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Voice Coaches Radio #423a – Extreme VO is THIS WEEK

Voice coaches, radio, everything voiceover. Hey, folks. So Sam here, and I just wanted to share a special announcement this week. We are doing it again. Extreme VO. So for those of you who don't know, these are workshops designed to help you level up and stand out. Odds are, if you listen to this podcast, you're a professional voice actor.

But now the challenge is, how do you turn professionalism into an enterprise? How do you make voice acting a career? So, whether it's for a side hustle, extra income, or a full time job, these workshops leverage the power of a group, expert guidance, and tangible action items and milestones to move you forward and move you up.

Turn professionalism into profit, change from wishing to working, right? And make CanDo a career. That's Xtreme VO. Here's the thing, these teleconferences are this week, May 20th, this week only. This Wednesday, May 22nd, is Xtreme Copy. That's where you'll learn to read like a pro without any prep. You're going to practice so hard that you can do this without thinking.

On Thursday, May 23rd, is Extreme Marketing. We're going to build you a map for the year ahead. And if you mention this podcast, you'll get your tickets for just 50 instead of the typical 100. So you'll get 50 a piece if you want, or 100 for both. But you gotta do this immediately before the classes fill up and time runs out because, again, it's this week!

So, join me! Call 866 887 2834 today! That's 866 887 2834 today. And ask for Xtreme VO. Plus, stay tuned for next week's regular edition of Voice Coaches Radio where we're going to cover an episode with an interview all on the platform Fiverr. I am super excited. This is going to be an awesome episode, so please stay tuned.

Have a nice week, folks.

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In a special mid-week episode, Josh and Sam discuss May Extreme Voice Over, a lifelong learning voice over training event.