, but you are and I knew that because I actually own one of his books and I've I've read it.

It's uh, it's on meal planning and things like that and I was like, yeah, I guess that's uh, I guess that's a good way to look at it. And then I went about my day and I think you all can see where this is going. I bandied this about in my head for quite some time. Let it percolate. And I was here. This was last.

This is last week. This is last Wednesday because I was, uh, or was it? No, it was Wednesday. Yeah, because I was here. Yeah. And, uh, all of a sudden, I had, dare I say, an epiphanous moment. Boom. Mic drop. Literally. Yeah. I had an epiphany, and my epiphany was, He's written books that don't have audio components.

What? Why haven't I done this? Why haven't I done this? Why haven't I talked to him about this? Why haven't I said, Hey, you've written books. Uh, has anyone done audiobooks for him? And the answer to that question is, with a little research. No. No, the two books that he's written, or that he's been a part of writing, do not have any audio components.

He's in the middle of writing a third book, and he actually is, is in talks about potentially writing a fourth book. And so this past Monday, literally, four days ago, right, a week ago, not even, uh, I approached him and said, Hey, you've written books, and I am An aspiring voice actor quote unquote, but you are a voice actor voice actor who wants to get in who would love to do audiobooks Audiobooks, that's a tough racket to get in It's one of those things where you know They don't really consider you for audiobooks unless you've done them and you can't do them unless you've done them And so it's one of those catch 22 is right you need experience to get work But you need work to get next to get that experience.

And so I offered My services, I said, I would love to read your, your books. I would love to have a chance to, you know, to do and produce those audio books. And I am willing to do the overwhelming majority of the legwork on it. The recording, the producing, the, uh, the mastering, the editing, you know, whatever it might be.

And you know, the whole thing. You know, for, for minimal cost to you, basically, uh, a bit of profit sharing in the end, so much, much cheaper than he would get. But again, it's not, you know, I'm not asking him to fork money out of his own pocket. I'm basically saying, hey, I'm offering you a new revenue stream, and I just like a small part of it, which seems fair.

Um, and, um. And we have, since then, been in, been in talks. I've, I've read a couple selections from the book already and, uh, and had a chance to send them to him. We've talked about them a little bit. One of them seems like it's, uh, it's absolutely going to happen. The other one's a bit more complicated. Um, you know, there's, there's more moving parts involved.

Between the other person that, uh, that he wrote the book with and then things like that. But I'm certainly hopeful that that one can turn into something as well. And then he mentioned, Hey, when I finished my third book, you can read that one too. And I was like, yeah, that's kind of the point here. That's what I'm going for.

So you're, you're telling me, Josh, are you telling me that you are treating voiceover like a business that you approach this guy with a proposition and an idea with a profit share with options? You've given him samples and you are treating him like a client. Am I hearing this correctly? That is. That is, in fact, what I, uh, what, what I'm saying.

Yeah, that's awesome. That's like, this is it. This is it. So I want to reframe one thing that you said a few moments ago, and all of this is super exciting. So I am a so jazzed for you be super proud of your efforts and work. And yeah, this is great. This is the stuff you said something about audio books being a hard racket to get into, right?

I would disagree. I would say this, I would add a couple caveats to that statement, and the caveats are these. The classic way of doing audiobooks is a hard racket to get into, meaning the system as it's been. But as we know, like, media is blowing up right now. There are so many new channels, so many new opportunities.

And this is how it's done. There's so many ways, like, all roads lead to Rome. And if you're, just because you're not on the main road, the side road still might get you there. And this is an option I think all of us could use. It's so cool. I know for myself, this is a similar experience to me. This is how I first did an audiobook, which ended up being a podcast that then got, is getting picked up by Audible.

Like, it's a weird thing, but like it's not, it's not how most people get into quote unquote audio books or it's not the classic way of doing it, but nonetheless, it's opening the door. And then again, we're back to that thing we've talked about in so many podcasts in the past. You start, you start, you start with something you Offer an idea, and you develop it over time.

You're building a relationship, you're doing all of these things. Not only are you setting yourself up for an audiobook right now, you are setting yourself up for audiobooks going forward. And that's such, that's so much more valuable than just one audiobook right now. You see what I'm saying? Absolutely.

And that's why, you know, I mean, look, do I want to, uh, uh, you know, be the guy who does audiobooks basically for free and only gets a little profit at the end? No, obviously I want to get paid for my work at some point, but the experience is right now invaluable. Yeah. Invaluable. And look, I'm still getting some value for it.

I'm still getting, you know, something on the other end, which I think is important. But, you know, the experience is, and that's why when I approached him with it, I was like, look, this is a win win for both of us. Like, you know, you're going to get your books read, you're going to have them up, you're going to, it's a, it's a, a stream of, of, you know, a profit that you have not touched it just yet.

And I'm going to get experience, which I desperately want and desperately need. And that right there is circling back to being a business. Like you are adding value to him and you were getting value from him. That's what it is. Like you were playing the long game, Josh, you were not like. Oh, I, I need, I deserve to be paid hundreds of dollars for this gig because I'm a very hoity toity important voice actor and I, I need all these things.

No, you're actually focused on, hey, how can I help you have more value? You know how I can help you? I've read your book, but not all these other people. They haven't read your book yet because it's not audio and who has time to read? You know what? I can help you with that. And, and going forward, maybe you'll help me and give me another book down the line.

This is how it works. That's so cool. That's the goal. And that's what. All of us could do. And so I will, uh, I will certainly keep, uh, keep our listeners Yes. Posted as, uh, as hopefully progressive Josh for the win. And, and look, you know, what, if it, if it falls through in the end, okay, that's fine. Yeah. But, but it, it has, it has absolutely given me a little, a little pep in my step, a little, a little, a little jolt.

And it's funny because I told you about this. Mm-Hmm. . And literally the day that I told you about this, you said. I may have some good news for you too, and I'm like, okay, yeah, following day, you told me about a potential, uh, a potential job that you had passed along my, uh, my audio or amongst other audios and that, uh, this company enjoyed my particular demo.

And do I think that's a coincidence? I don't. No, I don't either. I'm a, you know, look, I'm not, I'm not new age per se, but you know, there's energies. Energy is a big thing. I am positive. Energy is a, is, is a big thing. And, you know, um, you know, it, it, it, it, I think, you know, one thing is related to the other. I do.

I, I fully agree with that. You are putting energy out there. And unbeknownst to Josh, I, So what Josh is talking about, We, we do have a recording facility at Voice Coaches. And one thing that I've been doing recently is I'm involved with some organizations locally. that need, uh, audio recorded in spots. And I submit, I, I'm the person who will be submitting voiceover talent to these, uh, companies for their consideration.

I'll take their spot into consideration. I'll look at our roster and be like, all right, who, what are the voices that they're trying to capture? What's the tone? What are they trying to do? This is what I do as a producer. Then I'll submit them samples. We will submit demos. I literally do that. And I submitted Josh's demo amongst a group of other people that I was like, yeah, I think these might be the right kind of voices for what they're looking for.

It's a company actually, uh, I don't even know if I've told you this, Josh, they do like water restoration and fire restoration, so they like go in after natural disasters and they Fix it. So there's a little like gravitas this company. They're really very much like a superhero They very solve problems after the fact in natural disasters And I sent them these samples and then we've been in conversations for about a month now The contact and I and she just came back to me on Monday being like, you know, we I'm getting close I need to get some final approval from my boss who just needs to sign off on it But we're really interested in in Josh.

We really liked his voice the best We're all dead said that we think that's kind of the way it's gonna go. So This is cool. Like, this is awesome. And this is Josh putting energy out there and coming back around. He redid his demo. What was that? Four months ago? Five months ago? Yeah, it was New Year's.

Right around New Year's. Okay. So, um, six months ago. Yep. Great. Love it. I also feel you were saying something about Who knows where this audiobook goes? Let's look at that for a moment, too, because you said it could fall apart. I disagree with that as well, Josh. I actually don't think it could fall apart because you, you now have samples.

You have additional samples. You're putting the work in. You're getting more experience just by having this conversation. And now, if someone were to come to you and be like, you know, do you know any audiobook? Producers, you don't need audio book voice actors. You can be like, well, actually, uh, here's a sample of my audio book work, which I actually don't remember if that's showcasing your narrative demo or not, but now you can give them like, here's my narrative demo.

Oh, and here's another sample of me doing an audio book. So you are already winning. Do you see what I'm saying? Yeah, no, absolutely. Absolutely. And again, you know, and the reason why I said, you know, that I brought up that that other job was because, you know, it has I You know, doing something like this, it gets your blood pumping, right?

You remember? Because look, we all, we've all been there. You, you get into the doldrums a little bit, like, man, I haven't gotten a job in a bit. Uh, I feel like I'm spinning my wheels a little bit. And then all of a sudden you get a sniff and then you're like, oh my God, yeah, I remember why I'm doing this now.

I remember that this is, that this is something that, uh, you know, that, that, that wakes me up in the morning. And, and you start to get that little, little push. And, and I just mentioned to you, uh, I just found another guy who, um, Yes. He works out of the same gym. Yes. And just found out he's, he's an author as well.

Yeah. He's, uh, he's just wrote, uh, just wrote his second book, uh, no audio component as of yet. And you think I'm not going to find him and hunt him down and, and tell him this, uh, you are incorrect. No. Because I shall be doing that as soon as the next time I see him. You are seeing the opportunities everywhere, elsewhere.

You're like, oh yeah, I, what, there's this one guy that I'm talking to, but what about all these other people that I know and what are we exploring? Your network. Yeah. You know what I mean? Like, there it is again. It's coming right back around. Who do you know? Who do you know? Say it out loud. Tell people. Ask them.

There is no shame in doing that. This is awesome. And can I make a confession to you, Josh? Absolutely. After you told me this, after you told me about what you were doing, you inspired me to action. Changing lives. Oh my gosh. Changing lives. All of a sudden I was like, wait a minute, wait a minute. One, another thing that I do is I help people.

I'm a copy editor and copywriter. I do some freelance work on the side and somebody I'm working with right now. Actually has a book and I it has never occurred to me to do what Josh did until Josh did it I'm like, oh my gosh, and I'm sure enough. She doesn't have an audio component So I am going to in next week actually when I have a meeting with this person Offer the same idea because of josh.

Look at this. It's coming back around. It's so funny Like I said, you know, I I've known this guy for years years and years and i've been working very closely with him Recently as i've been going through the the certification process to uh to coach there because he's the head coach there and and and like I Own one of his books that I'm submitting audio samples for.

I own that. I bought that years ago. Um, you know, I, I follow that. That's the, the, the meal plan that I, that I use the, the eating plan that I follow. So, I mean, I've known about this for a long time now, and it just, for some reason, never, for I'd never put two and two together. And then literally when that light bulb went off, I was like, holy bleep, like, seriously?

And I was almost annoyed at myself, like, what have you been doing? Like, why? But that's the thing, like, I never, it never dawned on me. Yeah. Um, but, but then once you realize it does, then you start, okay, well, who else do I know who might, uh, might have written a book? Do I know anybody else who has any, like, experience like this?

And the answer is Probably, probably. And so you start to, you start to really think about it. You start to look into, uh, into those relationships that you already have and, uh, and, and see what opportunities are there that have been literally staring you in the face for years. But that's okay. Yeah. You know what I think you were doing?

Why it took so long is that you were little bit by little bit building to this point. Like I myself, I find so many times in my life, I get angry with myself. We were talking about anger issues at the beginning of this episode. I get so mad most of all with myself for not doing something or doing something well enough.

I get mad at you for that too. I, well, understandably because when do I do things well enough around here, right? Come on, Sam. Come on. Yeah, but uh, that aside, I get so frustrated and really what's happening with them. Let's take another side of this picture when I actually then am and Am successful where my words when I am doing something well when I on the other side of that when I feel like i'm succeeding Typically what's happened is like the success is not just happening in that moment I built to that success and when I'm not meeting my own expectations, I'm just not ready for that success yet.

This is also why I go back to that phrase of like, develop your ears as much as you're developing your mouth, because your taste will lead you. And I feel like having your taste a little bit ahead of your ability is a wonderful thing, because that's telling you where you want to go. It's your curiosity.

What do you want to learn? What else do you want to do? You in the last year and all the efforts that we've done, you both of us have been like putting a little bit, little bit by little bit. We've been adding more things into the mix. You redid your demo. You know, you made business cards, you started taking yourself a little bit more seriously, and now you're in a position where someone brings up an idea of an audiobook and you're like, wait a minute, I produce audiobooks, I direct audiobooks, I'm a voice actor, wait a minute, all of a sudden the pieces are all lined up, exactly, exactly, so you built to this point.

So, of course, the expectation, if we can let go of our expectation management and get a little bit better about, you know, maybe I didn't have this thought before because I wasn't ready. But this is why everyone can put a little bit in and doing, even if it's just reading out loud, I know it seems silly, but putting energy for towards something every day, take new age out of it, what you're doing, making it simple.

You are adding consciousness around it. You are focusing your consciousness around the thing that you want to achieve. And that's what you did! And Josh is an example! And now he's inspiring me into action as well, where I've gotten lazy and complacent. You know, this is wonderful. This is so exciting, Josh.

I am so proud. Oh, thank you. Everyone, I hope everyone's proud. And everyone can do the same thing. Anyone listening, that's the crazy part about this. And we want to hear about it. Yeah, let us know. Like I said, I'll keep you up to date on, on, on what's going on with me and anything that, that moves forward with that.

But, but I want to hear, we want to hear from you guys. Right? If you have, I mean, maybe start thinking about the people you know and the opportunities that could be there that just, you know, remain dormant for a while. See what happens. See what happens. And, and let us know. Let us know. I mean, if obviously there are any questions, uh, you know, keep us posted on that.

But, but let us, let us know, uh, you know, these, these different things. You know, it's, uh, it was, it was certainly an eye opening experience, that's for sure. I love it. And I want to give everyone an assignment on this front, too. Here we are. Oh, big gauntlet to the throne. Glove dropped. Is that the thing, right?

You drop your glove or something like to challenge a duel? No, you slap them in the face. Oh, okay. I'm slapping our audience. You drop the mic. Drop the mic. Slap in the face of the glove. Slap in the face of the glove, yes. That sounds a little aggressive. So, here's what I want everyone to do. This aside, gloves aside, gauntlets aside.

What I want everyone to do going forward, maybe you're asking yourself, like, well, this is, Josh is in a unique position. Josh is doing this work. Josh is awesome. He is a, he picks things up and he puts them down. I do, I do that. He is on a meal plan. He's super regimented. I can't be like, Josh, I wish I, This is me internally talking that like, I can't be like Josh, look at him.

He's great. Like that beard. He's got to be for those. You don't know. I mean, aside from the, aside from the beard, you can, you can basically do everything probably better at most of the beard. No, I gotcha. That one. I'm going to take the CrossFit, the beard, uh, good looks, charm, comedy. You know, I was more comfortable when you were making very awkward.

This is good. I'm trying to build you up. This is very awkward. Foster you. You try to build me up. That would be a rush. I bet. Cush you. Yeah, that's. That's why I feel good about myself. What I want everyone listening to do is literally, you might be thinking, like, I don't have these opportunities. I don't know somebody who's written a book.

Okay, great. Maybe you don't. Let's assume that. Here's what I want you to do. I want you to do something. I want you to make your own project. I want you to try doing this, whatever that means to you, even if it's recording your own voice on your cell phone. Do something to remind yourself that you've had some training that you're pursuing this and put it out there.

Put it out there and that can be anything too. You can put it on social media, you can put it on your blog, or even if you don't put it out there, do something. Start making your own things happen because there is momentum and momentum Is the hardest thing to leverage and once you have it It will help you more than any of your own efforts and that's what happened to josh Like that voiceover gig has come around for josh because he redid his demo.

He set that effort He did the work months ago, and now it's coming back around So I want everyone to keep do something decide. I don't know what that is You decide do something to make your own project and if you have any questions on that just remember What would Josh do? What would Josh do? WWJD, I think that's what that stands for.

I think that's what it stands for. I'm not, I'm not positive, but I think so. I've seen like bracelets and I've always been like, that's super flattering. Bumper sticker they have. Yeah, so, you know, that's uh, WWJD. Think, think what Josh would do and then do the opposite. Usually a fair way to go through life.

Absolutely not. In this case, we want you to do what Josh did. Do what Josh did. D. J. D. Do. W. D. W. J. D. There we are. Yeah, okay. Woo! Woo! Okay. Spelling was not as bad. Acronyms. Spelling's tough. Spelling's tough. Yeah, it's hard. This is, see, I'm jazzed. I think this is the most excited I've been on the podcast in a long time.

This is, this is the stuff. This is really the work. Putting yourself out there, developing your own work as well, and offer it and solve problems. And that's what Josh is doing. We can all be like that. And it begins. with starting. It begins with doing. The other thing that we'll do as we move along is and Sam, you'll be able to talk about this as well.

Oh yeah. All through the process assuming that this goes through which I am hopeful and you know, I feel pretty good that it will. We'll walk you through the process. I want to take you guys through the entire process. I, I literally, we were talking, uh, it, you know, this, this guy, myself, we were talking and he goes, okay, what do we do next?

And I'm like, I have no idea. I'm like, well, uh, don't we do now? Now we, uh, now we do now, now we do the audio book. Cool, what does that mean? I don't really know yet, um, but we'll, we'll walk you, we'll, we'll take you through that, the, the different stages of it, the different development processes of it, and, and I know, Sam, you've been through it, and then I'll be hopefully going through it soon, and, and we'll take you through that as well, because I think that'll be interesting for, for a lot of people, because it is, you know, uh, it's, it's very, it's very different than, uh, you know, than just sitting down doing a 60 second spot or a 30 second spot.

Yeah, it's, it's a beast, but, What Josh is saying is, are you offering yourself up as a case study? Sure. Yeah! Sure. I'm fine with that. Love it. Love it. Josh is going to be all of our listeners case study. And you can learn from him. Take the ideas. Apply them yourself. Yeah. That's all I got. I'll be a guinea pig.

I'm alright with that. No problems. No problems. Awesome. Well, uh, so thank you for, for, you know, massaging my ego. Yeah! That's very nice. I appreciate that. Hey, sometimes we all need that. Really. Like, confidence is key. It is. Yeah, that's a good point. That's a good point. And, and this, this industry does have a, uh, an ability to, to browbeat you to a point where you're like, man, maybe I'm not that good at this.

Maybe I'm bad. Like it, it, it, it can do that. Like you can absolutely do that. Um, and so, you know, sometimes we need to be like, actually, no, wait, what are you talking about? I'm, I'm not. I'm not bad. I can do this. You know when that happens to me the most too, which always surprises me, that like, I still, I auditioned with my agency in Chicago and they send me some, they send me pieces fairly regularly.

And sometimes like when I knock something out of the park, according to myself, when I'm like, Oh, that was, I loved that. That's like the best I've heard me do. You know, I'm meeting my own standards internally. And then I don't get it. That's why I'm like, Oh, maybe I'm wrong. Maybe my taste is off. Was that your best?

It's not good. Yeah, clearly. That's bad, Sam. Not good. Rub your face in that. Yeah, but that's not true. That's, that's the story I'm telling myself. So we need to remind ourselves that we can do this. And then when we get back, we do our own projects and we can make things happen. Making it happen. Changing lives, changing lives, as we do here at Voice Coaches Radio, we're changing lives.

Questions, comments, concerns for any of you guys? Sam at voicecoaches. com, that's the easiest way to get in touch voicecoaches. com, that'll get it right to Sam. But again, let us know what kind of project you guys are putting together. Whatever it might be, I don't care how simple and how mundane you might think it is.

It's not. It's not. So let us know what what project you are doing. Um, you know, and, and, and, and how that, uh, and how that goes and, and how you're going to, you know, utilize that to get things going, get the ball rolling. Right. That's what we really want to hear. Um, and, and again, anyone who, who does find themselves in a situation like I did, and, uh, you know, we want to know about that.

Yeah, we absolutely want to know about that. Um, You know, and, and we're here to offer our help as, as much as we can. We can use you as a case study as well. We're certainly happy to do that. Absolutely. Again, we, questions on that, let us know, but, uh, but we'd love to, uh, to, to have some time to, to chat on the air about, um, you know, uh, about what you guys are going through and, and what, you know, how you were able to do these same types of things because they're not difficult.

They're not. They seem it. Um, and once you kind of cut through that, you'll, you'll realize that you can do this. You can do this. Obviously, I'm telling myself that you can do this. You're smart, right? You're good enough. You're smart enough. And gosh, darn it. People like you. I just got four things for you to remember, Josh.

WWJD. That's it. Boom. Boom. And J stands for Josh. Boom. What would Josh do? Ask yourself that, Josh. Real meta. I'm just gonna drop the glove. Glove drop. Glove drop. Glove drop. I don't think that's a thing. I think it's gonna be a thing. It's a thing. Glove drop. It's a thing. Let me pick that up for you. I think you dropped the glove.

It's a thing. Uh, thank you so much for tuning in this week on Voice Coaches Radio. We'll be back next week, of course. Uh, Sam, you got anything else to add, my friend? No, this is exciting. Awesome. I'm super pumped for everybody. Again, same at voicecoaches. com, that's the easiest way to get in touch with us.

We'd love to hear from you, and if we don't, then we will certainly be chatting with you next week. Until then, for Sam, I'm Josh. So long, everyone. Visit voicecoaches. com for more voiceover news and information.

Josh and Sam from our team illustrate some techniques for aspiring voice actors to make their own luck and maximize their chances of finding work in the voice over and recording industry.