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Voice Coaches Radio #419 – Chris, On Using Social Media as a Voice Actor

Voice Coaches Radio. Everything voiceover. And welcome into this week's edition of Voice Coaches Radio. I am Josh, he is Sam. We are delighted to have you joining us here as we are each and every week. Sam, how we doing? Doing great as always. I'd love to hear it. I'd love to hear it. Thank you so much for asking.

I'm doing well too, and I thank you for asking. You're welcome. Even though you didn't. You're welcome. So, uh, you know, we, uh, we have a special guest on with us. Yes, we do. And, uh, and why waste time? Us talking when we can have somebody else talk, cause I guarantee you the listeners would prefer to hear anybody else at this point than us.

Uh, and that voice you hear in the background, that is Chris Laureano, and uh, Chris, welcome! Thank you so much, Sam, and thank you all for having me. You are so welcome, Chris. It's our pleasure. So, I just want to give the audience a little context. Chris is a very unique and special guest that we have today, and many people who have trained with us, and anyone who's ever entered the voice over field kind of knows this to be true, that starting out as a voice actor, putting yourself out there, and being Finding work, it's a challenge.

It's a difficult thing to do. To grind, man. It's not specific. It's nebulous. It is a grind as Josh so adequately described. It's not clear cut. And there are many things that we can do. And Josh and I have talked ad nauseum about all of these things, right? Josh, do you agree with that? I would agree with that.

Yes. One thing we always say is say it out loud. Say it. Say it. Say it again. Number two, get business cards and pass those out. And perhaps one point B is actually develop maybe a brand or a logo, but there's this. whole world out there as well that we haven't really talked a lot about, and there's a lot of questions about, and that is online.

What do we do? That's it's a great question and and you know online. It's it's you're talking about nebulous That's that's pretty nebulous for us. And we've already talked about the importance of a website, but you know, there's other Avenues you can go down and I think one of the big ones for for all those Youngsters out there all you Millennials out there.

It's it's social media and I will be the first to tell you I am NOT well versed in it. I I do have a Twitter a Twitter. Um, I have Facebook. In fact, I believe I may have mentioned this. Uh, I joined Facebook back when it was still, uh, the Facebook. Oh, true story. Back in 2005. One of the early schools. Yeah, it was one of the early schools in Boston.

And, uh, and so, so I was early in the, in the Facebook realm, but I mean, there, there's so many new things and Instagrams and LinkedIn's and this is, uh, Uh, there, I'm sure there are others. You keep going. I love this list. I'm really loving where you're going with this. I'm gonna keep going. I'm gonna keep going.

But it's an untapped, uh, you know, area that I think, uh, you know, can absolutely be helpful. And Chris, I know you, you know, used that, utilized that, and, uh, and got some results from it. I, I did, yeah. Um, so, I mean, basically, you know, what, I guess how that started for me, I mean, and, and part of this was pure luck.

Um, so, you know, ever since I, you know, completed the, uh, voice coach's training, um, after having the, uh, phone classes and then, you know, also getting some of the, you know, materials with my completed demos, which I've, By the way, I've really enjoyed that experience, um, since I got those materials, um, I started basically, you know, advertising on Facebook to my closest friends, you know, basically just saying like, you know, I'm really excited, you know, I got my demos completed, or now I'm going through this process and that process, and, uh, you know, some of my friends pretty much, uh, you know, commented on that, um, and then, uh, you know, Oh, Chris, I hope I'm not getting too ahead of myself.

No, no, you're great. I'm curious. And I'm curious to ask what was that the first thing you got? Your demos was the first thing you did post on Facebook. Yep. So that was actually the, uh, the very first thing I did. And to be honest at that point, um, because I guess, you know, I'm still progressing in building my business.

Um, that was actually the only thing I did at that point. Love it. So what happened when you did that? Who, who responded? So basically what happened was when I advertised on Facebook about, you know, when I got the supplies that, you know, regarding the physical copy of the demos and the certificate for completing the training and all the other materials, I basically took pictures of those and I advertised them on Facebook and I had said to all my friends, you know, I'm really excited.

I have my demos up. I also sent everyone the website URL link that was done. Um, You know, for the, through the voice coach's website, um, where I had the commercial narrative demos listed. So once I did all of that, um, there was a lady by the name of Brenda who works for, um, the Central Mass Recovery Learning Community.

Um, In Worcester, Massachusetts, along with other cities within the Central Mass region. She ended up responding by basically saying, you know, we have a narration for you to do. And the funny thing about that was, when I saw that comment, You know, because sometimes she and I joke about certain things. Um, I had kind of put one of those, like, ha ha emojis.

For those of you millennials out there who know what I'm talking about, that's what I did. Josh has no idea, but thank you for translating that. Yeah. I'll talk about it later. Yeah, so basically, you know, I just, um So I put in that haha emoji in there just to kind of like laugh a little bit and be like, oh, you jokester.

But then when I ended up going into a board of directors meeting for another organization that she's also part of that's in Roxbury, Massachusetts, Um, I ended up, uh, finding out from her that she was not kidding. Um, so basically what ended up happening was, um, you know, after we, uh, said goodbye to the previous executive director, which was her last meeting, and had a party for her, um, at the end of the board meeting, just as we were about to leave, um, Brenda ended up pulling me aside and basically telling me about an opportunity for me to do narration for an educational training.

Um, Which, um, basically what she, you know, had told me about was, um, she, I guess she and her staff at the Kiva Center, which is part of the Central Mass Recovery Learning Community area in Worcester, um, she and her staff are also working on, um, a family support partner training, which is going to consist of PowerPoint slides as well as PowerPoint slides.

Either an audio or video component or both and she wants me at least to do narration for the audio component for that training Um, and then she also said that at some point, um, they're going to be also working on a film Um, and basically from my understanding all those projects are going to be going national Um, so not only did I find out that she wasn't kidding, but I also found out that she Not only wanted me to do that project regarding the family support partner training, but then also To do now, you know narrations for a film and then a slew of other projects down the line So it was basically like a windfall, you know, so Chris what I'm hearing is That, you know, you, you put this out there, and again, it goes back to what we've harped on time and time again is just simply saying it, this is just another way to get it out there and to say that, but what I'm hearing is, you basically started with one of the first things we say, which is tell everybody you know, and somebody you knew, uh, had potential work for you that you, you wouldn't have known otherwise.

And, uh, I mean, you, you say it's luck, and then sure, there's, there's always a little luck involved, but it's not just that. That's, that's one of the keys to it. You put yourself out there. You put yourself, you know, on the line for that. And, uh, and, and, you know, obviously, um, you know, you had contacts who needed this.

Probably that you never knew did and that's the whole point. You don't know who you know or who they know or what they need. Um, you know, and that's, that's I think why we always say, you know, say it, get it out there. Who knows who you know and who they know and what they need. And that's probably one of the easiest, it's not the word I'm gonna use, but probably one of the simplest ways to get work.

is doing it with people you know. She already knows you. She trusts you. She's not worried about you, you know, are you going to do a good job, and do you have a good work ethic, and you know, are you going to show up on time? All those, all those little things that go into hiring someone, and really, you know, kind of putting your reputation on the line.

She doesn't have to do that, because she already knows you. She just needed to know that this was something you do. You told her that. The rest is history. What I love about the story too, is that you initially thought it was a joke, right? Yeah, I think that's such a great detail. You're like, yeah, she's kidding.

It's just Brenda being Brenda, right? Oh, Brenda, but at the same time what what Josh is saying? I fully agree with as well Even though you did this online a lot of people ask us which is why I was so interested in this whole experience that you've Had people are like, well, can I just post it on Facebook?

I'm like, yes, but don't stop there And what I'm what I'm hearing in this story, too Is that this is somebody you knew right you knew her outside of this out and before well before voiceover How long had you known her for? Uh, I've known her for, I want to say, a little over two years now. Uh, the first time I actually met her, um, I had just started in the board of directors for another organization, uh, which, the one in Roxbury that I spoke of earlier, called the Transformation Center.

And so, uh, and at the time, the previous director that we recently said goodbye to, she was The executive director, um, at that time, long before she stepped down. So, um, we ended up actually having a board of directors meeting, because we usually have them at different locations within Massachusetts. And we ended up having one of the board meetings at an organization, again, called the Kiva Center, which is where, uh, Brenda spends a lot of her time at.

And, uh, you know, when I first met her, You know, she, she gave me a hug and she just was a very soothing, just warm, you know, positive person with great energy, um, and she just was very, I don't know, she just had a healing presence about her and, uh, you know, which is part of sort of the The work that I do outside of voice acting, which is basically helping people with mental health challenges, substance use, and trauma, and she's very much into that work.

So, um, so that was when I first met her, was during that board meeting, and she basically, um, hosted by letting us use that space for that meeting. So that's how I met her a little over two years ago. And during That first year that I knew her, I didn't work with her as much as I did over the past year, up until now.

And as we were working together, we ended up getting to know each other both professionally and personally. And it's, it's just, it's such a joy just being with her. And, uh, and like you said, who would have known that it would have led to this point? So, but anyway, that, that's how I got to know her. You know, I, I, I have, uh, It's a great tool, I think is the best way to put it.

It's a great tool. It shouldn't be the only thing, because it is a little passive. Putting it out there and just kind of leaving it for people to find. And we like, you know, to be a little bit more aggressive. But the other thing that it is, is it's wide reaching. Right, we talk about you want to, you know, maybe go to a, uh, you know, a Chamber of Commerce meeting.

Meet companies, meet people. And that's great, but it's limited in scope. You know, with the With this, the, the internet, I believe, is what it's called. Yeah, no, that's right. You have access to people all, you know, I, there are friends that you probably have from, you know, whether it's high school or college or whatever, that no longer live in your circle, live in your area, but you still have access to and may still have those needs.

And, With technology nowadays, you don't have to be right there to do that. If they still know you and they still want to use your services, they can. You don't have to be in that area. And I think that's, that's great. And this kind of taps into that. It allows you to basically say, Hey, I know we're, you know, we don't live near each other anymore, but I can still provide this service to you.

I want a quick story. And this was from earlier this week. And Sam, I was telling you about this, um, another story of kind of, uh, successfully doing this. I, I had a client in, she was doing her, uh, her demo. Did a great job, and, and one of the things she does is she does a lot of cosplay and, um, has a decent following there.

And when we were finished, I asked her if, you know, you want me to take your picture in the booth. A lot of people liked that, kind of as a memento, whatever. And she was reticent at first, but eventually agreed to it. Uh, she was like, yeah, maybe I'll, I'll put it on my, my Instagram page or whatever. Um, and, and I did that, and literally the next day she sent me a message saying that, yeah, she posted it to her Instagram page.

She has a friend who's writing a book, it's gonna be published soon, he wants her to read it. Easy as pie. But again, someone she knew, someone who now knows that she does this, and someone who said, I can use that because I know you, I know your personality, I can trust you, I know you're gonna do a good job.

And, and I mean, just like what happened with you, uh, is the same thing that happened to her. And it's, it's a great kind of Again, it's passive and you definitely don't want that to be the only thing. You don't want to just put it out there and walk away. But, as another tool, it's huge. Social communities are really reinforced by real relationships.

And that's what we're hearing in your story and that's what I'm hearing in Josh's story as well. So this is another tool. tool in the tool belt. It's something that you can add to the mix. And that's what's so great about this, too. It's like, don't just expect to just, like, put it out there and just the masses come pouring in, all of these unknowns.

But what's really happening, what we're seeing over and over again, and what you are totally exemplifying, Chris, is that a relationship that you already had on the regular in real life saw a posting that you did on Facebook. Saying, hey, I'm here, I'm a voice actor, and you solved her problem with a real relationship.

That is pivotal. That is a nuance that I think is often neglected in this strategy. It's like, oh, I'll just put it out there. I'll just, I'll just say it and let somebody come to me. Whoever that somebody might be, but no, those somebodies are going to be people. You know, people you have relationships with.

That's the goal. We're trying to, and then develop more of these. And this is another strategy. Dad, now, uh, Chris, have you done this work with her yet, or when are you, uh, when are you set to do this? So right now, from what it looks like, because there's some, you know, Uh, unfinished business that she and I have to do professionally, um, with the board, um, that, uh, you know, and because her staff are still working on the, uh, family support partner training, um, so we are hoping to start, um, within the next month or so.

Excellent. So, anywhere between mid to late April and early May. Well, and when you do it, we want to A, hear it, and we want to B, hear about it. Let us know. Let us know. We'll, uh, we'll pass that along because I think we're all pretty excited about, uh, about you not only getting your first opportunity, but it sounds like the first of many.

Yeah, the long term repeat big work. Big time. Yes, I definitely will keep you on the loop. And just by the way, just as like a side note, because this opportunity happened, it's really forced me to do the branding and design business in, like, an acceleratory pace. Oh, cool. Yeah, don't throw home with that.

It's both exciting and anxiety ridden, but I just, I'm loving the experience. Outstanding. Outstanding. That's the other side of excitement, isn't it? Anxiety. Fear. Horribled, crippling fear. But it's good that you're doing it too and now all of a sudden it's creating more work and now you're going to be putting yourself out there in multiple ways, right?

Because you're working with our designer Anna, correct? Yes. Oh, and that's, that's great. And do you have your design? Is it done? Are you in the process? Uh, so right now, you know, the design for the, uh, collaterals, basically everything but the website portion is done. Oh, super cool. Um, but right now we're just working on, together on the design of the website.

Um, but everything else has, so far is coming together really well and I'm, I'm really loving, you know, just the style of the branding so far. Super cool. And then once you do the work, too, and once the website is up, you can put all of that work on the website and then direct more people there, and it's another opportunity for you to post on Facebook again, like, it's just, it's a circle.

It keeps coming back around, and then it starts building and building and building momentum, which is great, Chris. Congratulations on all of that. It's so cool. Oh, thank you so much. You're, you're very welcome. And, and I mean, again, Chris, thanks for taking some time this morning to, uh, to chat with us. I know that the people who listen, you know, like to hear real life experiences and I, I joked at the beginning, they wanna hear someone else talk other than us, but it's good to get someone else's perspective in there.

Right. It's good to, to get other people's stories and, and stories of success and stories of struggle and, uh, and I, I think. Uh, it's always helpful to have that. So I can't thank you enough for, you know, taking some time just to, to chat with us and hopefully, uh, inform our listeners on another way that they can work to get themselves out there and, and hopefully get things rolling like you did.

Uh, well, I just, I just wanted to just say, you know, thank you all for again, inviting me into this cause, uh, you know, because this was such a shock to me, you know, to be part of this experience, but I'm just internally honored and just grateful for all of you having me here. Oh, it's our pleasure. Thank you for joining us.

It really reinforces an experience that a lot of people, really, a lot of people ask us this question, like, well, should I post on social media or should I not? And it's a great way to exemplify and give them a real case study of how it can work and what they, what they should be doing. Cause really, I think there's some misconceptions around it, but you did it exceptionally and it worked.

And it's wonderful to hear. So thank you. It's invaluable for our listeners and not outside of it being a joy for Josh and I, our listeners are getting so much out of it. So thank you, Chris. Oh, you're welcome. And Chris, we definitely want to hear back from you after you get this done. We want to hear how it turns out, and, uh, and, uh, something, I heard something about, uh, a film, and so when you're, you know, when you're big time, don't forget about us little people, okay?

That's all, that's all I'm saying. Just don't forget. You know, it's fine. It's fine. It's fine. You're a big shot, but, you know, don't forget about us. We're still here. We're still here. Uh, but, but Chris, again, thanks so much for joining us, and, uh, again, we do hope to hear back from you. And, and for those listening, once we do, you know, find out about that, we'll, uh, we'll definitely keep everyone updated on, uh, on our, Chris's first job.

goes. Yeah. It's exciting stuff. And if anyone else out there listening has a similar story, share it with us. Absolutely. Let us know. Or, or something different that, that got them their first job, or got them that foot in the door, or got them that recurring business, which is so huge to get. We definitely want to hear that.

And you can always reach out to us at, uh, easiest way, sam at voicecoaches. com is the easiest way to get in touch with us, but you can always call in. You can always, uh, get in touch with us any number of different ways. And uh, and we love to hear these stories. And, uh, and here are these successes. It, uh, it, it definitely, uh, like you said, it reinforces that, but at the same time, it gives, uh, it gives a little motivation.

It gives a, a little bit of a, sometimes we need to get a little kick out of the doldrums that we get in. Yeah! And, uh, and you know, hearing it, it's like, man, if he did that, I can, I can do that too, right? Totally. The answer is, yeah. You're right. You can. So, Chris, thanks again for that, man. I really appreciate it.

Oh, you're welcome. Anytime. You all take care. Well, thank you so much. So, that is Chris Loriano. And again, we'll absolutely keep people updated on, uh, on his upcoming successes. Uh, so, Sam, I think that's just about it for today. Wraps it up for me. Absolutely. So, Thank you everyone for listening, and as always, again, you can always reach out to us because this is your show, not just our show, it's also Chris show, it's everybody's show.

This is a community. We're a community here. So, uh, definitely get in touch with us. Uh, we will be back next week, we hope you will too, and until then, so long everybody.

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Josh and Sam from our team interview internet expert Chris on techniques and tricks for getting the most out of social media as a voice actor.