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Voice Coaches Radio #426a – June Extreme VO is Next Week!

Voice Coaches Radio. Everything voiceover. Hey everyone, welcome in to this special edition of Voice Coaches Radio. I am Josh, he is Sam. As always, we're delighted to have you joining us here mid week. Sam, how we doing? Doing great, Josh. How are you doing today? Oh, I can't complain, my friend. I cannot, I mean I can, I won't.

but I, uh, I cannot complain. So, uh, got a quick little something we want to, uh, want to chat to everybody about, and that is extreme voiceover. Yes. Sound effects for that for sure. Like, Oh, I've been watching a lot of monster truck videos at home, so I got a good feel for that. Do you like monster trucks? Is that like a thing that you've always been interested in?

I like monster. I mean, I don't, I don't, I don't dislike. Oh, it's for my son. Oh, okay. Well, he's, he's, you know, Super into that. Maybe that's like your thing, that like secretly you wanted to work for NASA and drive a monster truck. I don't dis, I, well, half of that's true. Uh, I mean, I would, I would drive a monster truck, but it's not like my, my dream of working for NASA.

Um, but, uh, yeah, so, uh, so I do have a lot of like, Sunday, Sunday, Sunday! So, yeah, yeah. Thank you. But, uh, extreme, extreme voice, extreme voiceover. So these are the workshops that we've been cultivating probably since last November, November 2018. But this is something we're developing more and more. And there's a lot we're doing them again.

We're doing them. We have them actually lined up for the next three months all the way through August through the summer. We have events coming up and we've made some huge, well, huge to us developments on this front. So first of all, Extreme VO, we now have a website. It's our very own website that you can learn more and more about the program.

So you don't have to sit and listen to Josh or me tell you all about it all day long. But there's so much more information, but we will still tell you about it anyways. But yes, it is up there. It is live and the website is. ExtremeVO, all lowercase, ExtremeVO, period, voicecoaches. com. So ExtremeVO.

voicecoaches. com. So if you want to check it out, go there, you can find out everything you want to know about the, about the program and all the different facets of the program, all the different one offs that we're doing. So again, these are teleconferences. They're about 90 minutes each. each on a one given subject where we deep dive into the topic to help you continue to grow your career, to continue to grow as a voice actor.

So yeah, and number two, the thing that I really want to add is that these are evolving so much, uh, a marketing attendees who have attended in the past and those who would like to attend in the future. You are definitely. going to now be getting a roadmap. So, so much of the workshop is about creating a physical, tangible roadmap for the year ahead, taking something that's a nebulous, that's vague and making it concrete and actionable.

That is the goal. That's where we're going. The copy workshop, we are going to be giving you a lot more stuff as well. You're going to get a packet of copy. You're going to get tools and techniques all spelled out for you so that you can be really unique and really level up as a voice actor. That's the goal.

So, that's it. June workshops are just around the corner, uh, just, uh, next week from the time this airs. They are, the marketing workshop is Wednesday, June 19th, and the copy workshop is Thursday, June 20th. So again, that is Wednesday is the marketing workshop. That's June 19th. And the copy workshop is on Thursday, June 20th.

So forget you don't remember that. Don't forget or remember either way that you can go on to the website that is extreme vo dot voice coaches dot com. And you can sign up right there. Right, right there, from the site, and if you do, if you are interested in one or both, uh, we got a deal for you. Oh, yes, what is that Josh?

If you sign up for one, right, sign up for one class, you will receive a discount code for 50 percent off the second class of the same month. Was that, was that too, too salesy? No, it was good. It was still good. But it's true. It's true. So if I want to get one half off. Yeah, essentially, if you want to go.

It's a BOGO. If you want to do both, you'll get, you'll get a significant savings for the second one. So that's what we're trying to do. Because there's so much value in both of these workshops. And actually our goal for the future is to start creating even more of these on topics that we'd love to hear from you.

What are you interested in learning about? We have some other things in the works that we're going to start developing new classes and do more curriculum and more. more things to keep helping you level up and grow. That's the whole goal behind this program. So join us right now. We have two, but we're going to keep adding them as we go right now.

We had two each month, uh, all the way through August. Yeah. And we'll, uh, and we'll certainly keep you posted here on voice coaches, radio of when those are the dates they are and how to sign up. But again, uh, extreme video dot voice coaches. com is the easiest way to go to not only find out all the information, but sign up as well to continue and progress and improve your voice.

Acting life. Yes, absolutely. And, and you'll be working with either myself or soon Josh. Yeah. So you'll get to work with one of us who you hear all the time on the podcast. Yeah. You'll be able to interact with us. Talk to us. Yeah. And it's a group teleconference. We have to limit it to 10 people because we've got to narrow the focus so everyone can be heard and actually get an opportunity to work.

But there's virtue in a group. In that you get to learn from other people and hear what they're doing, what you like and what you dislike. So, and we'll guide those, those teleconferences for you. So love to have you with us. Absolutely. Absolutely. So again, extremebo. voicecoaches. com is the website. Head over there, find out more information and sign up there as well.

Absolutely. And remember if you do sign up for one, 50 percent off the other of that same month and this month they are June 19th and June the 20th. That's Wednesday the 19th and Thursday the 20th and we would certainly love to have you guys joining us. But as always, thanks for joining us here on a quick little, uh, little, little, uh, Breaking news alert for, uh, for Voice Coaches, uh, Voice Coaches Radio.

And, uh, yeah, I think that's about it. So we hope to see you at one of those or both of those sessions. Otherwise, we will certainly see you right back here for Voice Coaches Radio this upcoming Monday. All right, Sam, anything else? No, it's perfect. so much, Josh. All right. Until next time, folks, so long. Visit voicecoaches.

com for more voiceover news and information.

In a special edition mid-week episode, Josh and Sam discuss June Extreme Voice Over, a lifelong learning voice over training event.